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  1. If I do I won't bother coming back. So if anyone wants to take over the monthly release list feel free.
  2. Must be fucking awful having no taste in games whatsoever. Well the good thing is it changes each month so no matter how much of a miserable cunt you are there's always something different. Of course for those fucking weirdo's who only concern themselves with AAA hand holding gameplay devoid shite then you might have to wait as there seems to be a focus on creative games and concepts for people who actually enjoy videogames. I'm neither missing that or saying this is a line up for the Series X. I simply don't agree with the dated thirty year old mantra that you need a 'show stopper' [hate this term] to sell a console in 2020. The forum obssession with them has created a generation of gamers who have no appreciation for anything else, Just look at the last page. Things like Game Pass aren't devaluing games, It's idiots who can look through a list of games and call them shite because there's no Spiderman in there. Those people are devaluing games. I'm genuinely ashamed to be a part of this forum.
  3. MS Studios are now making more games than ever before. In August alone there's been four first party titles that have all reviewed well. And the entire Game Pass releases over that month total about £350 so the value proposition is not in doubt.
  4. I've just had the misfortune to read the PS5 topic, The amount of FUD and sheer incorrect 'assumptions' about this launch is incredible. It reads like a bunch of people trying to justify a purchase while having zero clue about what's actually coming elsewhere. If you're going to talk about something do the decent thing and educate yourself first instead of spreading bad information. There's some fifty titles coming in this launch window. There's not going to be a shortage of things to play. There's going to be exclusives, remasters, Games running at 120fps, A large selection of day one Game Pass titles. I'm looking forward to trying The Falconeer, Ascent and seeing if there's an enhanced version of Hot Pursuit if the date of Nov 13 is true. Guys please stop spreading so much shite in other topics. It helps no one.
  5. Drake Hollow was added yesterday too, The dev is very good so I'd recommend checking it out.
  6. Charlie Nicholas deserved to be sacked for last seasons horrendous predictions that he made each week. Absolutely useless.
  7. Just in case anyone wasn't aware, You can watch the Champions League Final tomorrow between PSG and Bayern free on BT Sport's Youtube channel from 7pm. https://www.youtube.com/user/BTSportOfficial
  8. Why are you sceptical about 3D/Spatial audio? It's been on Xbox for the last three plus years in various forms and works really well (Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic and DTS) It's not a new thing at all.
  9. You lot won't be laughing when Reading FC win Eurovision next year.
  10. Live, Thursday August 27 - 7 PM UK Tune in for a night of world premieres, as Geoff Keighley hosts gamescom: Opening Night Live, a two hour showcase of the hottest upcoming games, LIVE from Los Angeles. https://www.gamescom.global/gamescom-now/partners/
  11. Seven days to go for the Kickstarter if you want to join it. £2,480,683 funded so far.
  12. https://ebten.jp/sega/p/s/7015020120102 DX Set: Astro City mini body Astro City mini-game center style kit Astro City mini Titles commemorative medal 22 species set + acrylic display , "high-tech land SEGA" desk mat , reprinted installation card 10 title set , "high-tech land SEGA" accessory tray
  13. Link to the Amazon Japan page for the official Sega sitdown conversion parts: https://www.amazon.co.jp/セガ-2020年12月発売予定-アストロシティミニ-ゲームセンタースタイルキット/dp/B08G4BZBF7/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=アストロシティミニ+ゲームセンタースタイルキット&qid=1598011110&sr=8-1
  14. I know, After playing it for a few hours you'd have to be a total clueless wanker to say it felt sluggish and clunky. It's nice and responsive, has a run and dodge button mixed with some great varied combat options. Very impressed so far.
  15. dun dun dun https://superimpulse.com/tiny-arcade/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles/
  16. Livestream today where 13 new additions were added to the Astro City Mini lineup.. Bonanza Bros Columns Cotton Crack Down ESWAT Gain Ground Ichidant-R Puyo Puyo Shinobi Shadow Dancer Wonder Boy Wonder Boy in Monster Land Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair The system will release on the 17 of December and they've announced a 4000 yen add-on that converts the table top into a sit down complete with stool and top marque. More game announcements next month.
  17. Looking forward to trying it out later, Some people whose opinion matters a lot to me and play a lot of arcade games seem to think the combo system is better than SoR4's and more in line with DMC5 (pull/push) so hopefully I'll enjoy it. I thought SoR4 was largely overrated. I was thinking about making an official topic for Battletoads but I honestly don't have the energy to deal with the predictable 'this is shit/reviews scores' that's going to inevitably happen on this site. Have fun.
  18. The fixtures for the 2020/21 Premier League season will be revealed at 9am on Thursday, August 20.
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