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  1. 7 hours ago, Davros sock drawer said:

    Fucking hell, Caria Manor enemies:


      Reveal hidden contents

    Zelda: “We’ve got creepy hands in our games”


    Elden Ring: “Hold my beer…”




    Haha I got there last night too. Absolutely shat meself when three of them turned up together & I legged it out of there. 

    dreading going back. 

  2. Spent an enjoyable hour helping people to beat a catacombs boss near to the lakes. It must be a pain in the ass trying to beat it offline. 

    strangely though, I’d get summoned within a minute each time, but when I used my material to see what summons there were nearby none were revealed. 

  3. Managed to beat Godrick first go, albeit with the help of NPC and my trusty jellyfish. Felt good timing my rolls during the fight. 

    exploring the area beyond Stormveil now. Something odd had happened - early game I was able to craft poison-reducing food but that option seems to have disappeared despite me acquiring a good few more cookbooks. 

  4. 19 minutes ago, robdood said:

    Also, not sure if just me, but I really dislike how difficult it is to swap between one and two handed in the heat of the moment now.  You used to be able to 'buffer' it like attacks/rolls, so you could reliably put in the command after combos etc.  Towards the end of the fight against CK, I land a parry, and wanted to switch to two hand so I could use my sword weapon art to finish him as he got up, basically nothing happened and I just did a regular R1 instead. Infuriating. 

    I hold triangle then press R1. Works every time. 

  5. 33 minutes ago, Thor said:

    Done, you might want to edit your quote of me though. :)



    This thread seems to be all over the place for spoiler "rules", we openly talk about fighting Margit and Godrick at Stormveil Castle and no-one bats an eyelid; but then other smaller stuff is considered serious spoiler material. Not having a go at you or Joe here, I'm usually pedantic as fuck* when it comes to spoilers, but I'm less concerned about them with these kind of games, and I got the impression that was also the general feel of this thread. 


    *But not as pedantic as some in the Bloodborne thread back in the day, who insisted on initialisation of boss names (ie Vicar Amelia = VA). That drove me mad.

    Done! Merci 😁

  6. Cleared Castle Morne last night. That was great. Managed to do the boss on my 2nd attempt. We each had a sliver of health left and just as i was in the air, leaping at him to try a risky L2 attack he died from the poison effect that my summons must have got him with at some point.


    I've managed to get myself a bow (can't remember where from - think it was a mine) and a bunch of smithing stones. Need to decide whether to upgrade my longsword past +2 or make a start on claymore, zweihander or something else.


    I'm goning to settle a couple of grudge matches* first before heading to face Margit





    dragon on the lake

    npc on the same lake


  7. 51 minutes ago, Alan Stock said:

    So I had the whole evening yesterday to play Elden Ring and decided to finish exploring the Weeping Peninsula. It took all night just to rinse it all, and that's not including the evening I spent there the night before!


    Spoilers for the whole area:

      Reveal hidden contents

    The previous night I had cleared Mourne Castle and the area within its outer walls, so I started off by going over the fallen ruin which acts as a bridge above the ravine where the caravan has been decimated. Over that side I found a curious area with lanky chaps casting gravity spells, the ground pockmarked with holes with golden material inside. Are they mining it? Very curious...


    Uphill was a little sealed building, where I need to find 3 wise animals. I didn't find one all night (with maybe 1 exception), so hopefully I didn't miss one and they are elsewhere! Along the cliffside downhill, I found a dungeon, the Impalers Catacombs, so went to clear that out. Its full of the bigger stone imps which are a pain in the arse. I realised though that this was an ideal time to try out all the new weapons I had, so during exploration and the boss I tried out new swords like the Claymore, Falcons Talon and so on. The Claymore now has a jumping somersault attack! Later on there's a nasty floor trap, but the room looked so suspicious I immediately ran out of it to bait any surprises, which saved my life. Under the floor trap you can drop down to a flooded basement, filled with zombies. But these zombies are bastards, they charge at you and hug you to death. Even worse, they constantly respawn, and are everywhere. On realising this, I ran around scooping up items, dodging groups of them before finding the ladder out. 


