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  1. Bluey sets out a really good family dynamic. It’s funny too.
  2. You're right -very cathcy song. My little one doesn't like the show for some reason. The name also carries a bit of risk should a young kid choose to google it..... On another note, there's an aussie kids cartoon called Bluey on Apple TV which is absolutely tremendous.
  3. Wouldn’t you say the main difference between the two last gen was Sony’s tremendous AAA or AA exclusives?
  4. Days Gone Spiderman God of War Three very different games. None guaranteed to be a commercial or critical success. All developed and released by Sony. ive got no problem with their output.
  5. joemul

    The Last Of Us

    On the other hand, it could look absolutely incredible. Through in a few QoL gameplay changes and i'd be all over it.
  6. I’m about 15 hours into Days Gone and it’s absolutely superb right now. The world feels dangerous.
  7. I don’t think I ever finished Tenchu because I just kept playing the first level over and over.
  8. Actually I don’t recall seeing any signs during my entire play through, other than in front of Armour Spider. I helped others a few times.
  9. Land of Mine (BBC iplayer) - foreign language film about a group of young German POWs tasked with clearing mines from a danish beach. it was excellent. 4/5
  10. I’m regretting racing through to completion now. Had to though in order to finish before my cousin. I think I’ll give Days Gone or Control a go next, and occasionally dip back into this. what’s the consensus - go straight into NG, or actually start a new game.
  11. I managed to finish that world this evening. Christ 5:2 was a pain in the arse. Died many, many times. just 1:4 left now, though I might spend tomorrow evening mooching about, clearing bits up, jolly co-op, & maybe even some invading. I haven’t bothered with that so far.
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