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  1. That Toy Story review is just 7 whole minutes of him chatting shite about nothing. Where these honestly aired on TV?
  2. If Fifa is amazing, You are easily pleased. Fact!
  3. This weeks episode is nicely played out. Very enjoyable apart from the Shirley Manson bits.
  4. You're in the wrong country then. The end.
  5. Stupid Gamers. Neither of them are worth buying.
  6. Padding the game out to make it 20+ hours long because consumers want 'value for money'.
  7. Quite possibly the worst demo I've ever encountered, Crap framerate as well. They only give you an incredibly small amount of gameplay time for a reason. Its a massive turd.
  8. Revival


    You'll never win anything with kids, and Almunia, and Gallas, and Eboue.
  9. Mame doesn't run Naomi games to any degree, Its unlikely your monitor will support a 640x480 resolution anyway if its a standard cab.
  10. Which consequently a 2 year gap is what the animation cycle feels like on Fifa 09 while you wait for your character to get control of the ball. The people living in 2006 are the ones who think its marvelous.
  11. The Animated one is a better film anyway.
  12. I wonder how many systems the new front end is going to kill?
  13. So do we get Megaman 9 on Thursday or will the Euro PSN be gimped again compared to the US?
  14. I think they are massively overthinking scenarios. I really want to like the series but the writing is making the Terminators look really flawed.
  15. Tecmo World Wrestling is legendary.
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