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  1. Smash this for an inconsequential but nice wee moment :-)
  2. I've still not managed to decipher how the solo mode works though - unless it is supposed to be a super hard, cheating bastard, I'm sure I've picked up the rules wrong. My son (8) and I often play a few games and I'll be honest he is much better at building a more sucessful village than me. Everytime I think I have decent chains going, we get to the 2nd market phase and he just rockets ahead in points. Proud of and pissed off with him.
  3. Doom's gauntlet's are fantastic for taking out ghost pricks
  4. Rumours online today that MGM are in negotiations with both Netflix and Apple about putting this direct to streaming. Current price tag is $200M cash for US streaming rights, which considering SPECTRE took about $300M BEFORE all the distribution slices and costs, seems like a good deal for MGM. Not how I'd want to see Craig's swansong, esp with Fukanga at the helm but given where we are with the virus? I'll take it.
  5. I had so much fun with that, loved it :-)
  6. 'Love & Monsters' Absolutley perfect family viewing as a guy treks across the remains of a "destroyed by giant mutated bugs & amphibians" America to re-unite with the girl he loves. Frequently funny, good OTT special effects for the monsters and occasionally affecting. Recommended. I hope they make a bunch of sequels.
  7. @jonnyalpha I'm interested in Flashpoint and Photosynthesis
  8. In the midst of redecorating the bedroom so my games collection is currently stashed in the airing cupboard with the towels and extra bedding, so no pic. Compared to you guys my collection is very modest... The Lost Expedition & Expansion (bought from @jonnyalpha on here) The Cursed Earth Love Letter Survive: Escape from Atlantis Mea Culpa Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr (shoutout to @michael) Undaunted: Normandy Fury of Dracula Jaws Villainous Base Game & 2 expansions (spotted the latest one available in my lo
  9. Totally agree @ZOK, I think Ryan Murphy has realised that Netflix and other will ALWAYS pay more/greenlight something if it's a pre-existing IP or ties to one, rather than take a chance on something original. The idea that there was clamour for a "OFOTCN" extended universe though is insane. Enjoyable guff though, Sarah Paulson is always a good watch and everyone else is suitably OTT.
  10. Oh fuck :-( EDIT: it’s been dispatched! :-) but will bear your feedback in mind @Rev, cheers
  11. ! Already pre-ordered with Zatu, hope that means they are getting their stock in soon too..
  12. 'I'll Be Gone In The Dark', from HBO is worth checking out. A documentary following Michelle McNamara as she works on her book about the Golden State Killer while simultaneously trying to crack the decades old case too. It focuses heavily on his victims as well as Michelle as she struggles with the toll the case is taking on her, rather than the killer himself. Very good and sad in equal measure.
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