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  1. I went to a Bath meet years ago with Meerman & veloS from Holland. Picked them up from Bristol airport & they we’re am amazed at the scenery - hills! Took my tv and a brand new 360 along & it was great putting names to faces. How I miss those days, tales from the hostel were funny.
  2. Sean Murray on the BBC news now with the game being shown. This game is going to be huge in so many ways. Just a shame my PS4 has disappeared from the house! Maybe it skulked off after lack of use over the last year. (Sobs)
  3. Been playing it on and off for a long time. My my tip is to not waste resources levelling up too many characters as you'll spread the meagre handouts the game gives you quickly. Its an addictive game but try not to spend too much real cash on it! Easier said than done in my case!
  4. Bloody Star Wars Heros. Free but dear god a pay to play after a few hours of free fun, unless you just dip into it for a few minutes a day. I quit liked it to start but stupidly started spending a few quid to keep me playing and now I am close to deleting it as unlocking all the extra characters etc will make it a true find-fest or money-pit. This really is fucked up gaming, hanging off such a popular license. I pity parents who let their kids get near this. Best to return to the beautiful Monument Valley, payed a one off cost and I can relax and play without feeling like I'm gambling (losing real cash for little gameplay or enjoyment).
  5. Yeah I saw a TV advert for it last night. Some obscure channel too so they are making some effort (I'm hyped!)
  6. That cover is shockingly bad. Generic and definitely one of the worst I've seen over the years.
  7. The trailer brought back memories of Warhammer tabletop battles a friend and I used to play 30years ago. Fun times as my friend used to make rules up as he went along, or I was just crap at the game - his drunk giant collapsed killing loads of my infantry in the process. Priceless!
  8. Barlowe's Guide was an awesome book, I got it as a kid. I still remember Dune's Guild-Steermans, with its description of why the alien looked they way it did. Well done Uncle Nasty for the memories. ???? Sorry wrong spelling re the Steersman.
  9. Watched the crafting and base-building earlier and it looked great. There's going to be lots to do which is exciting. Played some Fallout 3 but the game sadly never "clicked" with me. The new game will hopefully be good reintroduction for me. I had little interest in the game until I saw some trailers and I'm very hyped for it now. Good, as I've been resting my gaming time a lot and was worried I had gone off gaming.????
  10. Interesting content, I'll grab a copy. Gave up on Edge years ago.
  11. Wow this thread almost pushes me over the edge into buying one. Not sure if it's a good idea as I own no suitable kit to make it worthwhile. Still, just been paid and the excitement in here about these delightful figures has triggered a strange need in me to join the club. I'll be getting. Wii U next at this rate! (Possible redundancy voluntarily so some spare cash).
  12. Playing on a Commodore Pet, green screen. Some maze game. Shit visuals as it used keyboard letters as monsters. Still it was the first videogame I think I played. Also swapping C90 tapes at our computer club with mates who had a decent enough hi-fi to copy them. My brother writing a very good program for Missile-Attack on the BBC Acorn and it being published in big computer mag in the early 80's. Maybe PC Computing or the like.
  13. DC take a break. It's a hobby, not work.
  14. Lost Odessey and the stories. I cried at least once. Also the funeral ritual by the sea. Very evocative. The game mechanic were a bit slow after seeing so many similar enemies & fights. Too repetitive.
  15. I couldn't finish the first vid. Roll on September. My old Halo skills need reviving. I'm almost 50 and this game gets me stupidly excited! Technology and creativity are such a vibrant release from life's dogma. I love being an long time gamer. You young uns never had it so good. A whopping back catalogue!
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