    The boss of this dungeon was a right bitch. Just another stone cat, but it's like the Limgrave dungeon stone cat on steroids, with 3 heads, plunging sword attacks and a fire attack. But what makes the fight a nightmare is that it has 4 big imp bodyguards. I had decided not to use summons/spirits on Weeping Penisula bosses for the challenge, which turned out to make this battle horrible - having 4 imps chase you around, dodging your attacks, whilst also being borne down on by the boss was very painful. The imps could take quite a few hits as well. It took many deaths and experiments to find the best weapon for the job, in the end the tactic was to charge in and critical hit an imp whilst they were waiting up, then run around the arena and try to focus the imps that were separated, kill the imps and then be free to focus on the boss. This took a long time to pull off, I did make it to the boss part a few times but got smooshed mainly due to running out of resources from the imp part. Finally though, I was victorious, my reward being Demi-Human spirit ashes. 


    Back over the ruin 'bridge' and uphill, I discovered a village infested with Frenzy (Bloodborne nightmares resurface!), thank god it works differently in this game! I cleared the village and for the rat-infested church behind, I placed myself atop a rocky outcrop above and used my crossbow to snipe most of them. I got a jumpscare when the fat rat knocked me off my perch from behind, after being shot he'd made it all the way around up the hill! Bastard! I survived down below by the skin of my teeth. I picked up a Frenzy spell at some point, but looks like its for NPC/PVP encounters only as it only affects Tarnished. Across a chasm I could hear the faint noise of singing, and having read something earlier in the thread about harpies I whipped out the telescope and sure enough on the cliff was a winged beast. You won't fool me! 

    Next I found some demi-humans getting sniped by ballista from a stone tower near a pond. I climbed up to deliver justice for the demi-humans, but they were still cowering beneath their shields when I came back down, so I put them out of their misery, what a benevolent chap I am! I headed down into the forest below, where I got ambushed by demi-humans (they pop up from the ground in smoke, pretty cool!). Nearby in the woods were some demi-human ruins, so I summoned my new ashes to have some civil war. The demi-human ashes seem great, there's a good mix of mobs including a tanky one and a fast one. At the back of the ruins was a church with a huge demi-human, a mage who we took down with ease, who turned out to be a queen. A sneakily hidden basement held a reward as well (I won't remember all the rewards because I did so much exploring!).


    Returning to the upper levels of the area, I crossed the rope wooden bridge over a chasm and snuck around some weird mage types with branches growing out of their heads. A path led me uphill to a Marika church, where I got another flask booster. I won't be using any items like this though until I'm in harder zones. Following the road downhill through the plains, I finally saw my first walking masuelum. Sadly I'd already been spoiled on them from the loading screens, but it was still cool to see. What was curious though was the headless soldiers around the area. I cleared out another church nearby and some ruins which had some horrible 4 armed insectoid warriors, and a big ball thing which unleashed barrages of falling purple magic. In the basement was a girl pinned to the wall and clearly being tortured, she looks like maybe from one of the mage institutes, but didn't have anything to say besides her lament. Curious as to the lore here, maybe I will come back to her later.


    Investigating the walking mauselum, I quickly discovered I could knock off the white skulls from around its feet, which eventually caused it to lower down (almost flattening me!). Inside I was able to duplicate Godricks soul, I only have done him so far. The missing head of the corpse within implies the headless soldiers are guarding the mauselum. I carried on downhill to the beach, strewn with debris and broken boats, and in really cool imagery, hordes of zombies silhouetted against the sky. I spent some time taking out the biggest mob of them, using fire bombs and eventually just good old stabbing to wipe out about 30 (getting few unwanted hugs in the process!). Not much else to find on the beach, except a merchant who sells some nice stuff, who curiously has a face covering, which I'm sure is significant, maybe we'll have more to do with him later.


