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  1. I wonder if the MW2 campaign that was leaked a while back will be included with the special editions.
  2. Rumours are pointing towards the next Call Of Duty being Modern Warfare 4 starring a reincarnated Ghost. Anybody interested or all too busy with Apex Legends?
  3. Im not sure there are many young people crying out to play ancient games?
  4. Can the Tall Tales be played solo?
  5. I've had a few warped out of the box and seen friends like it as well. Its a tiny imperfection in most cases, but enough to bother me.
  6. I would say buy new, at least you will have some come back then if you have any other issues ( a lot of bent switches in the wild )
  7. https://www.resetera.com/threads/the-quality-of-nintendo-switch-screens-has-really-gone-downhill.32940/page-6 I like the cooler screen on my launch model, nearer screens are warmer with a pink or yellow tint in my experience.
  8. Nausea is a legitimate complaint for a lot of people, me included.
  9. A few hours in and loving this. I find the newts really unnerving.
  10. The Mighty Ash

    PS4 Pro

    I'm getting a brief black screen every hour or so whilst using the vr1 pass through box. Seems to be common with Samsung TVs. Anybody got any ideas how to fix?
  11. Launch unit has a better screen.
  12. They've not mentioned a reason or even acknowledged that there is a delay. Im so tempted to go digital.
  13. Mario odyssey for £10 from a seller with minimal feedback... I do like how he put currys in the title though.
  14. So it charges in the dock but can't display on the tv Im going with fake.
  15. MK11 premium edition is £80 Anywhere I can buy eshop credit to save a bit?
  16. Rather annoying that MK11 is out in a week on the eshop but the physical isn't out until May 10th.
  17. £200 seems fair enough if decent quality.
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