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  1. I'll usually play of an evening after my 4yo has gone to bed. I had a chance to play Elden Ring for an hour while she was playing some educational games on the ipad but i didn't feel comfortable playing it in front of her. Not sure if i'm being daft or not but it is quite violent especially to someone who doesn't yet have the concept of death/violence* *my daughter, not me
  2. I might try this with my upgraded twinblade
  3. Cheers bud. Must have been that.
  4. Got to a boss at a shady castle in Altus. Got him down to half health but just couldn’t avoid his attacks. Couldn’t summon either so I’ll need to practice. my +14 claymore isn’t breaking his poise so I might go to Roger’s Rapier and float like a butterfly…
  5. i don’t really fast travel anywhere so I imagine that’s going to bloat my hours played vs levelling.
  6. Can you spoiler that? He’s not long appeared in my game and I’ve been wondering what the deal is with him - should I attack, should I wait and see what happens. Others might soon have him appear too
  7. Is this the absolute pain in the arse in the tower east of the Lakes? I need to go back to her at some point - could barely get close to her
  8. Yeah I love fighting from horseback. I love how it is a real advantage against enemies on foot, as it should be.
  9. What the hell is the Mighty Shot? I’m rocking a +6 Horned Bow currently.
  10. Can you remember where you found the crafting recipe to cure poison? I’m up to Altus but just have missed it.
  11. For a non-magic melee build, anyone recommend any particularly strong anti-poison gear?
  12. Where is the wall in question?
  13. Had a quick 20 minute blast last night. I’m up to Altus h it it’s been bugging me that I hadn’t caught the swine while stole the lady’s jewellery in Liurnia. went back, looked through the telescope and spied where I thought he’d be. I wasnt able to reach a cordial agreement with him so had a scrap with my newly acquired twin blade. Loved it. then warped for my first go at Radhan. I’d barely spotted him before he killed me. Might explore for a while first.
  14. Blimey, 12m obnoxious fans…
  15. Would’ve been ace if they’d put in some fancy ps5 pad effects like in Astrobot/returnal.
  16. She absolutely battered me several times. I’m rubbish against magic. Need to go back to her at some point.
  17. He nearly killed me when i met him - i had a sliver of health left. I would've had to log off from Soulsborne games in shame forever.
  18. Thanks sir. I've now managed to get the Uchi and the Twinblade. Haven't tried the Uchi yet but the twinblade is great fun I'm a bit gutted - i got to the boss but used my summon without thinking. They destroyed him quickly. He looked like he would've been great fun to duel too. Ah well, NG soon enough!
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