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  1. I've always worked for large companies and have never seen anything even close to this type of behaviour. In almost all of those companies there were explicit rules about how employees were expected to treat each other, and specifically calling out sexual harassment as a dismissible, possibly criminal offence. This is entirely about the culture created by the shit heads at the top.
  2. Thanks for the heads up, these all look good.
  3. Happy with A Plague Tale as I've hovered over the purchase button a few times. The other two I probably won't even add to my library.
  4. I recently played through Gris and Gorogoa on the Switch. Both are short but full of character.
  5. You can prove anything with facts!
  6. I seem to be the only football fan who really likes away goals. Isn't this going to take us back to the days where the first leg is extremely negative.
  7. That's so tragic. I simply can't imagine what he must have gone through, and having the strength to make that decision. Sympathies to all at RG.
  8. According to my Milan supporting mate Tomori has been hugely responsible (along with Kjaer) for their position in the league this year. He also looked very good when he played for Chelsea I thought. I suspect £28m will turn out to be a bargain.
  9. There's a fine line between homage and plagiarism, and Sable is skirting very close to the edge I think. (Moebius drawing below) Looks pretty though.
  10. Man, that bit of the film is so good. If Sony's conference is half as good as that it will be awesome.
  11. I'd also be interested. Even though I myself got rid of about 400 when we moved last year.
  12. You do, but each play through is different enough to keep you interested. You're not really completing the game five times, it's more like a Rashomon-esque retelling of the story from a different perspective. However, if you don't get on with the gameplay it will definitely be a problem.
  13. Damn. I think I just gave this to a charity shop as part of a clear out! I picked it up 10+ years ago, played it briefly and then never looked at it again.
  14. Also, I know he's well regarded but seriously! How good is Ngolo Kante!
  15. I'm a Chelsea fan, but I don't think it's controversial to say that Chelsea thoroughly deserved that. They were superb for the whole game, and really should have been out of sight by half time. The fact that they weren't necessitated a rear guard action that was faultlessly executed. I was disappointed to see Lampard sacked but don't mind admitting that he is simply not at the level of someone like Tuchel. Who has taken the same players, and in some cases players Lampard had side-lined, and made them look like the world beaters they are. Next season should be very interesting.
  16. Really hope Villareal can do this. For a club of that size to win a major European trophy would be an amazing achievement.
  17. It's very kid friendly. My two watched it when the youngest was about 4, it was fine.
  18. Thanks for that. It's not one I'm familiar with, but really enjoying it. Will definitely pick it up.
  19. The greatest song writer of modern times (or any time) turns 80 today. A prodigious artists, he released his first record in 1962 and his last in 2020, with no noticeable fallow period. He's written countless classic songs, and released dozens of superb albums. His songs come in all forms, from simple ballads and love songs to epic musical stories, taking in blues, country, rock, folk, jazz and probably a few things I'm not even aware of. Those songs have been covered by artists from myriad musical genres and adapted into wildly differing styles. (In fact he surely must be the most covered artists of all time). He has an image in popular culture of being unable to sing, but anyone who's listened to him will know that his voice is very musical. This, coupled with his abilities as a musician and composer has allowed him to create some truly beautiful melodies. But it's the lyrics he weaves through those melodies that really sets Dylan apart. Dylan has a gift for language that is simply unparalleled in music. He has an eye for poetic imagery worthy of Ezra Pound or T.S. Eliot (fighting in the captain's tower). For me personally, Dylan has literally been an ever present factor in my life. I have been listening to his music since birth, grew to love it as a child when my parents played it, and if anything have grown to love it even more as I've become older. The songs have taken on new dimensions as I've aged, fallen in and out of love, got married, had kids, lost people I cared about and hopefully matured enough to know that I didn't know as much as I thought I did. As Dylan himself sang "I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now". The Guardian have asked a load of famous people for their favourite Dylan song https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/may/24/favourite-dylan-song-mick-jagger-marianne-faithfull-tom-jones-judy-collins-and-more but I'm much more interested in the favourite Dylan song of the musical luminaries of rllmuk. So let's hear your thoughts on this colossus of popular culture at this major milestone in his life. My offering: It's very hard to pick a favourite song when I love so many of them, and a few of the likely contenders are mentioned in that Guardian article (Desolation Row and Hard Rain's Gonna Fall are songs I listen to on an almost daily basis), so in the interests of variety I'll choose one of those epic stories I mentioned. A song that never fails to raise a smile, wherein Bob Dylan discovers America.
  20. Armour of God is still phenomenally good.
  21. We all had Playstations so it didn't make any difference.
  22. But we want "Fallout in space with lasers and not boring".
  23. I don't think that's quite true though. The game has an interesting plot and an unusual way of telling it, but the vast majority of your time is spent dodging bullets and smashing up robots. I liked it but have to admit that the shmup based hacking was starting to wear thin by the end.
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