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  1. Liverpool are definitely not a 2 man team - anyone who says otherwise is WRONG. Torres is clearly female. . . . .
  2. Bloody hell, you finished off a Deathclaw with just a 10mm pistol?? That must've been TENSE. Nice work. I loved the hunting rifle for a while during the first 20 or so hours of the game.
  3. Spring Heeled Jack would be Susan Perb. He travelled to Liverpool amongst other cities too.
  4. Ready Brek. Always the Ready Brek.
  5. Is there any way i can get onto Live Gold for one or two nights whilst i go back home for the weekend? I've previously used a trial code. .
  6. What is the offer? The site has died.
  7. Bravo Sir. Post of the thread.
  8. Like Tron 2.0? Everyday Shooter? Geometry Wars? Hell yeah
  9. Really??? It's just a game - another level to be completed. Whether the people have uniforms on and guns or not doesn't matter to me - i'm playing a game and have an objective to meet. Complete detachment on ay level other than entertainment.
  10. This gunship level - it did nothing for me. It was just another level, not as good as the others, but simply another part of the game. It's effect was minimal compared to the nuke death.
  11. joemul

    FIFA 10

    I really tried to like this game, and have put in plenty of hours, but it just hasn't clicked. At all. I think being without Live hasn't helped. I've given it to my brother, and i'm sure he'll appreciate it more.
  12. Quick question re the Riddler challenges: Cheers
  13. With online leaderboards, and ghost runs, this would be my game of the year. IF it happens.
  14. Cheers Hyper P! I wonder whether Sega will ever release NiGHTS/Christmas NiGHTS on XBLA. That'd be ace.
  15. Right guys, i'm pretty much retard when it comes to importing etc. Can someone set out an idiots guide so that i can play NiGHTS & Christmas NiGHTS on a ps2 (which i don't yet own)? If you can help assist a poor, miserable old man you can give him the greatest xmas in years. . . !
  16. How much do you want for it?
  17. This is my favourite game ever. I was just so entrancing! I remember reading CV&G and being agog at some fo the psoted high scores. One guy absolutely dominated them, can't remember his name though. . . I had two save files - (i) a pure time attack file, and (ii) aimed more towards developing the inhabitants. I would be genuinely gutted if i caused harm to the little fellas. The music was immense. And Christmas NiGHTS remains the best add on ever. Every year i am a little bit gutted that i won't get to play it in the run up to xmas. I used to love sticking it on in about September and noticing the sesonal in-game changes: haloween, bonfire night, snow, xmas, new year. TRULY MAGICAL.
  18. joemul

    Far Cry 2

    It's mad reading how differently you guys have tackleld things to how i did. I hardly ever used the Gustave rocket thing (didn't even know it was guided till i read it here today!!). Nor did i really use IEDs - except one little spell where i'd spot a jeep in the distance, lay an IED and back off and crouch in the middle of the road. The jeep guys would go ballistic and race towards me only to be sent skywards once they drove over my IED. The first time i did this the jeep arced wonderfully over me, and i followed it with the camera. ACE. I had a few great unscripted moments: - on the mission where you have to creep up the pass by the waterfall and kill one of the faction guys: the first time i tried this i botched it and was slaughtered by the guards. The second time i was a bit more careful, i crept up for the last 40 metres or so, then shat meself when i noticed a guard crouched in the undergrowth on my side of the rope bridge. luckily he had his back to me, and i'd practically leopard crawled up so i was able to take him out with the silent makarov. I then crouched i the bushes and was able to pick off a few guards with the dart rifle without alerting anyone. After a while i crept over the bridge and took out a few others on the far side of the house before scooting back over the bridge. By now the remaining guards were bricking it and running about everywhere taking cover and looking for me. I just patiently picked them off 1 by 1, before striding into the building and putting a silenced round into the guys temple. Such a contrast to my first effort. - on one of the missions where you have to kill an informant in one of the major towns i had already cocked up once or twice, and had had to back off. I snuck back in, and was very much near to the end of my health bar. i was very nervous, and seriously couldn't handle a firefight. I slowly snuck into some backgardens, looking for an angle from where i could take out the target (i'd previously stupidly tried to machete him). After a few close shaves, i found the tiniest gap through which i could make out a fraction of his head. After waiting patiently to get an idea for his routine, i nailed him with a PERFECT shot to the skull, before silently leaving a chaotic township. - there are so many more i just don't have time to write them. This game is an absolute corker. It has its flaws, but they are so heavily outwieghed by its achievements you just have to look past them. A bit more investment in the DLC, and Ubisoft would have a GOTG contender for me.
  19. joemul

    Far Cry 2

    The should introduce Red Cross aid ambulances randomly driving about the palce, visiting settlements. These contain valuable medical supplies, and you have a moral choice as to what to do with them. You can: - ignore them, leaving vital supplies for the locals; - attack them and steal the supplies; - come to their aid if under attack by militia; - escort them during their deliveries; - let the militia attack the ambulance, then sweep up and get the supplies. All unscripted, random events outside of the mission structure. Imagine you're on your way to a mission with a time limit attached, and enroute you witness an ambulance being chased and attacked. Can.would you spare some vital moments to come to their aid???
  20. joemul

    All Ghillied Up

    Those ****ing dogs!
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