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  1. 1 hour ago, Uzi said:

    Almost done with second playthrough and only achievements left are two of the endings. Will do the backup save trick to trigger them both and should have seen everything and all the side quests I am aware of and care about to its end. I went back and played some Dark Souls 2 and 3 after 100 hours here. Yuck. Ruined. 


    I mean they're still good games, but they feel so wrong. Pressing A/X for stuff is so so wrong now.  

    Can't believe you're about to complete it twice already. Bloody hell, you must be flying through it. I'm still struggling in Caelid and Altus.


    I can't imagine playing a Souls game without a jump button from now on, especially the jump R2 attack.

  2. 55 minutes ago, Davros sock drawer said:


    It's him alright.

      Reveal hidden contents

    If you kill him on first meeting you don't get locked in that room...


    I guess i owe Patches an apology - i've been thinking it was him all along.

  3. Radahn down first try!



    I really enjoyed it. It was nice having the others there to summon. Only thing that annoyed me was a stupid mistake where i was trying to summon Torrent but had forgotten what button i'd mapped it to in my pouch, so i did the entire fight on foot.


    After the fight i headed to the Catacombs on the North of the beach, and got absolutely battered by bow weilding ghosts.


    I still can't get Ranni to turn up in her tower north of Caria manor either. Worried that her entire qustiline has bugged out on me.


  4. After killing the boss in Shady Castle I decided to head back to Caria Manor after noping out of it previously. 


    I stalked through the gate and spotted three hands up ahead. Shot them from a distance with my bow & was pleased to see them go down in 3-4 hits. I assumed I was over levelled. 

    walked forward a bit and two big motherfuccas dropped down next to me. I’d stupidly thought the ones I’d killed where the bigger ones. 

    I absolutely shat meself, fled outside and ended up having to kill them AND deal with the magic rays falling from the sky. Absolute nightmare. 

    decided to leave it there and shall explore properly tomorrow. 


  5. Moving house tomorrow and virgin turned our internet off earlier today. Just tried firing this up on my PS5 but it’s just stuck on the main screen with a ‘please wait’ message & not letting me into the game at all. I’m not even getting to the option to play offline. 

    had anyone managed to play this without a connection to the internet?

  6. I'll usually play of an evening after my 4yo has gone to bed. I had a chance to play Elden Ring for an hour while she was playing some educational games on the ipad but i didn't feel comfortable playing it in front of her. Not sure if i'm being daft or not but it is quite violent especially to someone who doesn't yet have the concept of death/violence*





    *my daughter, not me

  7. 2 hours ago, scottcr said:

    My claws are now +12 and combined with the quickstep, it's my favourite weapon now - I'm fat rolling with my greatsword which does huge damage, but the quick dodge and bleed damage with the claws is just *ace* and hoarfrost isn't as powerful anymore which means it's not as much fun.


    But now I went back to a convoy of basts with two giants pulling a massive coffin towards the lake - I'd normally nope past them, but this time it was absolute carnage.  Like Sir Lancelot from Quest for the Holy Grail.  Great fun.


    I'm now tempted to go back to Stormveil and rock up to the front door and batter everyone in a similar fashion purely for the lols.


    I might try this with my upgraded twinblade

  8. 23 minutes ago, robdood said:

    Do you mean you couldn't summon other players or your sprits? 


    You can defo summon spirits for him.  If you use the item that shows up player summon signs you will not be able to summon players any more, maybe you'd done that?

    Cheers bud. Must have been that. 

  9. Got to a boss at a shady castle in Altus. Got him down to half health but just couldn’t avoid his attacks. Couldn’t summon either so I’ll need to practice. 

    my +14 claymore isn’t breaking his poise so I might go to Roger’s Rapier and float like a butterfly…

  10. 29 minutes ago, hmm said:

    I guess the hours / level ratio does depend quite a bit on how much you die and how frequently you're successful at then retrieving your lost souls.


    My own levelling has tracked weirdly precisely with my hours played. I haven't paid incredibly close attention to it because I don't see the screen that often but, every time I have looked at it, it's been almost exactly the same. Last night, for instance, I was at 93h played at level 93.

    i don’t really fast travel anywhere so I imagine that’s going to bloat my hours played vs levelling. 

  11. 1 hour ago, Anne Summers said:

    Anyone know where to find the body of the guy who appears as a grumpy red spirit in Round Table Hold, in the sewers of the capital? Fancy pointing me in the right direction?


    I only seem to be able to find a rather small area of sewers in that dungeon - with a few hands and rats crawling around. Doesn't really seem to lead anywhere  Must be a larger area of sewers somewhere?

    Can you spoiler that? He’s not long appeared in my game and I’ve been wondering what the deal is with him - should I attack, should I wait and see what happens. Others might soon have him appear too

  12. 4 hours ago, Uncle Nasty said:


    Only 1 better than Forza Horizon 5? FROM was robbed.

    Is this the absolute pain in the arse in the tower east of the Lakes? I need to go back to her at some point - could barely get close to her

  13. 39 minutes ago, Davros sock drawer said:

    Re. Crafting, going by the comments in this thread I must be alone in using it a lot. I don’t go out of my way to search for ingredients but if I’ve got enough beast bones for some arrows, I’m crafting me some fun arrows! I’m also crafting a lot of status ailment cures, as although I have Cure poison for example, I’m running a very low FP build, and I need that for my Ash of War and Jellyfish summons. I’ll happily nom a Pickled Turtle Neck for boosted stamina recovery, or lob a few fire pots just to mix things up. Poison string grease + Jellyfish did a good job of rapidly poisoning the mid level boss of Volcano Manor, and secured the win for me. Could I have done it without? Yeah, maybe after a few more tries. But this let me move on in a more creative and smart way.

    It is a very, very optional aspect of the game, but I think it’s quite fun personally. Some of the items are pretty powerful too, such as the various Darts and throwing knives. Give them a go! 

    Can you remember where you found the crafting recipe to cure poison? I’m up to Altus but just have missed it. 

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