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  1. I dunno what's wrong with you people, the Austin Power's series just got better and better, I thought the third one was funny as hell and a good point at which to end it all. Not seen the Love Guru, looks rubbish tbh, but I generally like Mike Myers.
  2. I'm still a little bit welled up now. What an absolute masterpiece.
  3. Absolutely agree. He seems very ok - can see him rubbing people up the wrong way when he's manager though. Can't believe that fat gobby mong won.
  4. Yeah seriously - Lucinda's airheadedness was really starting to grate last night. Ok, Helena totally shouldn't have put her in that situation but computers aren't that hard to wrap your head around. Mind you - I couldn't see the error that was popping up - I just assumed she was jamming the SD card in the USB slot or something.
  5. Good lord what a terrible decision. She'd better fail epicly next week.
  6. There are gruesome deaths all over the show in Fly 1 and Fly 2. The guy getting his head crushed by the elevator in Fly 2 springs to mind.
  7. Wait, do they? Is there some version of the film out there I haven't seen, because I swear he spurts a little blood from his mouth when he squeezes the vice, but I've never seen any actual eye-popping out of socket, flopping on cheek, optic nerve dangly awfulness...?
  8. There's a lot that's good about The Crow, Brandon Lee in particular. But I always felt as though their rape/murder and hence your empathy for his revenge was a tad forced down your throat. Hey its a comic book, so I can't knock that aspect too much. Besides that though the girl irritated the crap outta me as did the copper. Best scene iirc was when he took out all the mob bosses, that was pretty class.
  9. Hmmm, me and the mrs didn't really get on with this film and its a little tough to say why exactly. Everything about the acting, backdrop and especially Casey Affleck is top drawer. Absolutely first rate. I think in light of this I had difficulty swallowing the breadth of the conspiracy to abduct this child, especially considering some of the characters involved and some of the events . The individual motivations for being involved seemed unrealistic and the final reveal at the end far too signposted for my liking (and I'm not one to pick up on these things generally). Clearly all issues with the plot then but I appreciate it as a solid directorial debut though, very well made.
  10. I saw this in the cinema and absolutely loved it. I reckon it'll be both blessed and cursed with the home viewing format. While the first person camera view is much more palatable on the small screen, the sheer gloriousnessness of the soundscape will be lost - the heavy booms, rocks and gunfire will inevitable lose some of their potent kick.
  11. Yeah - I was getting quite annoyed by this too. Just goes to show what idiots they really are - even having had time to contemplate their decision making under duress they still can't admit when they've screwed up, even in a show with such a light-hearted format. I think the worst decision was the one taken to make those boring worthless metaphor cards over the robot. The most face-gratingingly person is still Katie though, god what an irritating bitch!
  12. Did anyone notice that vacuous black bint's (dunno her name) look when he said that? It was totally 'I would kill to know how my undies are doing at the dry cleaners'.
  13. I have to say the end of this book made me weep a little. Its just so beautifully written.
  14. They ain't kidding. That bit was totally
  15. Why Jessica Alba? She's just eye candy - far too distractingly so to be in a horror film.
  16. Just saw this in Singapore - beautiful, mesmerising, captivating film - sheer raw brain candy amazingly realised. Well worth a watch.
  17. Hey its easy taking potshots at the prequels...
  18. It wasn't just him though was it? Even if it wasn't - Raiders is a wonderful film - as a cry from the prequels as one could ever imagine in terms of quality. How did he nosedive so spectacularly? Edit: IMDB says Phil Kaufman and Lawrence Kasdan as co-writers. That Kasdan fella gets around.
  19. That's all true of course - I just get the feeling that he was trying to achieve CG v2.0 with the prequels - to keep that pioneering crown (Jar Jar will be the first all CG character in a film... lest we forget). Instead he totally and completely lost the plot.
  20. Yeah, but both of those are stellar films. The 'summer blockbuster' phenomenon didn't start out vacous - its what it became after studios discovered the wonderful ever-giving cash register.
  21. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being a Star Wars fan, I would count myself beside you.
  22. Come on people - try harder! Without the Lucas we wouldn't be able to spend our hard earned pennies on this:
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