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  1. Didn't he famously not write the music that was actually used in the Thing? I seem to remember Carpenter wrote his own, and only used little bits and pieces of the stuff Morricone did. Probably explains why it sounds so much like Carpenter's music.
  2. Sad news. I listen to Morricone's music an awful lot. It's fair to say that seeing The Good the Bad and The Ugly at the age of 10 or so had a formative effect on the direction of my musical tastes. For anyone who's not familiar with it, the recording of the concert he gave in Venice is fantastic.
  3. So far PS1 emulation is pretty much perfect. Tekken 3 is the only game I've tried that it seems to struggle with. N64 not so much. I tried Goldeneye but it's unplayable. Other than that I'm not sure, what's the go to title for N64 emulator testing?
  4. Every game they release in the Halo franchise convinces me that the first game's brilliance was a fluke.
  5. Holy shit. Those graphics are unbelievable! (Seriously, that looks interesting, and is exactly what I used to love about PS Plus. I've never heard of this one.)
  6. I did not know that. But looking at the trailer it would appear it's set in China! Hopes dashed.
  7. This is not quite what they are doing though. Sony are testing the games, but if issues are found the original developer will have to fix them. They're not asking the original developers to ensure their older games work.
  8. Yeah Horizon is genuinely incredible, but it does drop to almost nothing in the sales every now and then so keep an eye out. Bloodborne isn't on your list, but is probably the best exclusive of the bunch for me.
  9. There haven't been enough games set in South America during the 16th century, you could play as three native American children trying to find a missing father, while avoiding the clutches of various evil Spaniards searching for El Dorado. Also you would find a giant golden condor at some point. Yes, I have been watching The Mysterious Cities of Gold with my kids. What makes you ask that?
  10. What was the Mass Effect 3 character? I played the game, but haven't bought any DLC for it. What was I missing?
  11. I'll be honest, it's not keeping me up at night.
  12. It was different for each game, some of them let you upload and download your save file between machines, but it had to be implemented by the developer. (I never play any multiplayer games so couldn't tell you about that). But I'm really only talking about the idea that you're going to have to pay twice for the same game on PS4 and PS5. You certainly might need to, but Sony have previous form for allowing licences to move between consoles.
  13. It's already been mentioned about 50 times in this thread, but Sony had Crossplay between PS3, PS4 and PS Vita years ago. It was up to individual publishers whether to implement it (as it is with the Xbox I assume). I doubt there will be anything stopping publishers doing the same thing on PS5.
  14. The fact that in the announcement for their new hardware, they focussed attention on a game featuring angsty anthropomorphised teenage dinosaurs, and another where eating food turns body parts into that food, and another where you're a little man living inside a Victorian gentleman fighting monsters for some reason, tells me you don't have to be too concerned about this.
  15. Same for me. I never even made it through the demo. I downloaded the full game last night thinking I should play through it before VIII, but chickened out and played Stardew Valley instead. To be honest I find that a bit intense, so maybe I'm just not built for Resident Evil any more.
  16. It's £599 but you get the console bundled in with it.
  17. There were 4 or 5 trailers that looked interesting to me in that. Depending on price I'll be there day one. If either of the Demon's Souls remake or Horizon 2 are launch titles then it might not depend on price.
  18. I am ready to buy one of these but £599 would definitely give me pause. That would change it from being something I buy just because it's new, to something I'd buy when an absolutely must have game arrived.
  19. *Black guy tapping the side of his head* You can't hear the cooling fans, if the fabric of reality has been torn asunder.
  20. Was it a compliment or an insult?
  21. If they show remasters of current gen titles I'll be surprised and sorely disappointed. This event is supposed to raise some hype right? How much hype is it going to raise when they say, "Hey kids, here's a slightly shinier version of that game you like. Can we have 600 quid of your money now?".
  22. I've been on this planet for nearly fifty years, and during that time have made hundreds of moral decisions. Most of time they are minor, but occasionally very significant. Making all of those decisions, often unconsciously, has taught me the kind of person I am. I can predict how I might act in most situations, because I have a lot of experience to base it on. I don't think I've fundamentally changed during that time either. The way I see the world now is informed by the same moral and ethical framework I had when I was a much younger man, and even when I was a child. I can tell you with absolute certainty I would not accept $30,000,000 a year from a company while I was depriving hundreds of people at that company of their employment.
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