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  1. The voice acting is one of the best bits!
  2. It doesn’t look great... it looks brilliant!
  3. UGP’d up until May 2022. I’ll be preordering a Scarlet X then it seems.
  4. I’m really happy I skipped following this thread whilst this was on. I really enjoyed it and my friend I was messaging did too.
  5. It’s getting added to EA Access so I reckon the player count will go up soon. I’ve not struggled finding games but I’ve mainly stuck to Conquest, Breakthrough and whatever the weekly special is. It looks like we are in for some great content this year and we are getting support well into next summer. Happy days.
  6. This will need to be continually repeated. All the commentators, podcasts etc I’ve seen seem to forget this. This has nothing to do with the incredible Titanfall games. I want it to be good, I’m a big fan of Respawn and also other EA franchises but we can’t give this a free pass ‘as its Respawn’, nor knock them if it turns out to not be great.
  7. How much was your last graphics card upgrade? A pre-order that I can cancel anytime within the next 5 months to try out 'the future of tech' (as I'm sure the Goog's would love me to call it) is worth it. My Xbox One X was a far worse investment (If I wasn't buying 4K Blu Ray discs).
  8. No idea why I've just pre-ordered this when I have a huge back cat and consoles sat unplayed. Oh yeah I do, I'm a gamer. (The bottle and a half of wine might have swayed things somewhat too). (Actually, having worked in the industry from years and being a techy, I just want to be there on launch day ).
  9. Playdate is serious business!
  10. I’ve just finished the Edge article (The subscriber cover is very nice). It’s a good read, I like their philosophy behind this (and the company in general). I think I may pick this up to support the cause.
  11. http://collider.com/game-of-thrones-finale-explained/ I personally felt the writing drop off in season 7, on my own without having read any internet backlash. Although technically stunning, as many agree the writing just didn't hold up, especially for this season. Now I wouldn't go as fas as to call it shambolic but it's a little sad to see a show I love not nail the ending. It's been a great ride but I just can't see me ever re-watching it now, where as a few years back I was all set for a 4K re-watch.
  12. It’ll be EG.
  13. ... as the post above you states.
  14. Again, the leak that this and BFBC3 swapped release dates due to the poor state of BFBC3 which is being made by DICE LA would explain why it launched like it did. Development of this started after BF1 was released, which is never the case usually.
  15. The game wasn’t even out into development until after BF1 came out (Which is never usually the case). There totally was a time issue. Then there is the fact the industry back lashed against season passes so they had to look in to other financial models. Map support was always happening, the Greece maps where originally scheduled for earlier but got pushed back. It’s pretty clear the project was rushed. The reasons stated before as to why make sense.
  16. They’ve changed a lot of things from the comics. Also the visual of Cap moving it slightly only really works on film.
  17. That gif and what @Uncle Mike said backs it up for me that it’s a bit conspiratorial to think he could have lifted it but chose not to. He wouldn’t have any real motivations to do that. The scene was designed to show he was close to being able to at that point.
  18. Black Widow and Eternals are filming this year. I would guess those are in the summer slots for next year.
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