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  1. I'll admit that on the whole the number of times I had to retry any sections diminished towards the end, but the section in Keyes (I think) which takes place outside in the snow. (When you come into the area there are a number of flood fighting a shedload of Covenant and two of the Covenant tanks. Behind them all are two Banshees, one of which you need to get to the final generator.) That battle must have taken me 4-8 hours, I've no idea how many times I restarted it. I tried dozens of different methods and approaches until I found a successful one. Very infuriating indeed. When I say trial and error I don't mean that you just try random things until you find a solution. I mean that the game requires you to try a particular section and die, but learn from that so you don't make the same mistake twice. It occurs to me that this is a heavily criticised methodology yet it works extremely well in this game.
  2. Are you sure about that. They certainly didn't appear to be.
  3. It is different every time you play it but I would suggest that's because you approach it differently each time. If you use exactly the same tactics each time the covenant will (pretty much) react in an identical manner.
  4. I seem to read quite a bit of criticism on this and other fora directed toward games for what we might refer to as the 'Trial and Error' approach to advancing through the game. Ie. Attempt level, die. Attempt level slightly differently, die, and so on. There seems to be a feeling that it should be possible to progress through the game by making logical conclusions based on the principles laid out in the game world. It seems to me that Halo relies heavily on this Trial and Error mechanism when played through on the Legendary setting. This is not a criticism of the game, far from it, I enjoyed it immensely. In fact it was the trial and error approach to the game that kept me hooked. Although there were large sections of each level that could be passed without dying, there were certain battles that I doubt anyone could have done first time. Some of these took me twenty or thirty (or more) attempts before I succesfully passed them. With each attempt I learnt a little more about the right and wrong ways to complete that encounter. Until eventually I constructed a battle plan that would prove succesful. I'm reminded particularly of the first foray into the Truth and Reconciliation when you enter the Dropship hangars from the ground floor. The first twenty times I attempted that I simply could not imagine a way that it could be done. When I eventually did it (after hours of trying) I was barely touched. I was very pleased with myself as well, as you might imagine. So this is my little defence of the principles of Trial and Error gameplay, when implemented well. Anybody else feel this way about Halo? Or am I just crap and everybody else waltzed through it without a problem? Any other examples where dying and retrying levels can actually be fun? The first person to suggest I have a wank wins a prize... A crusty tissue.
  5. How did you know they were broad? You're not my stalker are you?
  6. Four words for you: Super Monkey Ball 2. Brilliant game, but why oh why do they make me listen to little monkeys (they're apes really aren't they?) shouting Ei Ei Pooooo everytime I finish a chapter? I played that in front of my girlfriend and now she suspects I am retarded.
  7. I was thnking more along the lines of that '22 short films about Springfield' episode of The Simpsons. Which I believe was based on a film wasn't it? Lots of stuff happening over the same space of time, replayed again and again, each time from a different perspective. There is a difference though, because in MM you actually change the outcome of events. Which could happen in a film - you'd just not be the one doing the changing. <film fans only> The title of that Simpson's episode is a reference to 32 Short Films about Glenn Gould (the famous classical pianist), but the format of the narrative was taken from Pulp Fiction. Which itself was 'borrowed' from Kurosawa's Rashomon, the ultimate example of multiple perspective film making. </film fans only> I don't think I could decide between these two games at all. Each one of them was absolutely fantastic in their own way. I do agree that MM did something with narrative that set's it apart from many games, and that is darker more melancholic feel was beautifully executed. But then OoT was so epic, and so involving, and so breathtaking at the time, that I can't seem to shake the conviction that it's the best game ever made. So where's that undecided option in the poll?
  8. One week. Bloody hell. The last one I got was the downhill slide that you get to through the stained glass window. I did it once but didn't realise that you got another one for completing it within a certain time. It was total fluke that I found it at all.
  9. I loved this game and completed it fully without using a FAQ. Go me. The last two or three blue coins did take me weeks though, and I did get a teensy bit annoyed with it. I'm not sure the sense of acheivement was actually worth the frustration I went through. None of it though was as irritating as being on 119 Stars in Mario 64. I spent months on that.
