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  1. Currently mooching about in the Capital. Loving the atmosphere. Managed to best a big dragon type monster in a random courtyard and a hard as nails Knight type fella. Still utterly lost and avoiding the sewers after getting battered by some absolutely massive grocks. need to go back to fight the gargoyles too but they’re a pain in the arse when you don’t have projectiles.
  2. Chronicles of the Black Company - 99p today This is a good read overall. I thought it lost its way a little towards the end but there are plenty of interesting characters and it's definitely worth a read.
  3. Is Virtue’s Last Reward available on switch?
  4. And the church with the giant turtle in
  5. Im not hugely familiar with his books. Any chance you could list the 9 as I’m looking for a new series to start after I’ve finished Stalingrad by A Beevor.
  6. CVE is a perfect description of From games!
  7. I can't believe there are multiple pages of lock-on arguments, STILL
  8. Yeah just past that there’s a cliff edge
  9. No it’s just past the camp you encounter just by the spawn point - the one with the head banging bell head guy. when I got there there was a message saying to follow the rainbow stones…
  10. Had a good little wandering last night. Climbed up to a new area nr Altus, got kicked of a cliff by an NPC who is owed a thorough volleying after being a rascal over the years, killed by death rot, cleared out a tunnel system, and then got battered repeatedly by a full grown FSB.
  11. Quick Q - i've not bothered atall with magic. If i wanted my mimic to use rotten breath, will he be able to if i don't have the stats to? Or are his stats an exact replica of mine?
  12. I'll need to check - i've already beaten Radahn so i think that might make a difference?
  13. I think my Ranni quest is bugged out. It took about 15 visits to get her to appear i nthe tower, then i met her wixazard guy who sent me off to seek S***** out. When i found that person they don't offer any quest specific dialogue at all, no matter what i do. Gutted as people seem to say it's a great questline. It's also mad that i had managed to miss that location until the quest took me there. I was convinced that region couldn't show me anything new by now. What. A. Game.
  14. One also appears at night in
  15. Can't believe you're about to complete it twice already. Bloody hell, you must be flying through it. I'm still struggling in Caelid and Altus. I can't imagine playing a Souls game without a jump button from now on, especially the jump R2 attack.
  16. Do a running jump R2 attack then roll out of his next attack. Repeat.
  17. I guess i owe Patches an apology - i've been thinking it was him all along.
  18. It really feels like the V gargoyles aren’t well suited to a melee build.
  19. After killing the boss in Shady Castle I decided to head back to Caria Manor after noping out of it previously.
  20. Those fire throwing arseholes in a Shady Castle are the worst enemies yet.
  21. And just like a classic From boss battle, I’ve done it, minutes after whingeing on here!
  22. Moving house tomorrow and virgin turned our internet off earlier today. Just tried firing this up on my PS5 but it’s just stuck on the main screen with a ‘please wait’ message & not letting me into the game at all. I’m not even getting to the option to play offline. had anyone managed to play this without a connection to the internet?
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