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  1. Thanks that explains why it looks both familiar and completely different. I never did finish it on the PS3 so am definitely interested in this.
  2. I'm a bit lost with this, is it a remake of the PS3 game?
  3. Is there a single player career mode in there? I got the impression it was multiplayer only pretty much.
  4. David Kenny

    The Jazz Thread

    Sad news indeed. He was one of the most technically gifted pianists in jazz (which is saying a lot). I really like Romantic Warrior but my absolute favourite is still Now He Sings, Now He Sobs. I listened to it obsessively throughout my student years in awe of the complexity of Corea's playing. I still find time to sit down and listen to it every now and then, and it stills blows me away.
  5. This just isn't true. I'm pretty sensitive to noise even at low levels and simply can't hear my PS5 from more than a couple of feet away, except for the occasional disc whirring people have mentioned. The thing is massive but if that's what makes it so quiet it's totally worth it. Sorry @FozZ
  6. I think the bonus material is actually better than the album. It features a lot more of Dennis Coffey's incredible guitar playing for one thing.
  7. Yeah I had no idea he'd died. I only know a few of his records, but really like his style. I listen to King Geedorah - Take Me To Your Leader on a very regular basis.
  8. Nice. Assuming you were going to try it anyway (I mean why wouldn't you?), I'm very interested in whether Pilotwings 64 is playable.
  9. Is there any way to play this on a console do you know?
  10. I'd like to have just one thread in Discussion that didn't descend into LG TV/frame rate/resolution chat. Maybe we could talk about rechargeable batteries while were at it?
  11. I can kind of recognise that the writing is better in the Witcher 3, and that the stories are more complex, and the interaction between the characters is more human or something, but finishing Witcher 3 turned into a real slog that I only managed through bloody mindedness, whereas I enjoyed every second of Skyrim and could have gone on wandering about twatting dragons forever. So what I'm saying is, does this game have cyber dragons?
  12. I've found N64 to be very hit and miss on the Retroid 2 (although it does play the title music from Buck Bumble perfectly so it's worth every penny). PSX is pretty much rock solid though. But as PSX is pretty much perfect on the RG350 I'm not sure what the Retroid 2 offers over that. Could be worth waiting for the Rg351 too, based on the video above.
  13. I've been playing this with my kids too, and I have to say I think it's genuinely brilliant. Some of the Bugsnax are really clever, as are the convoluted methods you have to employ to catch them. And the dialog is really funny. Especially Wiggle, and her singing. I'm not allowed to play it without the kids, but I definitely would if I could.
  14. Dammit, that is the first thing I've seen that's making me want one.
  15. Are you thinking of Steve Martin roller skating round a gallery in LA Story (which weirdly I can't find on youtube)?
  16. Sweet, thanks. I might be an exception here, but I think this looks really interesting.
  17. Play Mario in the nude? Doesn't everyone do that already?
  18. PS5 Disc version at launch for Demon's Souls, and then an Xbox when Fallout 5 or Elder Scrolls 6 arrive. I figure that gives me a little while.
  19. Remember Matthew 7:3, "And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?" Also take it to the console warz thread.
  20. This looks interesting but I do wonder, when does homage become plagiarism? The menus and sound effects could have been ripped directly from the souls games.
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