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  1. Currys are doing controllers for 30 squids https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/xbox-wireless-controller-red-black-blue-white-electric-volt-ps2999-with-code-6-months-apple-tv-collection-at-currys-4032301 Just snaffled one for the inevitable moment my son breaks another
  2. Alex Scott wearing one love band on BBC
  3. Sad times, absolutely loved Nemesis such a great film. His unique visual style will be missed
  4. Absolutely - going back to Apex last night was just amazing
  5. Nice one must offer a caveat though.. I'm a grumpy old cunt The campaign was a collection badly thought out vignettes with zero rhythm and the multiplayer maps are some of the very worst I've experienced in my long COD history.
  6. Finished the campaign (5 out 10 must do better) Had a couple more games of 'competitive' multiplayer then uninstalled. Utter tripe.
  7. I'm having quite bad framerate issues (or maybe rubber banding) on Series X and it's really distracting. Every 5 steps or so I get a visual 'hiccup' and after the buttery smoothness of APEX is making it unplayable. I've turned off all the graphics gubbins and checked FOV etc but it's persisting - any ideas?
  8. Shields got this so far her timing is fabulous
  9. Great opening rounds - amazing
  10. Hi guys / girls posted this in trading thread but thought it might be worth putting it here too Anthrax / Municipal Waste Newcastle City Hall 1st Oct My cohort for this fine evening of thrash metal has covid so pulled out. 1 x standing ticket for a modest charity donation (of your choice) or free? I can forward a screen cap of the QR code which I think will suffice? Cheers
  11. Well that was some performance by Joyce, can’t deny the heavyweight division is so much fun at the moment
  12. Holy shit! Hope they’ve scored the rights to the dickies soundtrack that’d be the icing on the cake.
  13. Haha AJ just screwed the pooch. His marketing team must’ve had a coronary
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