    Up from the beach I raced through an ambush on Torrent by soldiers, through a gap in between two fallen ruins. They paid the price. I dismounted as further uphill I saw a ballista tower, so sneaked my way up, avoiding a mounted knight and guardsmen. Up the tower I removed the ballista man, and found a trapped chest. I already knew what the ominous smoke meant, so stayed well away. This is going on my to-do list for later. From up here I had a great sniper perch (tm) so shot all the soldiers and the knight without taking a scratch.


    With most of the peninsula now explored including a few dungeons I'd unlocked and would return to later, the last area to check was around the 'small' Erdtree. It certainly is pretty up here. I took out the perimeter mages before facing the Erdtree avatar. He looked intimidating but it turned out to be a simple mounted battle (no summons needed), where I only got hit once or twice for being greedy. Strangely, not much else here. The destroyed living pots are interesting. So far I've only met some in Stormvale, and Alexander the pot who buggered off to join a festival of combat elsewhere. I wonder if the pots are created by the Erdtrees, or were worshipping it or something. Up in this area I found the cliff path to the harpy, who turned out not to be too bad.


    With everything (hopefully) explored, I now took on the 3 dungeons I'd discovered, as well as one in Limgrave I'd discovered the previous night. Once again I didn't use any summons for the challenge. A few dungeons were skelly infested tombs. One was poison caves, where my cure poison spell came in handy, and the boss was just one of those big flowers, easy peasy. One boss was a cool shadow wraith who took a few tries to beat. Another was a ninja who just kept backing away but went down easily, and had some interesting lore about killing one of the demi-gods. One of the dungeons had a classic falling floor into a rat ambush (I avoided it the first time and promptly forgot when I came back later!). The boss here was a bastard, a giant bear. I died a lot and was doing crap damage to him, until I realised two things. One, if you roll under his arms you can stay under most of his attacks, and two, my fire click spell did ok damage. It still took a bunch of attempts, and took some diligent roll timings and self restraint in attack timings, but got there in the end. Definitely the hardest one, in fact I'd say he was harder for me than the Castle Mourne boss.


    Lastly was the mines. Really cool sound design in here, great atmosphere. More pygmies to deal with, and miner guys. I tried out my torch attacks here and sure enough the miners are very weak to fire, so that helped a lot. Got a bunch of weapon stones, which was nice. Unfortunately I was lured by the big doors and for some reason didn't think it would be the boss, so 8k runes almost went down the drain as I reached him with zero resources and died immediately. Thankfully I beat the boss on the second attempt, an axe-wielding pygmy guy who wasn't too bad once you got the timings down, and retrieved my runes. Rather than levelling up anything and getting too strong with all the runes I'd been collecting this session, I'd been spending them all on vendor goods - so now I have all the miracles, and cleared out most of the items from the 2 vendors on the peninsula.


    The last tasks of the night were some mop-up stuff. I returned to Castle Mourne to see what the commander's reaction would be to his daughter's death. He wasn't there. He turned out to be at her corpse, vowing revenge. The cleaver looks like one of the pygmy ones, so I'm not sure where he could go. In fact, the whole lore of this area isn't coming together just yet. I have tidbits but many gaps to fill in, which will hopefully come from new discoveries. Rhetorical questions: Who or what caused the infection/madness that transformed the peninsula people? It's not frenzy, I think, as the frenzied lot have yellow eyes. Who are the frenzy group and where does that originate?


    I got new ashes from one of the dungeons, the spirit of a headless hero, which has more tasty lore on the headless, their connection to the mausoleum and resurrection of demi-gods. Looking forward to learning more about that. There's also been some lore about these assassin types and killing one of the demi-gods, so maybe they are connected. Another lore tidbit I got is about the Tarnished arriving on the shores of the lands by a leader. It made me think about all the boats and wreckage on the beaches I've found so far, and the zombies on the peninsula beaches. I wonder if this was from the Tarnished arriving en-masse, or maybe a failed exodus by another group? Anyway, it's very early days for lore, but I'm enjoying piecing it together and puzzling over it.


