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  1. The Legend of the Stardust Brothers (1985) Really has to be seen to be believed. Super creative Japanese musical with madness to burn and the soundtrack is worth the price of admission alone 4/5
  2. Watched this last night...Unbelievable shite. (End of review)
  3. ah right so you don't lose points for dropping down? I was misunderstanding there.
  4. Any tips for braking out of world tier 6? I'm level 24 but hit a wall here...keep getting mashed and losing my points towards WL7. Got some pretty good gear and I'm a trickster, maybe a little bit too gung-ho perhaps?
  5. You got to go see the crafting guy (with the spanner logo on map) select the item you want and then on the right of the screen is the available changes.
  6. I don’t know whether I should say this... but there’s combat moments (only a few so far) that feel like a Platinum game. Don’t judge me!
  7. It’s a strange game this. I mean looking at the disparate elements in isolation it’s total garbage but on the whole I really like it (and I’m as unforgiving as they come). How does that work? I’m confused...
  8. You gotta be kidding me close to deletion now
  9. They must be crestfallen to have this 2 nights on the run.
  10. aye just been booted... shame because got a stack of beer and meeting up with mates tonight
  11. The anomaly’s look good... I’m going to try and hit the private match button see if that helps with disconnect issues (if I get back in)
  12. I thought it was going to be more of a sci fi setting the environments are pretty drab. And ....booted again
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