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  1. BJJ seems to be having a resurgence under the no-crowd situation. We've seen loads of cool subs and proper grappling not just wrestling and lay 'n' pray.0
  2. I kinda thibk ESPN should have known better than to put those two together post-fight. They wanted some drama and they got it Going back to @glb and Dern, shes was amazing and really seemed to have trimmed down a lot, she had a kid iirc, which will make her even better just focusing on fighting not weight loss. Why her oppo went to her guard i dont know.
  3. Yeah, his coaches must have been going crazy. Maybe a change of camp is an idea? Theres some mental block happening, is it all because of energy conservation? Is he too small for 185lbs? But hes 38 i guess so hes probably done and should focus on music or activism which he seems much more passionate about. Its not so much the losing, hes foughtb3 top guys and mma isnt all about records and wins/losses but the manner of the losing is whats concerning
  4. https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2020/9/18/21444957/tyron-woodley-answers-every-question-with-black-lives-matter-covington-calls-him-racist
  5. Yeah thats it exactly. Plus hes a bit of a whinging fucker which never goes down well with The Brass.
  6. Woodley has all the physical gifts in the world at his disposal and does almost nothing with them most of the time. Thats what i find frustrating, he really could have been an all time great but it hasnt panned out.
  7. Michael Chandler is a UFC fighter and is a potential stand-in for Khabib or Gaethje in their title fight. Interesting. Also there is Wiodley v Covington tomorrow night, its hard to choose a victor for me, both personalitywise and ability wise. Gonna have to pick Colby, im so over Woodley at this point in time that at least Colby is interesting. I know Rogan was trying to big up Woodley for awhile but thats all been exposed as BS no?
  8. McFly

    NFL 2020!

    If the Texans hadnt got a score in garbage time itd have been a hiding. Watson is very good, but 2nd highest paid qb in the league? Not sure about that.
  9. McFly

    NFL 2020!

    I believe so, which was nice. I've been last the previous 2 times im sure. Probably gonna try and trade Josh Allen but not sure who, ill see how it goes cos theres some players i dont really know
  10. McFly

    NFL 2020!

    I couldnt get the app to work at all for my draft so i missed it. But got players i was wanting anyway inc McCaffrey and Kittle and Godwin.
  11. Textbook veteran performance for Overeem. That roll-trip takedown was awesome and set up his ground attacks perfectly. His hammerfists are very effective seemingly. If the fight with Rozenstruik had gone 10 seconds more he wouldve won surely? Theres a bit off a log jam of contenders at heavyweight now. Maybe he could fight Greg Hardy?
  12. Me too, from the Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow. Seeing how mich BMW benefitted from it i bet KTM kicked themselves for their reps negativity.
  13. At 1hr 3mins at the motel scene, some truely fascinating info is revealed about the cast.
  14. When my brother and i wanted a new toy or game we'd send a paper airplane to.our parents with a note written on it.
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