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  1. Did it? I played both and didn't even notice that.
  2. Thanks for your thoughts folks, I've ordered a PS VR pack and will pick up the moves when they are more easily acquired. I haven't really spent any time on VR so I'm pretty excited.
  3. How essential are the Move controllers for this? I'm quite tempted as it's come down in price, but it looks like Move controllers are impossible to get.
  4. Can't agree with this at all. I love these games and love their atmosphere, but I have no interest in "lore" at all. It's possible to enjoy them without really giving a shit about any of that stuff.
  5. On the PS2 (I assume it's the same on the switch) for that last hunt you can leave the area, visit some sights, have a coffee and a pastry, save your game, then return, and its health will be what it was when you left (pretty much). Made it a little more manageable.
  6. I don't know what I was doing wrong then because on the PS2 it took me a lot more than 80 minutes! Might be time to try again.
  7. Finished this yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed it in the main. There were definitely parts that dragged more than others but I thought as a whole it hung together superbly. I didn't read any of the spoilers that were going around when it came out, so I had no idea why so many people were upset. And now that I've finished it I still can't figure it out. I've played the original three or four times over the years, and really liked what they did with the world and characters here.
  8. The hunts were the best part of the game for me but they do end up requiring a pretty ridiculous time investment. The last one alone takes literally hours to beat.
  9. The other thing that I think undermines your position is that (and I might be misremembering here), but Joel's lie was like this one from Life of Brian: it doesn't make sense for Ellie to believe him, because she's too smart.
  10. Yup, I thought it was really hammered home that she knows. But because of the journey they've taken together she chooses to believe it and continue with him, rather than confront the truth and be separated from him. It was something that that game did in a way no other game I've played has done, it made the bond between characters utterly believable.
  11. Same as @Gotters, handheld Astro Wars. It was awesome. I also had a handheld version of Scramble Which I eventually "completed". It just took you back to the beginning, but made the game even faster I seem to remember. Brilliant stuff at the time, most likely unplayable now.
  12. So we might finally see games that look like Capcom's teaser for Deep Down in 2013 (?)
  13. I've an idea. If you want to discuss the leaked spoilers, maybe make a thread about it, and leave this one to people who would rather not know.
  14. I've already got the RG350 but I'm sorely tempted by the "M" version. I think I have a problem.
  15. This whole album is brilliant, and I don't even know the original. Highly recommended, almost as good as their Dub Side of the Moon.
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