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  1. @CheekyLee I have promoted you to Chief, so you can now manage members. Not sure how to distinguish the randoms?
  2. Whats the difference between camping and strategically holding a position?
  3. You dont need ps+ Loving it, maps dont feel like a merry go round!
  4. It needs more madness, it doesn't look much fun to play at all.
  5. You could be right - I did change rings recently.
  6. Just did an update and then had to go through the new console process. Seems like my games are all still on the hard drive. Is that common with insider updates?
  7. Its open from the 14th on PS4. The 12th if you pre order.
  8. Overwatch is £26.99 on cdkeys
  9. That's a really good price. My only concern is how well Shopto deal with faulty consoles.
  10. Yes, you can I've seen a few people who have played it say that it feels like the definitive way to play handheld - thats my justification!
  11. I am considering it, depending on how they deal with saves. Seems like they are planning something - I'm hoping they say more at the next direct. I'm really hoping I can leave my OG at home docked and take the Lite on my commute.
  12. Unless you want a less bulky, lighter machine for your commute of course. I never liked how rickety the OG switch felt after a while.
  13. I've played a few rounds, unlocked a few achievements and enjoyed it. Started a crew - Rllmuk, feel free to join!
  14. I would prefer Ben over this guy.
  15. Just sent a few requests, my code is 2332 5592 7248
  16. DMC 5 confirmed! Ape out is good news.
  17. Maybe not. Cant seem to find a match now!
  18. I think its fixed now, just got in.
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