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  1. I'm also keen to see Japan play, very interesting team when I saw them last. It seems bit daft scheduling Prem Final and Lions on same day.
  2. Lions warm-up game against Japan from Murrayfield is on Saturday afternoon, channel 4 at 3pm. Premiership final is also on, the 2 semi-finals were brilliant games, so hope it's more of the same.
  3. If they aren't aware to some extent now, which is doubtful, they soon will be. As @Gotters says Southgate angle will be built up surely? And it could be a big redemption for him personally after what must have been an awful experience. He still got treated better than Beckham did after the Argentina game though.
  4. I think this is England's version of Scotlands England if that makes sense. And various other versions around the country/World.
  5. If England play fast and aggressive I don't see why they couldn't win. It doesn't seem like a particularly strong German team, in my very limited knowledge anyway. But, I imagine Southgate goes ultra-defensive, 2 holding players, 3 centrebacks or something similar.
  6. Assuming the World Cup isn't postponed next year, I think the Scotland team, if they make it, will benefit alot from this experience.
  7. I agree with the idea that being in another country would help. It just makes it feel more special rather than same-old same-old. I reckon it would have helped Scotland to have been away and not where we have failed so often.
  8. Ah OK, it's serious thing that could alter your life afterwards, so if you're not all in best to say "no". My dad's friend and business partner died after hitting his head so anything can happen.
  9. At least its simple, win or fuck off home. What happened to your BKFC thread?
  10. Couldn't find World's Strongezt Man thread but, Tom Stoltmans done it!
  11. Scotland the Brave by miles. Please can we just leave this other shit though.
  12. Really? I didn't watch S1, I remember it being really good and fairly plausible and from 3 onward being so-so getting worse towards the end.
  13. Watching S2 of 24 which Kim Bauer aside, is actually holding up well to the passage of time.
  14. Playing 2 holding midfielders against a team, theoretically, England should beat is pretty lame and shows Southgate was happy for a point. Getting through should be the main aim for any team at this point. Apparently England will be at home for 7/8 games if they go to the final. A bit more aggression will be needed to win surely? As for Scotland, I predict going out by goal difference after we beat Croatia 1 - 0
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