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  1. It’s got that cheap as fuck aesthetic while probably costing about $100M
  2. Not even slightly related to the topic at all but I'll take any and every opportunity to share this where I think it might be appreciated... Steven Soderberg's black and white version of Raiders of the Lost Ark. It's been on his website since 2014.
  3. I want Adam Driver and Mark Hamill i the sequel, playing a couple who are clearly only together for the money/sex and who actually hate one another.
  4. I think they are insanely expensive but once you've invested in it then the future overheads for SFX work are minimal compared to the previous greenscreen costs. (He says, having absolutely no experience with any of this but having watched the Behind the Scenes stuff on The Madalorian)
  5. Just bought it, looks good, thanks @jonnyalpha
  6. Looks like Rebellion are looking at using the same tech that was used on The Mandalorian for filming this, which will help massively with creating an iconic Mega City One. While I love the 2012 version with Urban, the actual look of the Stallone Mega City One is still far superior.
  7. I’m back to Hillcrest in NG+ and I’ll be honest, I think it’ll be weeks before I move onto the next section. Having too much fun trying to clear as many enemies as possible, using all my weapons - I’m pretty much fully tooled up with everything - that I’m loathe to advance the story. And I don’t want to replay this as an encounter with 3 arrows, a bottle and a switchblade. godamm, I love grabbing people, headshotting them with the silenced pistol and then planting a mine on their body.
  8. On my second play and this time I climbed the dinosaur :-)
  9. Watched this yesterday after your recommendation and my son and I were jumping up and down, shouting at the telly, throughout. is this what it’s like being a football fan?? Genuinely impressed with the challenges they set up too.
  10. The Room (2019) no, not that one. an intriguing little tale that would probably have worked best as an episode of the twilight zone but a fun watch
  11. Backed. Sounds great and have never played a RPG before. Sounds like the perfect intro for me and my son.
  12. Kneecapping to hobble enemies def works....unless, like me, you are using the shotgun or upgraded hunting pistol, in which case you are just blowing limbs off and legging it while the poor bastards screams and bleeds out, drawing his friends over to walk into the bomb I'd left behind. I love this game.
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