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  1. Totally. Reminds me of what's occuring at Baeselworld, which is a watch trade show which has been given the same prominence as E3 in the Videogame world. Over the years, more and more watch makers had been leaving Basel citing insane costs to put on a show there, limited time on stands and countless other nagatives. Eventually, one of the big watch makers pulled out and slowly the show has started to die. When they were interviewed by the press askign why they pulled out, they said it cost them a fortune to put on a 1 week show at the festival, the public were not allowed in so it was just trade, they had limited time to do deals and nowadays, they can launch a PR campaign themselves with Twitter, Instagram etc, all their fans see it, they can directly interact with them and the cost for all of this? $0. I'm guessing Sony are slowly comming to the same conclusions.
  2. Wools


    As a long time Spaced fan, it's a bit hearbreaking reading that. It seems like Nick could not be arsed, Simon was trying to be nice and enthusatic but came across a bit desperate and Jessica was nice but reacted oddly at the Shaun of the Dead mention. Part of me felt that Spaced was a group of friends making it so they would always remain close. Jessica seemingly pulling away with Shaun (With just a small cameo) felt odd and despite 3 Cornetto films, Edgar didn't come back for the film Paul and now, all of them seem diconnected. That interview, despite starting as a celebration, now just comes across as 4 separate people no longer bound by any friendship. I feel Nick & Paul must have had a falling out but can't work out why Jessica seemed to jump ship so soon after Spaced. Eitherway. Or maybe, I'm talking out of my arse:
  3. I think it affects all walks of our society. Because I'm a bit of a watch geek, it took me by supprise when I first started reading a watch forum a few years ago how some dive watch fans have strong opinions that they should never be worn by Women. I pulled 1 of them up on this and got a heated reply back that girls (Never Women) aren't as strong divers so their precious, yellow gold dive watches look best and only really are made for men. Of course, diving history is filled with examples of Women divers and adventurers but that didn't trouble their bigoted little heads. Another thing I've noticed as I've got more hobbies, is there's always a pissing contest for amount of knowledge one acquires or how good they are in their hobby. I've always felt the surface level competition is bullshit, it's just a way to measure your cock by saying mine's bigger than yours. Example; A week ago on Twitter, their was a tweet that blew up that was something like; You can only enjoy a game if you don't use a rewind feature. People waded in but for me, it highlighted a little quirk that if you get a load of blokes in a room, it becomes a pissing contest and that sadly, perputates out into all forms of society. Just Women rarely do the leading because Men keep them held down. Despite needing to do so much more, reading that blog above made me so happy. Slowly, the basment dwelling little 4Chan fucks who get angry Women aren't portrayed in the way they want them to be (Young, tits out & subservient to Men’s wishes) are having their world torn down.
  4. I've got a ASUS ROG SWIFT PG279Q which can be seen here. I had not built a PC in over 10 years so when I was eyeing up RTX cards and .M2 drives, I really didn't give a Monitor a seconds thought. A friend at work convinced me to not just go all in with a 4K Monitor nor a base level Monitor, but actually go to a shop or to anyone who owns one and take a look. I'm so glad I did as before I knew it, I could see the diffrence between 1080p and 2K but couldn't see much diffrence between 2K and 4K. I originally thought a 60Hz monitor was more than enough but just simply moving your mouse cursor on the Windows 10 desktop, you can see the diffrence between a 60Hz and a 165Hz rate along with an IPS screen vs a traditional LCD screen. I feel that was one of the best 16:9 2K monitor I could buy early this year and it should last me a long time. When GPU's can be had for around £500 and power a 4K monitor monitor reliably past 60FPS then I'll refresh this Asus. Eitherway, a big thumbs up from me if anyone else is considering.
  5. Just watched the entire series in 3 days. Adored it, I can't think of the last time I saw such an involving and well crafted fantasy world. Installing The Witcher III (Which I've never played) on my PC now.
  6. Thanks for sharing, had no previous knowledge of him or the team. Really sad news.
  7. Or in the case of so many already, leave the industry entirely and design and code in their spare time. I think the gaming industry has used and abused so many of us now, combined with the strangle of the top line work, a lot of us have now moved onto working in a seperate industry but work on small little games in our spare time. In some cases, just for fun. It'll be intresting to see in 10 years, when more big developers and publishers fall by the wayside, what state the the industry will be in. I feel indie will be flourishing, phone games will fall off aside from tapping games and the big publishers will have all transitioned to the Netflix model and pump out just a few big safe games a year.
