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  1. Has to be Orange Box or Mario Galaxy for me. Both games had a real impact that the other annual updates to existing franchises just can't manage.
  2. Gah! Blew a hole in the wall to disarm the missiles, then got to thelast 6m and couldn't find the goal. Anyone care to help to save me that anguish again?
  3. Best place for me ended up being inside the dodgems enclosure. F**k me that was frustrating. Sailed through the wholegame till that point.
  4. Don't even get that far. I did see it once by running up behind the swimming baths, but then the enemies kept spawning and once the chopper showed up i couldn't get to it in time without dying. If I do standmy ground, I take out most of the guys coming off the choppers, but then the guys who run from the middle over run me and it's game over. I must have retried this one section 60 or 70 times on Hardened...
  5. That's where I was. I covered the bloody place in claymores but it still doesn't stop them.
  6. I'm stuck at the extraction point of that mission. Keep getting my ass kicked on the 2nd wave. Any pointers? I loved the bit that looked like all those News 24 reports of Americans bombing our troops from 17,000ft. Unleashing hell from above is awesome. Hooray for cowards!
  7. My girlfriend has a black eye and a severely bruised crack after I lost it trying to waggle the fucking thing and kept dying. No idea WTF it wants from me, but I shook it like I'd shake an infant that wouldn't stop crying and it still never recognised it!
  8. This I think might be the greatest game I have ever played. Everything from the controls, to the introduction of new moves and techniques, to the boss characters, to the epic soundtrack are all perfect. I never want this to end.
  9. Plasma's don't have an issue with it. I'm really impressed with Link's Crossbow Training - it's a proper game isn't it? I thought it would be some cobbled together garbage to justify buying a Zapper, but it's really good fun and I'll keep going back to it. Had a quick go on RE:UC and it's pretty cool too, but so far I prefer Link's game.
  10. Not sure, but it and Sin & Punishment were only on for a limited time (since they were never officially released here), to celebrate Mario's birthday?
  11. If you don't download Blades of Steel and enjoy punching lumps out of your opponents in the fight sequences, you are dead inside.
  12. Ditto. Perfect xmas game. I'm stunned by it. Thoroughly deserving of the Edge 10 it got. Likewise Orange Box, but not quite so sure halo 3 deserved its.
  13. G-Force to me always meant ass-raping cunts. I bought quite a lot of import PS1 and SFC stuff from them at absolutely shocking prices. Pretty sure I paid £65 for Ridge Racer 4 (no not with the JogCon), and probably around a ton for Time Crisis. Their prices do seem a lot better now though.
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