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  1. Smart lady I'll need to get something to.paint for the last week of my holidays, I don't play the game, just read tje books, so.ive started focusing on characters rather than squads. Although it was good practice painting marines over and over til i felt confident I could do some small amount of justice to my favourite characters.
  2. You can get whole sets of decent brushes for sub-£10 or 1 Citadel brush basically and there's Vallejo paints and Army painter stuff that's very good but I'd check a paint conversion chart. The newish contrast paints are worth a go but otherwise you never have enough paints. I try to mix my own but it's hit and miss.
  3. No worries, I never used to understand stats and builds properly for a long time, all of D1 and some D2, but it makes a massive difference nowadays.
  4. hopefully that will help I haven't watched it.
  5. I tried the not picking up fish strat too but when we return after the public event, the meter is maybe 30% full and when i step off the platform it goes up to maybe 80% but drops back to 30 when I fish.
  6. There is a big piece of coral you can hide behind to avoid the big blast wave from J4WS boss. But you do have to watch for the bloody shanks coming at both sides. I used to charge forward and try to smash him but you need to stay at range with a linear or machine gun then use pulse grenades and thunderclap when he moves closer. I don't like complaining much but the new armour sets for this season are really shit, the new weapons are good. It's daft but I enjoy the fishing even if I can't get the focus meter up despite trying the tips I've seen. Any ideas?
  7. Heads up that during Deep Dive in the first section with the drill look for a Toland sparkley ball and if all 3 guardians use it you get a tier 3 bonus chest at the end. But you get some tough waves to clear to get it.
  8. Thanks, always something busted. Never used to be like this.
  9. Have I been kicked from the clan? I don't use it much but still like it and None of my clan stuff is available
  10. Interesting. Considering how many fighters that are gonna be on the USADA shelf for PFL, 9 last I saw, it's a good deal for both parties.
  11. McFly

    The Boxing Thread

    Scandalous stoppage here. The refs face kind makes me think he was waiting for a chance to end it.
  12. McFly

    MotoGP 22/23

    As Amazing as Marc is he can only do this for so long, crashing and riding over the edge constantly. HRC need to sort it out, I imagine the Japanese bosses aren't very happy after Honda dominated or at least competed strongly for majority of these 1000 races. A couple of scary crashes too, there was almost a spectacular save if Alex Marquez hadn't been clipped. As for Vinales, it was as much his fault as Peccos for me, so dunno why he was greeting like that.
  13. McFly

    MotoGP 22/23

    I didn't see it will maybe catch it later on recorded version. Looking forward to the main race. What happened to Lowes? Was it a brakedown.
  14. McFly

    MotoGP 22/23

    Was another good sprint race, with another different rider winning, superb. The KTM team are looking strong if miller could stay upright he'd be doing great.
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