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  1. Cnn shows a reather interesting documentary about Saudi Arabia this saturday. Look into it.
  2. Judas

    Bad Santa

    Something to do with the movie destroying the image and "integrity" of Santa or something.
  3. Judas

    Bad Santa

    home alone....AHHHG THE MEMORIES!
  4. Judas

    Bad Santa

    Heh you thought a film named "Bad santa" were for kids?
  5. One of the things I remember about Ace cobat 3 was the music.....it was sweet.
  6. Needless to say, seinfeld is one of the 3 best sitcoms ever. And considering the fact that Jerry got payd a "trillion" dollars per episode makes him a cunt for refusing to continue the show. Buying that DVD!
  7. Judas

    Fake Psp

    Its black, its square. boo fucking hoo
  8. Now why would you want to play on a mac? Gheyer
  9. Im buying it soon. PS* Im totally gonna bitch slap your punk asses /*Ps
  10. what "realistic flight sims" have you tried?
  11. who said what now? Ok ok, the game looks ace (yes im buying it)
  12. Since I was a kid Ive had a dream about a game that crosses different genres. A game that are a combination of a space sim, fps, and rts. Lets say you start off in a spaceship, you fight like you do in Tie fighter and you can board larger ships. When you have boarded a ship you get to do some first person shooting. After the fps part, you can fly the ship to a planet and play an invasion. The invasion is played in rts mode. Back in 1986 a game like this wouldnt be possible, im sure it is today. How does this consept sound?
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