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  1. http://www.meaganvanburkleo.com/?p=1831
  2. Flicking through the Kindle version of the Independent, I noticed a small typo "ROT HODGSON has been waiting a long time to hear the Kop sing his name but never did he think it would be quite like this"
  3. Plug in a 360 gamepad if you have it. Seems like the minigames were made entirely around that control scheme and that game is so much better when you realise that. I was having pretty much the same problem you were.
  4. Yes Steamplay is available on compatible titles. You buy the game once and then can then play on Mac or PC, depending on where you're logged in.
  5. The Steam version of Tales of Monkey Island was Steamplay so I guess it makes sense to wait until it's up on Steam and then you can enjoy it on whatever platform you're near. EDIT - In fact Back to the Future is up on Steam. £15.29 and it's Steamplay.
  6. I played through it and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It's short and fairly easy but a fun story with a brilliant ending, that's ruined 2 seconds after in the "next time" bit. If I'd have know I'd have F4'd out when the title came up. It should have been on Steam already as mentioned on their forum. Still as much as I love buying all my games on Steam, the Telltale special editions are wonderful and I've got no problem buying directly.
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, the game is up for download.
  8. Don't worry, now that they've cracked 3D in the home, I'm sure Samsung and the rest are all working hard to simulate people talking, people checking their cell phones and even people munching on popcorn loudly during any key dramatic moment. If we're lucky they'll also find a way to simulate technical gaffs that frequently occur like buzzing speakers, the curtain not going all the way up and obscuring part of the screen or (and this was my favourite) having the image loop round so the top half was on the bottom and vice versa. That's the experience you can't quite get at home yet.
  9. There's an awful hotel area in Mario Sunshine? Was it one of those god awful void levels? Anyway, it was just a comment about the complaints that Crackdown 2 introduced freaks when they were in fact all over one district of the original. I agree with everyone that Crackdown is the better game but I'm not sure why. I've got a horrible feeling that it might just be because it was first.
  10. It must be the rose tinted glasses then if you can't remember them at all. They're pretty bloody prominent in the Shai-Gen area, I think it's after you take out the doctor as they all escape from their cells and over run the city. In fact if I remember right they escape during the attack on his stronghold. Which is great because it's an interior environment where those super strong midgets can easily sneak up on you and get a cheap kill. There's no freak type in the second that can do the same. Which is nice.
  11. Is everyone viewing the original game through some amazing nostalgia glasses when it comes to the freaks? You all remember they were in the first one and much more annoying right? The super strong midget one could catch you in a ground juggle loop that meant you were dead with nothing you could do about it unless your partner intervened.
  12. What don't you like about the freaks? They're pretty fun to mow down if you've got the right tools. Getting two squad choppers flying low along the streets unleashing hell is brilliant fun. Likewise when we found out you could squeeze a chopper in to the old expo centre through one of the broken windows. It was a massacre. A brilliant, smile inducing massacre.
  13. Can anyone from Ruffian please explain how the Windows Phone 7 stuff integrates? I've played some deluge but even though I had played Project Sunburst, I didn't unlock the choppers. Nor did my friend who hasn't played Sunburst but received the message saying that playing with me would give him a treat. Finally got them when there were two Sunburst players in the lobby. So how do we unlock the other stuff? Do we need 4 Sunburst players in the lobby, or just get to a higher level in Sunburst? There's very little information about any of this stuff out there so some explanation would be great. Also Deluge is AMAZING. I was not a fan of the game when it came out but everything that's been added post release has unleashed the potential hidden within. Good job guys.
  14. Nah, why do that when it's much cooler for everyone to make the same joke about how much space Kinect needs. I think we've got enough space but the light might interfere with the sensor. At least we won't go blind when bringing up the new guide button though! AMIRITE GUYZ? Some new tech comes out, people are having fun with it but this place still continues to focus on any negative and just run with it. Fuck rllmuk, you bunch of utterly miserable, nit picking, self entitled cunts. Apart from the ones that aren't but these days that's a god damn rarity. There has to be a forum out there for people that like games and are excited by the medium, because this place sure as shit isn't anymore.
  15. Agree completely. Did you try it on realistic difficulty? The controls take a whole other jump into hardcore. I had much more fun playing it on that as keeping your chopper up becomes the challenge.
  16. Maybe we could make a separate thread where people can get together to moan about their small living rooms and overly bright televisions? They definitely seem to be the hot button issues in gaming at the moment.
  17. Yet you wouldn't think that looking at the comments certain posters still feel like making. I thought some positive reviews would make for better reading in the Kinect thread, with some more excited people getting interested in it. Turns out it's the same old trolls getting their early morning bash in and anyone being positive gets negged. No wonder Microsoft wants an audience that isn't hardcore gamers, they're all horrible people. Kinect Sports looks absolutely great in the IGN video review. I hadn't bought Sports Champions because I own both Wii Sports games but this looks to be doing something different. Interesting the comment towards the end about how two players in table tennis lowers the quality of body tracking. I wonder if this is a limitation of the hardware or simply launch title blues.
  18. As I've got some time on my hands today, I decided to watch the series back to back. I'm on the fifth one now and I can feel myself getting stupider. Citizens on Patrol has definitely been the low point so far, despite David Spade being in it. Back in Training has been the funniest. I almost felt guilty laughing so much after the quite bad First Assignment. Only three and a half hours left, I wonder if I'll make it without wanting to self harm.
  19. I wasn't but I decided that my TV wasn't ridiculous enough with just a sensor bar and eyetoy decorating it. May as well complete the set, right? I'm actually really looking forward to Dance Central and that's it. Everything else looks pretty bad. I'd quite like to sample everything set up properly but there's no way I'm dropping money on something like Sonic.
  20. Is the PS3 not a console now? The level cap was unlocked yesterday on PS3. It's only the 360 that's waiting.
  21. We will only know for sure if Kinect Adventures scores above a 4. The embargo for all the Microsoft stuff lifts tonight.
  22. IGN Have a review up for that Sonic game. I couldn't believe the score they gave it. http://uk.xbox360.ign.com/articles/113/1131446p1.html Not sure what it did to deserve that score but I'm interested to find out.
  23. Lazy gamer is right, what a bunch of scare mongering crap. That kind of stuff is in there for when the police request access to it so they can catch pedos, terrorists and nude uno players.
  24. Exactly. Then you've got the people incorrectly moaning how the dashboard is ruined because it's been designed for Kinect. This isn't the Kinect dashboard, that's an entirely seperate thing.
  25. God yes. That's another thing that was moaned about constantly in the beta forum yet nothing was done about it. Almost makes the whole process about getting feedback pointless.
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