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  1. Another huge fan of Lalo Schifrin here, right back to the recordings he did alongside Dizzy Gillespie in the late 50s early 60s. The version of Kush they did at Carnegie Hall in 1961 is fantastic, and shows off what a brilliant jazz pianist Schifrin was. Aside from the obvious soundtracks, which are all brilliant of course, I've always loved the soundtrack he did to lesser known Eastwood western "Joe Kidd".
  2. David Kenny

    The Jazz Thread

    I'm not aware of that one. Will check it out, thanks.
  3. David Kenny

    The Jazz Thread

    Sad news. He was such a unique voice in jazz. My favourite recording of his, or at least the one I've listened to more than any other, is probably Alice Coltrane's Journey in Satchidananda. Such beautiful, soulful, playing.
  4. Is this what the console wars have come to? The Xbox outputs slightly less heat? (And to be honest, given my heating bills that's not the advantage you think it is. I'm using my PS5 to heat my room).
  5. Same for me. I started another game after I finished Elden Ring and have been playing with survival mode enabled. So no fast travel, you have to eat and sleep regularly, and the cold will kill you if you're out in it too long. Also the amount you can carry is hugely reduced. It makes it a very different game where you have to think carefully about where the nearest bed or fire is, and you have to plot a route to your destination based on the nearest inn or town. It also means you don't pick up every single bit of loot for selling later, but prioritise low weight high value stuff like jewels and jewellery. Even though everything takes much longer I've managed to complete the Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild and Mage's college questlines, as well as a significant chunk of the main quest and assorted side quests. There's nothing quite like this game.
  6. So you're saying those Zelda games are definitely coming?! Sweet.
  7. We can play it after we play all those Zelda games that were definitely going to be announced during Nintendo's thing.
  8. You should film yourself cringing at them and stick it on youtube. You'll be raking it in.
  9. Who's this David Kenney stealing my thunder!? I assume Brooker is to blame for this?
  10. They have won a shit load of trophies with that strategy so I suppose it makes sense.
  11. This one is probably pretty well known but is also interesting (if you're a music nerd). Eric Carmen's All By Myself takes its music at least from Rachmaninov's 2nd piano Concerto. Unfortunately the music was only in the public domain in the US, so Carmen got shafted by Rachmaninov's estate when it was released elsewhere.
  12. Big Mama Thornton, who recorded Hound Dog first, had another example of this later on. Her 'Ball and Chain' was covered with a lot more commercial success by Janis Joplin.
  13. My favourite one of these is that Dick Dale's surf rock anthem Misirlou is a cover of a traditional Greek folk song. The scale that the song relies on (the double harmonic, or Byzantine) is a staple of middle eastern and Mediterranean music.
  14. Interested to see why they didn't love Cult of The Lamb. I haven't played it but the thread on here was very positive.
  15. It's the single reason why I have had Gamepass for about a year and have only played a couple of games. Every game is caught in a limbo state of being on the list to play later, as there's no urgency to start playing it now, and there being no point in starting it because I won't be able to complete it before it leaves. The normal cycle is that I add it to my play later list, and then delete it unplayed when it's announced that it's being removed. I just don't think subscription services are for me.
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