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  1. I'm up to the worst bit of any game ever. There's a rope you can shimmy along, with three of those tentacle mouth things above it. If you get swallowed by one, you have to tap B really quickly. If you don't tap it enough, it spits you out into the abyss below, if you do tap enough, you break open the mouth, and then jump out, into the abyss below. I figured you could shoot them while hanging from the rope, as the gun is still highlighted, meaning it can be used, but no, it doesn't work. Darkshiters.
  2. This page is almost making me wish I wasn't a vegetarian anymore. Time to whizz up a mushroom risotto and put away thoughts of succulent pork and glistening pies.
  3. That's cool, but why does it list the mission as Trivial and Level 15? Shouldn't it be listed as Normal and Level 37, or whatever level the player's at? Or is it working it out in some crazy different way to the main missions, such as rating it based on four people playing it?
  4. I had the same problem as johnpeat, in that when I was about lvl 10, I was having a problem completing the only available quest as it was a couple of levels above me. I posted on here, and lo and behold, I'd missed an entire bounty board, and there was also the guy near one of the vehicle spawn points who gives quests who had a new one for me. So it's true, you don't need to grind, ever. But to be fair, it's not always clear where the available quests are. Sure, you get the little audio clip telling you so and so has new missions available, but it's not highlighted on the map so you need to remember where they are. Bought the Moxxi's DLC, looks amazing, and it seems as good as any Horde mode in other games. Only lvl 38 though, so I'll come back to it once I've polished off the main quest. One thing though, the first mission in Moxxi's is listed as Trivial, and level 15, but all the enemies were lvl 37-38, what gives?
  5. I'm having a Boxing Day Borderlands Fest, and going through the Zombie DLC. WOW. Really amazing, easily the best DLC this year alongside Fallout 3's Point Lookout, which it's actually very similar to. I thought Dragon Age was it for the Game of the Year, but Borderlands might actually sneak it, and I've only played about a quarter of it in co-op. If Gearbox continue to support this well, I'll give them all the money they ask for. EDIT - Also, these are the best game zombies since Res Evil 1. Real Fulci-esque, soil-encrusted dug-up corpses, shambling towards you in a wave, thinking you're having fun mowing them down, then reload, shit, there's two behind you, blap! oh fuck, there's a big one about to throw an exploding barrel at you. You're Dead.
  6. So during the Zombie Island DLC, don't pick up the brains unless you're doing that mission?
  7. Why would anyone put sausage in mulled wine? Great show though, better without May.
  8. Picked up the latest WD this morning. God, that Trygon figure is HUGE! £30 though... Also, those Skaven models are excellent.
  9. I've done quite a bit in New Haven, but Claptrap keeps popping up and saying "Scooter has some new jobs for you in New Haven". Where do you go to access them? EDIT - He's saying Oliver Pierce has some jobs for me too. Where he?
  10. Didn't Take Two say it was the most successful original IP of the year? If it has done two million, I can't think of another that's done better. And jolly good as well, as it's brilliant. What's a good level to attempt the zombie DLC? After crying in this thread earlier about it being too hard, I'm now finding it a bit easy. All the missions are Normal or Trivial, I can't remember the last time I fought someone that was a higher level than me.
  11. Is Eisner's Fagin the Jew any good?
  12. Okay, so after a major splurge, I've got - The Fixer - Joe Sacco Exit Wounds - Rutu Modan Parker Book One, The Hunter - Richard Stark/Darwyn Cooke Berlin Book One - Jason Lute Burma Chronicles - Guy Delisle The Push Man - Yoshihiro Tatsumi It's a Good Life, If You Don't Weaken - Seth Black Hole - Charles Burns All stacked up and ready to go.
  13. How do you activate the fast travel function? The white rabbit option flashes briefly, then becomes greyed-out and can't be selected. What do I need to do to activate it?
  14. It's those green notes, at the top, some kind of drum. They barely make a sound, if at all. Which makes it almost impossible to know where to lay them down. Apart from this it's lovely. Like Fruity Loops crossed with Lumines and some awesome pixel art on top.
  15. I just checked now. My mistake. There were a couple of new quests on the bounty board next to Claptrap at the start. They weren't easy as such, just the same lvl as I am.
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