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  1. 1 hour ago, Hamus said:


    I am not saying that, in pointing out it's a fact that appears to be true in this case.


    I never gave it a chance to spend what, 15 hours amazing at a young boy being bullied? I guess I'm too sensitive.


    I didn't use Godwin's law, I highlighted how it had been used already. Something isn't bad because the other thing is worse.

    Kratos' character is another version of the "repressed father trying to make his son a man with tough love" trope. The game is not even subtle about it, I remember cut scenes where Kratos almost wavers and shows Atreus some tenderness but then pulls back. 


    I thought their relationship was really well done actually with Kratos desperate to make his son tough enough to survive, and Atreus knowing that his father loves him and wanting to please him, but getting to an age where he is just starting to rebel.

  2. Oh and no funk thread would be truly funky until it has at least one Undisputed Truth track in it.



    Everything these guys did was amazing.



  3. Some great records posted already. I couldn't decide which of these The Perfect Circle tracks is funkier so I'll just post them both.




    Damn that's funky.

  4. I'm really impressed by how much they've transformed the game since it was released, but I have to admit to being disappointed with the nature of pretty much every release. The thing that attracted me to the game in the first place was the idea of being a lone individual adrift in a vast universe. If anything even the first release had too many outposts and space stations for me. I would have preferred them to be a little less frequent but also more impactful. Each one a welcome oasis in the vast expanses of unpopulated space.


    I'm pretty sure I've said this before in this thread, but I'm reminded of it every time they add another update.

  5. On 19/08/2021 at 17:47, Art Vandelay said:

    That's ace! Great suit game too.


    Was sad to hear that Ronald Bell died recently. Kool & the Gang made some seriously incredible stuff. I mean, this is such a cool piece of music.



    I had no idea that Lightnin' Rod record was linked to Kool and The Gang. The music on it is indeed amazing.


    I was introduced to it at the age of 12 by the "cover" that Grandmaster Melle Mel and The Furious Five did. I listened to this so much that I still know all the words.




  6. 4 minutes ago, Smoothy said:

    I like away goals too, but the explanation from UEFA sounds totally reasonable - average goals per match scored at home/away, and gap between home/away wins is reduced, this is from all games from 1970 till now.  In other words, there's a trend towards being more conservative in the home games.

    You can prove anything with facts!

  7. On 17/06/2021 at 13:16, Gotters said:

    I haven't really seen him play much but £28m for Tomori from Chelsea to AC Milan sounds a big fee, I know Chelsea like splashing the cash but they aren't too bad at getting some back in too, especially from their huge youth setup.


    So Ramos to Man Utd on £300k a week then ? Would be funnier to see him play for Liverpool but doubt they'd pay him that.

    According to my Milan supporting mate Tomori has been hugely responsible (along with Kjaer) for their position in the league this year. He also looked very good when he played for Chelsea I thought. I suspect £28m will turn out to be a bargain. 

  8. 1 minute ago, Calashnikov said:

    Don’t you need to complete it 5 times for all that 13 Sentinelsy greatness to reveal itself? I’d also like to experience it, and have been curious about this game for time, but that whole aspect has been the mean reason I’ve never taken the plunge.

    You do, but each play through is different enough to keep you interested. You're not really completing the game five times, it's more like a Rashomon-esque retelling of the story from a different perspective.


    However, if you don't get on with the gameplay it will definitely be a problem.

  9. On 06/06/2021 at 14:42, Sketch said:

    Dug out my phat PS2 and updated the games on the internal HDD. They've recently (January 2021) released a new stable version of OPL HD Loader (V1, as opposed to v0.93 from years ago). I have not trawled the topic - might have been mentioned.


    I've been playing Evergrace.


    How did I miss? Janky as hell action-RPG that's batshit crazy. Weird voice sampled soundtrack, shells growing out of the ground, rats made of melons, two characters, incomprehensible dialogue, super deep clothing system, no EXP for levelling, so much strangeness.


    Also: it's by From Software and is basically a prototype Demon's Souls with bright garish colours.


    I love it.


    Also, one type of armour is a bird's nest with chicks in hit.



    Damn. I think I just gave this to a charity shop as part of a clear out! I picked it up 10+ years ago, played it briefly and then never looked at it again.

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