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  1. Not quite sure it's Xbox fanboyism when I've said the marketing is crap and it seems to send out the wrong message but ok. I guess you're not allowed a preference other than Playstation or 'everything' on tinternet. You can buy whatever you want, No one has said otherwise. Personally I don't agree with you on the Switch titles, We're at a point where it's only going to look super dated from now onwards with very few ports able to make the transition.
  2. I'm clearly not the right customer for gaming in 2020 as I don't find Sony's recent exclusives interesting so the thought of games running at 60fps accross the board is a much more enticing option for me. Are you going to continue getting third party and indie content on Xbox or will you now Switch that to PS5? I find it bizarre that the customer friendly options like not cutting off a gen completely is going to bite them on the ass and just encouraging people to buy a PS5. Damned if you do? It all comes down to getting the messaging on point and that's never been a strength.
  3. Because you're not getting the best of both worlds, You're getting a PS5 and allowing your Xbox experience to tail off and be determined by an older hardware set with worse frame rates and resolution. If the Series X is going to be the best place to play the 95% of games released that aren't exclusive then wouldn't that be a better starting point for a console? Especially when you know the BC is reliable, enhanced and works with zero fuss too.
  4. The update is now live. 7.56 GB
  5. https://www.privatedivision.com/2020/07/29/private-division-teams-up-with-moon-studios-league-of-geeks-and-roll7-on-upcoming-new-games/
  6. LG OLED 77" CX Which is a huge upgrade from the Sony 46" W9 series LED we had previous. Now bring on the 60fps games.
  7. If they're going to cancel it it'll be in October as they won't want to start adding Series X games to it in November. I guess we'll find out soon.
  8. She made it sound like the dlc is ages and ages away They did announce the dlc is coming to all platforms on the same day (Xbox, PC, Switch, PS4) Interesting they decided to port it to the PS4 after the very strong messaging that they wouldn't and how thankful they were to the Xbox team for their early support. I wonder if the id@xbox team said go ahead and port it to PS4 with our full support but please give us a deal on your next project? Please go and support it PS4 owners it really is amazing.
  9. That doesn't really happen anymore. The two that are pushing hardware are using the same series of CPU and GPU just in different configurations. Dev's won't have any weird bottlenecks like ESRam or Cell processors this time around. If you have the most powerful system then that's what you've got.
  10. Revival


    https://www.gematsu.com/2020/07/rs34-announces-shoot-em-up-illmatic-envelope-s https://rs34.co.jp/product/illvelos/ No news on systems but their last project was on Switch and an update is due on the official website on August the 15th.
  11. They seem to think the Delicious Last Course dlc is being released today too: https://www.windowscentral.com/cuphead-delicious-last-course-dlc-may-released-tomorrow?amp&__twitter_impression=true
  12. People have pointed out to you multiple times you do not need to pay anywhere near the rrp for Game Pass. This has fallen on deaf ears. If you can't see the value in it then it's your loss and if you want to piss and moan over the smallest outlay possible then you'll never be satisfied.
  13. If you're genuinely fannying around trying to get your games expenditure to £5 a month over 18 months then you'd be much better off with a subscription service because it'd open up so many more options for you. And the bottom sentence, Yes to both.
  14. It's only been running for an hour and it's already close to it's target! £357,916 pledged of £396,883 goal Console versions unlock as a stretch goal around £800k
  15. The Kickstarter page is now live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rabbitandbearstudios/eiyuden-chronicle-hundred-heroes 4000yen|£30 for a digital version 6000yen|£45 for a physical version There's lots more options so have a look. One thing to note the 500k target is for a PC version. The 1million stretch goal opens up the Xbox One, PS4, Series X, PS5 and Switch versions.
  16. After the holiday experience is over you're left holding a plastic disc and the guy with the subscription service is downloading the next game to play.
  17. The thing is there's 10-12 new games each month on Game Pass and the best thing it does is allows you to play games and genres you might not normally try when buying games at full RRP. We don't even know what new projects Compulsion, Coalition, Initiative and Inxile are working on but look at the sheer choice that's coming
  18. Let's be honest, If you're looking for a graphical showcase 343 was never really going to deliver it. You need to be looking towards Playground or Ninja Theory for that.
  19. It's exactly the same drama we get at each new console launch, I'm amazed people haven't learned to look beyond it yet. It's pretty simple, The hardware is really nicely designed and the best on the market and you can enjoy the vast majority of the games at launch day one thanks to GP. There's going to be some amazing variety going forward too since these studios look to have creative freedom unlike the competition.
  20. ok PS5 plus four launch games (£500 + 50 + 50 + 50 + 50) £700 Series X plus ten launch games and a six month Game Pass sub (£500 + £36) £536
  21. That's not putting things in perspective because you're not including the other ways you can get a subscription. You don't need to pay the full retail price. 1. Amazon UK frequently have buy 3 months get 3 months free offers and they are discounted anyway 2. You can get Game Pass Ultimate free if you use Microsoft Rewards and decide to redeem your points towards 1 or 3 month options. And if you prefer buying games? We'll anything in the Game Pass list is available to buy with a 20% discount so digital games are cheaper than their Switch and Playstation equivalents.
  22. I would have said they're both for white dude games. Ever since Sony US took over the Playstation brand and tried to influence more movie/cinematic experience games going forward the Asian dude seems to be on the backseat.
  23. Any of your old 360 digital titles that are backwards compatible should show/prompt as available to download again when you login with your old gamertag on the new system. https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-one/backward-compatibility?xr=shellnav
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