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  1. My reading was that if it's cross buy and you have downloaded it on your PS3/PS4, but not on your Vita you'll lose the Vita license. And vice versa I suppose but I'm less worried about the PS3 versions.
  2. I'm guessing if I spend a few minutes/hours scrolling through the download list on the vita and hitting download on everything it will trigger the required license, even if the download itself fails.
  3. I'd say you'd have to love the novel side of these games. It's full of inexplicable "game over" dead ends, and then some lengthy replays of long drawn out sections. I struggled with it, and I like visual novels.
  4. If you think about all moving images of this nature rely on your brain filling in the gaps between two static images. It's probable, if not certain, that people unable to discern the difference between 30 and 60 frames per second simply have more powerful brains. Their brains are more able to fill in these gaps. Food for thought certainly. It just so happens that I can't tell the difference between them either...
  5. I don't completely believe this rumour, but if true I had assumed it just means you wouldn't be able to buy them, rather than not being able to download the ones you already own. Although that is already a pain on the Vita. Removing access to games you paid for would be pretty shocking.
  6. I seem to remember some people in the thread enjoying it, but for me it was painfully boring. None of the quests were interesting, the combat was tiresome to the point where it became an annoyance, the locations (apart from one) were bland. I finished it but only out of pig headedness after buying it digitally at launch. The comparisons with Fallout were wildly off the mark. All in my opinion of course. The only thing I liked about it were the art nouveau-esque adverts that you saw in the loading screens. They were really nice, but probably not worth 40 quid.
  7. That might be the solution definitely (and it's certainly the more discreet of the two), but if recent history is a guide that means missing out on Playstation exclusives that I wouldn't want to miss. First world problems and all that.
  8. It's not as strong as that for me. I have nothing against the Xbox, I'm sure it's very nice, but as mentioned earlier in the thread, I just don't want more than one of them under the TV. Edit: Or in the PS5s case towering in front of it.
  9. I don't think these are necessarily contradictory. They both boil down to not really wanting an Xbox. It still won't be contradictory for me when I eventually buy an Xbox to play Fallout V, sometime in 2030. I want the game, but not necessarily the box that plays it. Like when I bought a Sega Saturn. Or the fact that I have a Netflix subscription so my kids can watch appalling American kids TV shows (and Spongebob).
  10. Yeah I'm not really buying Microsoft's cuddly persona these days. They are playing catch up, it makes sense for them to make concessions. I work with Microsoft technologies and their strategy of moving into a technical space and trying to demolish the opposition with their sheer size is still going strong (Power BI being a recent example). Anyway, I guess the proof of this pudding will be whether the next Elder Scrolls game gets a Playstation release. I will be delighted to be wrong.
  11. You misunderstand me, I'm pretty sure Sony feel the same way about Microsoft. I was responding to the idea that MS would be happy to see Gamepass on Sony consoles.
  12. Yeah, I completely agree. I don't think MS could achieve it in the short term, but it's absolutely what they are aiming for. For myself it's literally only Elder Scrolls and Fallout that make this notable news. Obviously there are thousands of other games to play, but those two series are among my favourites, so I wouldn't be happy missing out. It's not the money I mind either, I spend a fortune on techy nonsense I don't really need. It's finding space around the TV for another device, and finding somewhere to store the controllers.
  13. Microsoft have a long history of establishing monopolies, and I'm sure their attitude is no different when it comes to gaming. If they could force Sony and Nintendo out of the console business altogether they would. There's certainly no way they would do anything to make Sony's console a more attractive proposition. And they definitely didn't spend all this money to then allow you to play these games on a Playstation anyway. In general terms, I'm not a fan of exclusivity in gaming, but it previously hadn't affected me much because I've owned Sony's consoles. This has the potential to force me into buying a console (or a PC I guess), or miss out on games I would like to play. I'm not really seeing that as a positive.
  14. David Kenny

    The Jazz Thread

    Ha! That is one of my absolute favourite albums and I've never met anyone else who's even heard of it. Edit: In particular I love Railroad.
  15. Ouch, another legend gone. Blackheart Man would be one of my Desert Island discs for sure. I don't think there's a single moment on that record that I don't love.
  16. David Kenny

    The Jazz Thread

    I don't remember there being much on the eponymous 1977 album, but I haven't listed to it in a while. He played on the extraordinary Journey in Satchidinanda by Alice Coltrane as well. No yodelling there.
  17. I haven't seen this in years but seem to remember it features this brilliant version of T.B. Sheets by Van Morrison in the soundtrack. That harmonica is something else.
  18. I am a huge huge Jackie Chan/Martial Arts film fan and have been since I was a nipper. So much so that my username when I first joined the forum was "wong fei hung" because a copy of Drunken Master was sitting on my desk when I signed up. My Dad used to rent martial arts films from the local video rental place for me and my brother so we saw, and loved, a lot of Shaw Brothers type films, but when I saw my first Jackie Chan film (Dragon Lord I think it was) you could see that he was something special. My own kids are just getting to the age where they enjoy action movies and I can't wait to sit them down for their first Jackie Chan experience ( I'm thinking Battle Creek Brawl). Like @Cheyenne I've got a real soft spot for the 90s films like Rumble in The Bronx, and Mr Nice Guy, simply because of the outrageous stunt work.
  19. For me it's not subscription services that have changed my habits but the sales, and particularly PSN sales. I've bought so many games when they were reduced with the thought that I would play them later, only to completely ignore them. I've taken to resisting even the most significant price reduction unless I'm sure I'm going to play the game immediately. Oxenfree is 79p on PSN at the minute, and I prevaricated for an age before actually buying it. Obviously the money doesn't matter but I didn't want another game added to the list for no reason. So these days I buy the game I want to play next, whether it's in the sale or not. It's partly why I don't really have an interest in Gamepass or PS Now*, access to games is not my problem. It's the fact that I am already faced with choice paralysis without them. * Although I do have a subscription to that at the minute. I subscribed when I wanted to play Oblivion and a year's subscription was cheap. I finished Oblivion and have pretty much ignored it since.
  20. Thanks that explains why it looks both familiar and completely different. I never did finish it on the PS3 so am definitely interested in this.
  21. I'm a bit lost with this, is it a remake of the PS3 game?
  22. Is there a single player career mode in there? I got the impression it was multiplayer only pretty much.
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