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  1. I packed Pirlo, wanted to try him before selling
  2. Anyone have any ideas as to what to improve from current squad...? cheers
  3. Won't be on this week, certainly will be next week though.
  4. Sorry for the late one, I'm out tonight, so won't be around sorry guys
  5. I would happily play as the CAM, or CDM, i don't really like RM OR LM to be honest.
  6. Think I broke the record for most offsides in a game of BAP, had some good games in ST though, Baring should certainly stay as the CAM.
  7. Would you like me to play as a winger or a box to box?
  8. Yeah, i'm still playing and yeah i'm on ready anyway.
  9. I've registered on the website.
  10. Jamin 1-1 Dylan Jamin deserved to win this one but Ben Arfa my man scores in the 85th minute one guy got an injury but can't remember his name Dylan 1-3/4 I went 1-0 up and his keeper passed the ball to me so sportsman I am I put it out of play then he gets a penalty that was no way a penalty and scores and the game just goes downhill from there. GGs
  11. I am on now for most of the night, anyone want to play?
  12. Cary 3-1Dylan Awful result, was in control for most of the match but as you know Falcao and Aguero do not miss when they get a chance, really did not deserve to lose. Injuries Yaya Toure Dylan 2-3Cary Yet again I dominated most of the match, should of been 3 maybe 4 up by 30 minutes, but yet again Aguero and Falcao do not miss, so I do think I deserved at least 3 points. GG Cary Anyone wanna play?
  13. Magic sponge on cheillini please, anyone on tonight?
  14. Benteke off XYZ 3.1 million and 0.8 wages. Cheers
  15. My final team and will hopefully be getting Benteke if i can get the wages.
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