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  1. With regards to that boss choice
  2. I played a little in handheld mode on the original and it was fine, I see no need to upgrade myself just for this game
  3. Done all the Soulsborne games and love them Looking at the list I have played a few of them already but had forgotten about them Steamworld Dig 2, both Ori's, Gucamelee Never got on with The Mummy Demastered, so may redownload it and give it a go
  4. After playing Metroid Dread I am in the need for some good Metrodvania style games I have already completed FIST and Hollow Knight On the switch I have downloaded Ender Lilies, Blasphemous and Bloodstained Ritual of the Night What others should I be serioulsy considering playing PS4/5 and Swtich titles as I only have these 2 consoles
  5. and done, 9 hours 10 mins with 56% of the items found Loved it from the start to finish Final boss wasn't that hard once I figured out his patterns and figured out how to damage him Really tempted to play Super Metroid as I have never played it before
  6. Final boss now, and I thought the last major boss was a brick wall Loved the game May even try Super Metroid now
  7. Yes I did, Boss down now, and next power up acquired Time to figure out where to go next
  8. I am close to giving up now, cant do that boss I am stuck on, anyonne want to do it for me
  9. Just hit my first brick wall at the fourth (I think) major boss Almost 2 hours and only hit the second phase once Not sure I can do much backtracking to look for more energy cells either
  10. Just acquired the go faster stripes and used a teleporter to head back to the starting area. Absolutley loving this Perfectly suited to the Pro Controller
  11. Just turned off for the night after reaching the 2nd proper boss fight The gameplay is superb, although it does appear a little linear at the moment (as in you are forced in a certain direction)
  12. Mines not turned up yet either, have a copy in the basket to collect form Argos too
  13. Same, hope it arrives tomorrow or I may have to buy it digitally and sell the cartridge
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