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  1. Got them, love them! New Paul Woolford single
  2. I am moving to the US in a few months time and am also starting up a weekly online radio show so I need to record a 2 hour mix each week. Currently I am putting them together in Ableton. However as I am sequencing the mixes I find I miss using a hardware mixer and real EQs, plus if anything it takes longer due to fiddling with volume, EQ automation and track warping etc. Right now I own 2x CDJ-1000s and a A&H Xone 62 for actual mixing, alongside Serato Scratch. I think the CDJs will be too bulky to take to the US and was thinking of selling them and possibly the mixer to finance some new DJ equipment. My first thought was to sell all of it and buy the newer DJM and CDJ 400s. Looking on the Pioneer Website at the videos of them all in action, it looks great. Combining the FX on the units could create some real nice Zabiela-esque mixes. Plus the CDJs are compatible with Serato Scratch which I own so no burning discs etc. You can even get all of this in a Pioneer flight case. I was set on this but then a friend said I could buy his Macbook Pro off him. I'd been eyeing up Traktor Pro for a while but my old G4 Mac wouldn't run it properly. However, now I have the chance to run it, my mind wondered off into perhaps keeping the Xone 62 (which I love still) and just selling the CDJ to finance a Xone 2D and 1D to bolt on to the sides. This is pretty much the same set up as Hawtin and others use and from the videos i've watched looks great. If I want I can buy some CDJ-400s in the future, upgrade to Scratch Pro so I can still beatmatch physically, but for doing weekly two hour mixes I think the Pro / Xone route would be easier plus give me a proper hands-on feel. My other idea was as I am into Production with Ableton, I looked at the NI Maschine. Not only is this a great bit of production hardware but you can use it to control Traktor too, although it doesn't looks quite as DJ-friendly as say a Xone set up. It would be a lovely bit of duel-use hardware though I guess I am leaning towards the Xone idea right now, but the Pioneer kit does look ace and the Maschine is hot too. Anyone have any experience with any of this equipment, or thoughts?
  3. I am just wondering, COD5 can lick my... I don't expect buggy half cut follow ups to the most balance online FPS of the last two years. I'm desperate for more besides the teaser. When do you think we will get anything more on COD6 / MW2???
  4. Guys I'm never going to touch COD5(ail), waiting on 4 until MW2 drops... how do I join up with you chaps?
  5. It's been stated for a while it's coming with a new condom. And it comes built into it too I think, you can't use it without one (unless you can remove / cut it out)
  6. KriessG

    The Golf Thread

    Don't buy from ebay! The amount of stories i've heard of fake clubs is untrue. Oh and if your starting out, definitely book a course of 4-6 lessons with a pro, makes the world of difference. You'll just learn bad habits and be stuck with them otherwise.
  7. I'd do, it's always great fun propaganda!
  8. Finally got to level 55 on one of my PC profiles. Took me 2 Days, 10 Hours according to the in game clock. Now to get some more achievements
  9. Good ol' Warefare, nothing like it
  10. Shame they didn't release a custom controller a la AC6
  11. Still my most played game online, hurry up with COD6 / MW2 damnit!
  12. I still play COD4 MP on PC or 360 daily so this has a lot to live up to. I think the Analogue sticks are going to annoy me for a while. I'm looking forward to the classes and customisation though.
  13. I'm going to admit that because I didn't think I'd have time to play this I didn't put it on Veteran. I think I'll re-start it next time and see how I fare.
  14. So I played this last night for a few hours in SP. Sorry but although it looks nice it is not blowing me away. None of the level design has interested me so far, the weapons the same, the characters don't make me want to care about them either. I hope it picks up. Oh and the sticks on DS3s are horrible for FPS, far too much movement. I'm looking forward to giving MP a go but I don't think the single player side of this will be remembered for much more than a pretty but average FPS which has been hyped to death for 3 years.
  15. Because your meant to see how much stuff there is on the interwebz about 2012 and then want to see this film, not just go to the official site.
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