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  1. Heh same thing happened to me... I'm really struggling on the Ice regisvine, any tips? I'm AP31 and have 3 characters in 2nd phase ascension but am getting mashed... I aced the fire regisvine too
  2. This is my first gacha game so apologies if this is daft question but do you only get new characters from the wish system? I’m adventure rank 24 and I’ve not had new character for yonks...other problem is I’ve spent all my primogens (dumbass)
  3. I’m lonely pls add me 701934111 (PS4)
  4. The King 2019 Not sure of the historical accuracy but enjoyed this very much. Chalimet was excellent and had some great battle sequences too.
  5. Can anyone help? I've got keyboard & mouse control but when I select basic controls from list it just shows me a greyed flight controller? Cheers
  6. That was a very fine uppercut
  7. @neoELITE Oh yes a classic!! Trojan Whore Devastated they won't be at Damnation Fest
  8. This makes me wanna punch the world! Especially at 2'35"
  9. What's your first planned flight? When I was a kid I lived in Burma so would regularly do Bangkok to Rangoon, it's going to be epic reliving that
  10. I've been playing a lot of F1 2019. For me it's the ultimate switch off material, get on track focus entirely on the apex, nail the sectors, learn the track inside out then partake in a lovely full length race. Perfect.
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