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  1. It must matter somewhat to the marketing otherwise they wouldn't have bothered with the adverts at the start of this gen about having the worlds most powerful console.
  2. This has taken over my play time now and It's not letting go, Never got on with Overwatch but it's a more arcadey melee focused game where it feels like you're contributing something in a team I'm switching between Nidhoggr and Kulev so trying to vary it up a bit. If you haven't tried it give it a go it's a lot of fun to play and there's some nice character variation. Just needs a few more game modes and maybe more interesting character progression/upgrade system.
  3. Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta: - Xbox - PS4
  4. Good news for fans of Remedy's games... Remedy signs deal with big publisher for two next generation games.
  5. You're such a tart There's bound to be PS5 enhanced 4K versions of Last of Us 2 and Ghosts of Tsushima.
  6. It's not an example of a game designed from the ground up taking any advantage of the GPU or hardware features like ray tracing. It's just using some unoptimised power to increase the framerate. Wait until June I guess.
  7. I didn't ask for something real that was someone else. And no that's a fudge on your part. Watch the video they even say it's not using any of the GPU's abilities. It's a recompile in the same manner of the 360-One backwards compat. People can play where they want, I have no positive or negative impression on PC gaming in 2020. I just think multiformat developing is going to be a mess of false parities and leaving people behind. Could be wrong could be right. We'll find out soon.
  8. Yeah but those 'serious' PC gamers make up about 20% of Steam users if hardware stats are anything to go by so it's still not a standard no matter how much the hardcore on here want to claim because their circle of mates have them.
  9. No, Alex got my post 100%. It was about there being a new baseline where every Series X and PS5 has a SSD as standard. While there are a lot of gaming PC's out there it's not standard practice. Especially on pre-built systems. That doesn't mean there won't be new IP's and launch games taking advantage of the new hardware.
  10. The achievements/trophies are out now so maybe a release sometime in April?
  11. The reality is the Series X probably will be able to do it. The problem for next gen multi format development will be PC's and the continued usage of standard HDD's.
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