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  1. Thanks for that! I've also spent a bit too long using the EA artwork generator to make a personal 4K artwork of my favourite characters. It's pretty cool, well, I like it.
  2. Lovely little video. Nice seeing Medal of Honour AA again, havn't seen it in years. As has been mentioned, the editing in that video is exceptional.
  3. That’s odd as my take away is Bottas did nothing wrong; He left him the room and moved as that part of the track isn’t straight. George had the room, got flustered, put it on the grass, nearly killed Bottas, then fucking freaked out. It was embarrassing watching him pin it all on Bottas in the interviews “Gentlemen agreement, if it was anyone else he wouldn’t do that” and painfully just wanting the number 2 seat at Mercedes. My estimation of George has really fallen off a cliff in what a shit he was during and after that race. If I was Bottas, I would have flipped him m
  4. I know they're a small company and I'm in no rush, but it's embrassing how early they announce new stock and... Nothing turns up, months later. I signed up to their email list as I fancied the Mega SG after they made a song and dance about dealing with bots and stock shortages but it's been so long, the time passed, I can't tell if they're attempting to build hype or they really are just that poor at managing and public relations. Then again, if Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo can't fufil orders with their proven supply chain, maybe I should just shut the fuck up! Eitherw
  5. Yeah, but I found I didn’t like the updated engine and textures as it removed a lot of the atmosphere. Low level lighting that mildly lit a building became neon floodlights. Texture work that was sympathetic to the low poly models now contrasts to the higher quality textures wrapped around the still simple geometry of the world. And the once snowy fog that hid the world (And limited technology) is now removed, replaced with the player being able to see the entire level, in all its simple glory. I feel that the port of Halo also suffered with this. Fantastic original por
  6. What a lovely reminder to how great GoldenEye still is. Yes, it's fuzzy and after an hour playing, I think I have a headache after not being able to focus clearly, but the game holds up well. Great control, fantastic combat, still excellent mission and level design, and with everything running at a smooth framerate and in 16:9, it shows its age well.
  7. I think you've nailed it @dumpster with the opening PS3 games. There's a diffrence between a developer saying 'This is the game we're making and hoping to release' vs a publisher just using target renders but then touting 'this is in-game.' Reminds me, although I'm a bit too young to have lived through it, of games showing screenshots on the back which are from a completly diffrent port!
  8. Wools


    I didn't feel it was unnecessary and that it was an important part of the film; The whole film has many subtexts and one of them is professionalism. All the main characters reek of going about their jobs in the most professional way possible. And when they don't; Gambiling, screwing other people, letting their Wife or Partner down, their work begins to unravel. Waingro is the antithesis of both Neil and Vincent and by allowing him into the gang, then kicking him out, his antics and chatter allow Police to get closer to the team and the job they're planning. I would argue, Waingro w
  9. After switching away from PS4 and XB1 almost 2 years ago onto a new PC, I've had my eyes opened about how wonderful it is to buy a game on Steam that's almost 20 years old (Sometimes just re-downloading it on Steam if I've already picked it up) and it just works. That doesn't even delve into the enjoyment I've had playing Emulated games. I feel preservation of old games is important in our hobby so any chance to revisit an old title or having the ability to easily play a game you purchased over 20 years ago, is a benefit. Why would anyone not want that ability? Although
  10. That's a wonderful way to see it, I try and subscribe to that feeling. I'm fairly confident I didn't have a backlog circa 2015. I had spent tens of thousdands of pounds and hundreds of thousands of hours playing and living in games from my childhood, teens and early 20's. As I now approach 36, I've settled into not caring about all new games and through Rllmuk, Bordersdown, Twitter and friends, I let the cream of the crop rise to the surface. So for the past 5 or so years, I probally only buy around 8 games a year and once I have one, I play nothing else till I compplet
  11. Totally. Also, remember that when Bob was at his lowest point after having his heart surgery, it was Paul who kept asking to come out Fishing with him.
  12. What an odd film. I adore Nolan so went in with elevated expectations so that may have been my undoing. The spectale was off the chart which drew you in and I loved the complex world building but after constantly thinking "Okay, I think I know what's occuring." something else would be drip fed in and by the end setup, I had almsot given up trying to understand why anyone was doing anything. Yet, the Film's quality still shone through as when my Brother text me with this: I was like, shit, I need to see it again. It didn't feel as stunnin
  13. That looks a really nice setup and pre-built for €1.2K seems reasonable @Meers although if you pick up the parts yourself, you could probally get one or two hundred Euros off if you fancied building it yourself?
  14. Nice! It's alwasy fun saving up and then getting a PC just right for you. Overspend and you're overpaying for stuff that's of limited benefit but if you're sensible, you can get some great tech for a somewhat more modest price. My big choice was going M.2 only for storage, so that required specific Motherboards, but I felt the market was moving to faster read / write speeds so was worth it. Soon after, Sony announced the PS5 was going to be using simular tech for their game loading, so I think I chose good to future proof myself! The other big option was GPU. The 2080ti would have
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