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  1. Thanks for the heads up, bought it last night
  2. Tranq bombs? Do you need the bowgun for that, I have only seen tranq ammo so far
  3. So how do you capture a monster, I put traps down when the blue icon appears but they don't capture them What else do I need to use?
  4. Cheers, am giving the Sword and Shield a go when I next play it (later today) I think I need to find a good newbie guide to figure out everything, but I am enjoying it Plays really well using the Hori Split Pad Pro too
  5. Quite enjoying this, its very overwhelming for a newbie though Started with the dual blades but have just changed to the sword and shield to see what that is like Whats the best weapon for a total newbie to the series?
  6. MikeF

    It Takes Two

    I would say no to the wife, I am playing with my youngest lad (15) and my wife would have had no chance. Some of the sections can be a bit troublesome for non gamers imo
  7. MikeF

    Nintendo Switch

    This will have been asked and answered before, but whats the deal with third party docks nowadays? Any recommendations for a small cheap one?
  8. After the reviews I put in an order Annoyingly though Shopto have sent it via RM Tracked 48 when I selected the 24hr option. May not get it till Saturday now
  9. Plug straight into the PS5 pad, the sound quality is excellent
  10. I have had no problems with rest mode, not using any external drives though I leave it in rest mode during the day and power off when I am finished for night
  11. I'm actually trying to get the Tar for it at the moment, so that I can get the trophy associated with it Loving this, got the Enhanced Edition on Friday and have sunk 8 hours into it so far, 1 main temple down so far I think Souls fans will really enjoy it
  12. Im upto the Doggie boss now, Tried the drgaon boss but kept dieing so restarted the other zone instead This is great in 15-30 minute bursts. So much fun trying to get to the next checkpoint
  13. Non taken, I like a challenge, already about a third of the way through I am doing it on the easier of the permadeath modes
  14. I finally finished this, this morning. Really enjoyed it. The 2 character aspect story line really helped I thought Started again on grounded permadeath, and hoping to have it done in a day or so as I recon quite a lot of the encounters can be skipped if you are a stealth wizard I wonder if they can make a third game, but if they do, it will be a day one purchase for sure
  15. I've spent most of the afternoon playing the Dartmoor level, finding ways to off the target is rather fun Regarding mastery levels, can you just keep on doing the same kill over and over again to level it up, or does it only count it the first time you do it?
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