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  1. I now have one PS4 disc Death stranding obvs
  2. I have no plans to get a mortgage Plus I'd rather have a fatal fury special and samsho2 homecart than a boxed wii-u, same value Call me crazy. ...
  3. That's it. PS4 gets turned on for the three yearly naughty dog or Kojima release, pi for ROMs, SNES classic because I cba with a real one. Ossc for the neo. Might flog the PS4 soon and put a 1st gen ngcd there. My entire game collection 39 neo, 0 PS4, 5 ngpc, 10 gameboy
  4. kernow

    vinyl lovers

    Chuffed with this, weird how things go sometimes
  5. It was dead for gaming when 16bit consoles came out I'm sorry, I loved the Amiga as much as anyone but ...fail
  6. There's no way the Amiga could compare to true hardware sprites and tiles.
  7. Here's my two egret ii's I owned last, also had a couple of atomiswave sitdowns (AWSD) but the trisync monitors aren't best for low res jamma I was interested in. Ketsui and ESPGaluda ii That 1L6B original panel is rare as hen's teeth and I sold it for near £450 separately Christ there's about five grand in that photo from 2014, now.
  8. Candy cabs have a nanao ms9 in usually, which is one of the best CRTs for 15khz
  9. Check out the arcadeotaku forum, a good resource for candy cabs They've shot up in price though, expect to pay £650-1000 for a clean astro. Over that for an egret ii
  10. True, but they are technically inferior in every way, have old monitors, fall apart and weight 300kg.
  11. Get a candy cab definitely, something like an astro city, easy to get spares for. I find the woodies are a false economy
  12. kernow

    The Smiths

    I love looking at those things
  13. kernow

    Fleetwood Mac

    I bought it for a steal and dropped my record clamp on it leaving a gouge. Still glad to own it though
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