  10. It is tricky, but quite possible. It must be if I did it. With no cheat mode as well. All I did was to keep rotating round the edges and shooting the plates with the charge beam. I kept going in one direction shooting the next plate I came to that wasn't in position. Eventually I got all of them. Keep going you'll do it soon enough.
  11. Isn't that true of a lot of video games? Not the ones I like no. And that I guess, is the point. Hmm you've adroitly ignored the second part of my post; The plot of Halo is an aside not the defining aspect of the game. The plot of Super Monkey Ball 2 made me want to gag, but it's still a brilliant game.
  12. Isn't that true of a lot of video games? As I said before anyone playing games for the plots needs to read a book or two. Besides that, the plot in Halo is merely a skeleton around which they hang some fantastic discrete episodes. The fun in Halo was not in discovering the plot but in each individual enemy encounter. All in my opinion of course. I have no problem with you not liking it or your reasons for doing so.
  13. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? You make-a no sense. Good to see a well-backed up argument anyway. Good work. OK. I'll elaborate. Halo is aimed, rather blatantly and successfully, at 14 year old teenage guys. It appeals so successfully to that demographic that people either outside it, or grown out of it, can actually find it repulsive really quickly. Of course there's the odd exception, but by and large, Halo represents everything ridiculous about angsty teenagers. This is more bizarre than your other post. What has Halo got to do with angsty teenagers? I'm 31 by the way and don't even know what a Linkin Park is.
  14. Precisely. I have to restrain myself though, since I'm firmly in the "Halo is shite" camp, yet I wouldn't exactly agree with the finer points on that "review". Shit art direction. Utterly crap artistic execution. Shit plot. It's an unbelievably generic FPS (which I've been bored of since 1996) The music is utter arse. It is actually a step backwards from many other FPS' in many respects including lack of online-ness This game, along with Metropolis Street Racer, have convinced me that people can make themselves believe something is good if they want it to be true. The scary thing about Halo is how easy it would be to improve it. Put in the characters, plot and imagination from Whacked and Kung Fu Chaos for a start. Maybe it is you who is missing something. Halo was an enormously enjoyable and impeccably made game for me. For what it's worth I also loved MSR. What incentive would I have had for convincing myself that it, or Halo were brilliant if they weren't? I simply enjoyed them very much and felt that they represented vidoe game production of the highest order. And anyone who plays computer games for their plots needs to read a book or two.
  15. I haven't posted in any of the previous threads but I've quite enjoyed reading these 'unconventional' reviews. If only because I can laugh at their uncalculable idiocy. What I would love to read is a negative review of a game generally considered to be a classic, by someone who could string two sentences together and give a reason for their opinion. One thing I did find hilarious was 'And what about that time the alien kept firing at that rock and I just walked up from behind and nailed him? ' This happened to me on Legendary; the Elites kept firing at a rock which I was hiding behind, even after I'd snuck around behind them. I nearly clapped with admiration for the AI. No cheating here, they really 'thought' I was still behind that rock. Outstanding. Anyway, I think one of these topics a week is a perfectly reasonable frequency.
  16. I've only played it for an hour or so but I have to say I like it. It's quirky and slightly disturbing, with the design of the characters and locales adding greatly to this. It seems like it might be short but for less than 20 quid I consider it a bargain.
  17. There can only be one contender... The Impact Theme from Mystical Ninja. DASH, DASH, DASH Why oh why can't I find it on mp3? Aside from that the main theme from Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. I still find myself humming that tune, and before you ask, yes. People do give me funny looks.
  18. Surely we have a winner? What's Japanese for Mad Bash Poker Friends 5? Call it that.
  19. It's on play for £17.99. It should arrive on my doorstep by Monday.
  20. The Game Boy Donkey Kong from 1994 is a fantastic little platform/puzzle game, so I strongly recommend that. There may even be a sequel for the GBA in the pipeline, I hear. Oh yes, I'd forgotten about that. A great little game.
  21. Tell us what she says. We'll console you if it's not what you want to hear. Honest.
  22. Donkey Kong? Seriously you must get either Super Mario World or Super Mario Advance 2. There is no excuse for not having played this game. And I'll know if you haven't...
  23. Evolution came out on it, but I think that's very rare as well. I would give you my copy... but I don't have one.
  24. EI - EI - POOO!!! I still wake up screaming...
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