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  1. Showcase XPlus, Friday, 8pm. I’M SO READY (and I will be even more so after rewatching a load of the MCU).
  2. It’s definitely changing and that’s the reason they are struggling with this title with the transition from the season pass model to a ‘’live service’’. Hopefully what they learn from this will mean the next title does certain aspects better. Keep on debating by all means. I’m with you on the love for the franchise, I was just looking at it from a publishers point of view due to having worked for one for years.
  3. The development of the next game has started already. Franchise titles like this are planned years out. There have been rumours out there too as to what it is. The game was the first in the franchise to move on from the season pass model and as such has been a test bed for adapting from that model going forward. It only sold a million less than their projection. All the previous BF games have been huge successes (Hardline doesn’t count for a variety of reasons). You've got a strange view of how you think game development and funding works. I’m predicting a modern era Battlefield launching with the new generation of consoles just like BF4.
  4. I’m waiting for the box set too but there has been no news yet. You can get them on iTunes but I want them on disc in their full uncompressed glory.
  5. I had a great round of Grand Operations last night with @kerraig UK, @Luseth & Bisc’. Proper squad play, calling out and spotting enemies, reviving whilst using smoke as cover, vehicle usage, resupplying, everything. Thanks to all that I went 28-1 for all 3 days. I believe we won the operation and were the top squad too When it all comes together this is just so good.
  6. It’s great fun to use
  7. Yeah there was videos about it on YouTube a few months ago. @kerraig UK is great with it.
  8. I’m pretty sure for anyone buying an Xbox One in 2019 being able to play physical Xbox 360 games isn’t a big selling point.
  9. I remember the map and that section but I've never enjoyed TDM, even in COD I always played Domination.
  10. I remember hearing about it, I didn't play it though.
  11. Yeah when I saw a clip of his speech on the news I half laughed and half rolled my eyes.
  12. I thought we had banned the term TDM here. If not, we should have
  13. That’s been announced for a while, they’ve said if it’s popular it may be kept around longer. 64 player Rush is already in the new Grand Operation. Personally I don’t care, Frontlines and Breakthrough do enough for me. I. Just. Want. More. Maps.
  14. The problem some have is that it is a cartoon interpretation of Queen.
  15. For a few weeks. Breakthrough and Frontlines are similar and just as good anyway.
  16. Loved that game of Conquest on Twisted Steel, it was so good.
  17. Maybe it’s just a feature to level the playing field as you’re just too good.
  18. Not really no I never had a problem with it though, like you I appreciated the stealth factor of actually being able to use camouflage.
  19. Mine was fine last night and I've never had any noticeable issues.
  20. I’m already waiting for the @kerraig UK opinion of both the trailer and the film.
  21. I just cannot see in any way how the next series is going to be any good. I definitely can’t see anyone on this forum defending the choices of presenters, that’s for sure.
  22. Is this a long winded way of 100% justifying ‘filmatic license’?
  23. There is graphical suppression. I honestly couldn’t tell you what it looks like though.
  24. That does make sense, however I still reckon you could combine with newer tighter gunplay with the old suppression. I wonder if they thought suppression put off newer players, that seems to have been a concern for them (See the TTK fiasco).
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