  8. I was reminded of this game earlier this morning, when talking to a mate about why I no longer will support a Kickstarter or Steam Early Access game. I started digging about regarding the state of it and found this, from the Steam Community discussion, from DelkoDuck who's listed as a (Maybe the only one left?) developer on the project. From my post last year, it seems like he was the artist. 'Everyone...I'm still trying to piece together what happened to my project. Please try to forgive my silence and apprehension in addressing this. The responcibility of explaining the actions of the games programmer Chase Pettit, the countless fraudulent attacks on the games IP and my own reputation - as well as the tenuous legal situation I now find myself in due to the selfishness of the games former partners - was very difficult given the cirumstances. Being called a scammer and fraud by the people who chose to support you does not put one in a good mental state to work, let alone under duress. Especially when I need to make money and support myself in the process. (Drift Stage was funded for one year of development - not three with no income). Please understand I've been monitoring everything people have been posting - I never abandoned Drift Stage - but Drift Stage was indeed abanonded and left for me to deal with of my own accord - but only after the companies bank account was tapped out and the project no longer appealed to Chase Pettit. I've been working every day to try and get the game finished - from contacting studios for code reviews, to publishers with the hope of them acquiring the IP. So far all of my efforts have been in vain. The fact of the matter is - Chase Pettit abanonded the project in a very unstable and difficult to manage state - over the course of YEARS - giving only false hope in the form of vauge text messages like "I'll have something in a week". That week never came. He had given countless vapid excuses for his actions ranging from the "death of his grandmother" to "working in Mexico" - none of which he supplied any real evidence of - or for that matter displayed any remorse or urgency towards the state of the game - or the concerns of the backers. As of now Super Systems has only one employee - myself. While I can produce new artwork till I'm blue in the face (actually I probably already am) - I can't program the game itself. I wish I had better news after all of this time - but things spiraled out of control in the summer of 2019 - after a Chilean studio decompiled the Kickstarter demo an attempted to pass themselves off as the games developer. As of right now - I'm still contacting publishers. Thats all I really can do. I'm tremendously sorry for all of this - I've lost out on far more then I'd like to think about, but my real regret is losing the faith of my fans and supporters. If I could go back and do things differenlty I would - but for now I have to try and work with the reality of the situation.' So, it's looking like the game will never be released. Such a shame, it was featured in car magazines, gaming sites and seemed to harbour so much good will before the developer fucked off.
  9. I feel the death of the AAA gaming studios has been a long time comming and now, there's not that many left. The transition to the Service model like Netflix is benefical to the big publishers who have a big repository of pre-exisiting games, this won't benefit the develoeprs at all going forward as the reward is big for those on the end of the £10 a month but the split is shit. I predict that the industry will keep its course, the big stuudios continue to die out and we'll be left with the big publishers surviving on the service plans of their past glories with the occasional big hit, indie studios thriving on indervidual sales and the mid tier making a splash. If you look at movies and music, I imagine gaming will begin to mirror that in a few years.
  10. Same here. I fucking love Rllmuk. A great looking trailer, followed by post after post saying 'looks shit, he's no Kubrick, ZINGER!?1'
  11. I do remember it running very smoothly, despite the graphical sacrifices they had to make, but don't know for sure. Playing it on ReDream is still a very smooth experience though.
  12. If you take a look at the Arcade version and then compare it to the DC port, it's good and comes close, but their is a difference between the two. Also, the PAL port is 50hz only which is a real shame, considering Sonic Adventure is 60hz and came out on the same day. I really adore VF3 and consider it one of the best, yet, most underated 1 on 1 fighters ever made. I love the simple controls, technical style of play all played out on an undulating and uneven surface that no major fighter has gone back to. Stilll plays beautifully too.
  13. I had a Master System with Sonic the Hedgehog and built in Alex Kidd in Miracle World. Absolutley loved it and had some stunning games throughout its short life. Never owned a NES, but played on one loads as my best mates Brother had one. Loved Mario Bros. but adored Super Mario Bros. 3, played that game to death. Despite that, aI never had a soft spot for the NES. It had 2 of the best 8-bit games but every game my mates Brother had aside from those 2, none really clicked with me. Playing a lot of NES emulation later on in life, I feel I prefer the Master System over the NES. Picked up a SNES later on in my life but my first Nintendo Console I owned during it's active life was the N64, picked it up the weekend Perfect Dark was released. Always feel I push against the grain with my opinions on these eras. Have no fondness for NES games aside from SMB3 and prefer the Master System, also, the best Nintendo console ever released for me is the N64.
  14. This is becomming quite the game for me. I adored planes as a kid, from building AirFix models, building and lanuching model rockets with my Dad to then as a 34 year old Man, only just getting over my real fear of flying. I developed that fear after September 11th and despite going on a plane once every 2 years or so after it, I have got worse over the years so I really wanted to crack it before it became a defining thing in my life. I went on holiday this Summer on an 11 hour flight and despite having several drinks to help dull the nerves, I had no panic attack and I felt I nailed it. Which brings it back to Flight Simulator. I built a new PC this year which should play this game perfectly and watching those opening trailers, it awakened something in me. Before I knew it, I've now asked my Wife for flying lessons this Christmas. Just because of this game, if I'm a lucky boy thanks to my lovely Wife, I'll be taking my first flying lesson next year. Videogames, empowering people since forever, or 34 years in my case.
  15. I've just been tinkering about with PS2 Emulation and although the results are nice with games running smoothly with few issues, I've had worse results when trying to break past the original resolution of the hardware. I'm running PCSX2 Ver 1.4.0 which is the latest stable release and if I just leave it at it's original resolution and don't touch the plugins then all is well; Gran Turismo 4 runs smoothly, Tekken Tag Tournament looks excellent and Ridge Racer V looks as great as it did on launch day, jaggies and all! However, if I start pumping up the resolution then GT4 will crash during replays, Tekken Tag has 8 vertical lines up the screen and Ridge suffers with corruption artificats all over the shop. Does anyone here run the PCSX2 Emulator on PC Windows 10 and have any tips for trying to get the best out of it? I was a bit taken aback as after 12 or so years away from PC's and only knowing 16-bit emulation to be perfect, I was stunned by how good PSone Emulation was after dipping back in and only 2 weeks ago, discovered ReDream (Not D:Ream, Brian Cox's old band) which is a brilliant Dreamcast emulator. Hoping either my settings of PCSX2 needs tweaking or I need a plug in or 2.
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