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  1. Ben talking about the anime convention was so painful.
  2. I took my psvr out of the equation and I still get it with just the PS Pro connected to the tv. 3 times in an hour yesterday!
  3. I think im being paranoid - the fan on mine is running constantly, I can only hear it if I listen for it. Is that normal?
  4. Yes, its been a woeful 18 months in my opinion. The third party support hasn't been strong and the nintendo focus on one console hasn't seen an increase in releases.
  5. This is really annoying and has got me considering dropping prime.
  6. Yes, it feels like the next generation from PSVR.
  7. Im getting ocassional pops/crackles in the audio, is that a common issue?
  8. Cheers, thats next on my list. I think I'm ashmatuk.
  9. Set this up last night. What a fantastic bit of kit! Tracking was spot on, seems like such an upgrade over PSVR. The way the technology works together makes if feel almost magical to me.
  10. This kid is really good!
  11. I'm getting really tempted to get one of these. Plenty I would like to play already, just wondering if they have said much about future releases?
  12. It's supposed to be 6 hours or so I believe.
  13. Resi 4 looks and plays great, no regrets paying £30 for a portable version of the best game ever.
  14. I've given it a quick listen and it seems really good!
  15. Not a bad deal at all! Will use it to buy animal crossing and pokemon (if they are included).
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