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  1. Ban request for @kerraig UK is he goes all contrarian arty ‘Comic Book films have destroyed the modern studios output’ We are still in peak MCU fanboy love fest here Tickets booked for my second viewing. IT’S SO GOOD.
  2. I don’t believe this ‘Cap could always lift the Hammer’ theory some of you have stated. If he could’ve lifted it in AOU he would have. He wasn’t fully worthy then, but he wasn’t far off, hence the wobble. In this he was fully worthy.
  3. Damn. That’s sad. One of the main map devs recently said that they had more maps in production than at any similar time for previous games in the series. I can imagine it to be true considering we are getting the Americans and Japanese in Sept / Oct and they’ve pledged support until Autumn next year. Stating the obvious but I think the removal of the season pass and the 18 month dev cycle plus the rumoured swap of release dates with BFBC3 has really hurt this. It’s a stunning game and a joy to play but fans just want new maps, not smaller weekly modes and variations. It seems pretty obvious they just didn’t have the time they thought they had and are going to be playing catch up the whole time this is supported.
  4. I’ve not seen any mention of this server removal yet, was it something you noticed or have read? This would be yet another thing that EA should be blamed for, not DICE. EA would have made that decision for financial reasons to remove servers I would imagine.
  5. In 5-10 years VR hardware is going to be better, more affordable and usable (wireless, better controllers etc). Not only will it continue to be present in gaming but the applications for it in other areas will continue to grow. This hardware is for the relatively small market of the high end home user. The technology will trickle down over time though. I imagine the PSVR2 Move controllers might incorporate something similar for example.
  6. Everybody’s Golf VR and Blood & Truth. Both could be top tier PSVR games.
  7. Surely the next step for VR is exactly this, using our hands in a game in a natural way to interact with the virtual world. I hope this is good and that Sony are working on something similar for PSVR2.
  8. Luseth that’s very negative. Have you seen the updates in the patch? It’s got nothing to do with updates to spend money. The team are working hard to continually improve the game. The game didn’t have long enough in production for reasons we’ve already discussed. They are playing catch up, have pledged support until late next year and we do have new content coming. The game hasn’t tanked, saying the entire franchise is in trouble is going a bit far. I do understand your frustration though. You, like me, wanted new maps yesterday to keep things fresh.
  9. The minis are their own thing. Physical nostalgia. One off purchases. Can be bought as gifts. Also, Nintendo, who have a massive global following still. This streaming service of games that most gamers under 35 / 40 couldn’t name is a very different product. I imagine they must be planning to expand what’s available on the service as soon as possible, as I just can’t see it doing well otherwise.
  10. That was moving tech forward. This is focused on playing 30 year old games. I’m sure streaming gaming in general will grow and grow, but these games don’t have mass market appeal.
  11. Just how big is this market that there are people clamouring to play these games yet don’t know the first thing about emulators or input lag? Plus even if there is a sizeable amount, how long are they going to subscribe for, months, years? They’ve already stated this is a launch platform for them to move on. It seems it.
  12. That would have cost them a lot more in design and manufacturing. This is a late in lifecycle test before the next generation.
  13. Yes Jon they are going to reveal the big new Halo game they’ve been working on for years is a Battle Royale game.
  14. It’ll probably have a lot more than that on it about two days after launch.
  15. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/04/snk_is_making_new_neo_geo_hardware_as_well_as_a_new_metal_slug He also stated these where open systems, so not a closed system like all the mini's, therefore we can assume you'll able to buy games for them either via download, disc or... please... carts!
  16. If EA had Vince help hire a whole new team yet called it something else we wouldn’t be getting this. It’s amazing how the brand association is working out so well for them, this game as stated before isn’t being made by the Titanfall / Apex devs. This isn’t a knock on it, I want this to be amazing and I’m a big fan of Respawn and Star Wars. I wish them all the best and if this new team is anywhere near as good then we are in for a great game.
  17. It’s not the Respawn team that made TF1/2 and Apex Legends though I thought?
  18. I picked this up after discovering it thanks to this thread PS4 for me. £24.99 from The Game Collection. I'm already a Spotify subscriber. I can't wait to do some driving with this playing:
  19. This latest season was a big step up @Gotters, you should definitely watch it.
  20. Settings list me do! Mainly in comparison to Pineholestars list. Soldier aim sensitivity: 40% Solder aim zoom sensitivity: 80%. I like it slightly slower when ADS'ing, I find it easier to track targets. Zehicle aim sensitivity: 80% Aim left / right acceleration: 0%. I agree with pinholestar, I find it pretty much essential to turn this off. Uniform soldier aiming: On Soldier zoom sensitivity: 100% for all. Center deadzone (both sticks) 5%. Any lower and I found drift started to occur. L2/R2 deadzone: 0% L2/R2 max input threshold: 5% Mini map size: 130% FOV: 75 Visual effects: All off Sound preset: 3D headphones. After watching a developer discuss this and with most of my play occurring in headphones I chose this over War Tapes.
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