    Finally, there was one place I wanted to get to but couldn't figure out how. On the south edge of Limgrave is a smaller beach, but it's cut off from the longer beach by a waterfall. From the Weeping Peninsula cliffs I could see a figure down there and a fire, so I knew there was some way to get there. After some exploration along the south cliffs of Limgrave, near the dragon lake, I finally found a safe drop-down route with Torrent. It might be possible to use the air vent on the other beach to get here as well. On this beach there isn't much. The figure turned out to be a gravity attack humanoid similar to the guys I'd found in the pockmarked area. He dropped a gravity attack weapon ash (I've still not used any ashes as I use the charging stabs so much with my straight sword/rapier). There was also a little cave leading to an overlook of the tutorial cave, where there was a talisman to find. So finally I had found that item I had spotted but never found a route to!


    So that's the Weeping Penisula done. Overall good fun with some awesome views. I have to say its a bit of a slog going through a big area so methodically like that, so in future I think I'll stick to my previous scattershot approach and mix things up a bit more. Still, its pretty cool that the whole penisula seems largely optional and took me two nights to get through! My highlights would be Castle Morne and its boss, the walking mauseluem, the zombie beach and the minor Erdtree. Now I think it's time to return to the flooded forest up north and either beat the mini-boss at the ruins, or have an explore off the main road. Can't wait!


    Oh yeah, also at the Roundtable I found the sorcerer guy I'd met in Stormveil Castle, sneakily hidden on the balcony. He gave me a nice +8 sword as a reward, though I'm a few dex points off using it. Will definitely be aiming for that though.


    Re the NPC you found


    I killed her as it seemed cruel to leave her there pinned to the wall. Took a few hits so i worry i made a mistake there....


  8. 7 hours ago, robdood said:

    Had to get some better fashion than that stupid green and orange default guard chest piece!! Everyone's bloody wearing it!!  Remembered there were a pair of those greatsword mercenary type dudes near stormveil, popped a chicken foot and between them they dropped the whole set!! Loving my new look :D



    where did you get those knives, bud?

  9. Absolutely loving this. I think i've got about 20 hours on the clock so far. Started as wretch, and i've travelled to, and noped out of, most directions on the map. I've killed two NPCs, three optional bosses, but haven't beaten Margit yet.


    One thing has confused me though:-



    On the West of the map (directly West from the starting area) there is a massive blue light shining up from the sea. I can't see where it is originating from but it's visible from a good chunk of the map. Anyone else got this?


  10. Far Cry 2 is one of the msot immersive gaming memories i have. Came along at the perfect time when i had zero responsibility and could sink entire weekends into the game. Despite its flaws it was just absolutely sensational.

  11. I need to have a thorough wander. I don't have any smithing stones and my sword is only level +2. Had a good go at Mragit but just wasn't dealing enough damage.


    Is this the first game where your steed doesn't just feel like a gimmick? It helps with traversal but also legitimately opens up new battle options.

  12. 44 minutes ago, the_debaser said:

    The environment in BOTW was an interactive playground, it encouraged experimentation with the games unparalleled mechanics, this is just an ugly place where you kill enemies.

    In BOTW you could create fires to give you an upward gust of wind which meant you could then jump with the glider and arrow attack enemies from the sky. You could roll boulders down hills and destroy enemy placements. You could look at something in the distance, and climb it to see what’s on the other side and glide somewhere else. You could snowboard down hills and then jump on enemies heads to kill them. You can use water to create ice blocks to traverse across. 

    This just feels like a shooting gallery in comparison. The environment is there but you can only slowly lumber around it with your character until you find yet another enemy to kill. It’s no step forward for the genre. 

    Now thats not to say it’s bad, but it decided to put itself up against the best game ever. 


    You’re correct, sir. On the other hand this has combat that is complex and challenging. 

    two amazing games, that happily complement one another and should be in everyone’s library. 

  13. 15 minutes ago, MrCarrot said:

    The tutorial prompt for this is really badly worded. You don’t have to press R1 + L1 + triangle, just triangle and the attack button of the weapon you want to two-hand (so R1 for right hand, and L1 for left hand)!

    Thank god for this post! 

    was driving me mad last night. 

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