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  1. The update has downloaded and is already live, it seems.
  2. I’m going to pop over a couple of times if that’s okay
  3. @Keyboard Koala Trip #1 complete. I left some stuff behind Nook’s. Is there any way I could get a code for your lovely koala flag design? Anyway, back shortly!
  4. Ooh yes please! Need any fossils or recipe cards or anything?
  5. Thanks, I need to make a couple of trips to sell my wife’s too if that’s okay.
  6. @psycho_fox Is Overlook still open?
  7. Thanks much @Fieldini. Sold both mine and my wife’s turnips for massive profit.
  8. Same here, thanks very much you guys
  9. Thanks for hanging in there! I nearly didn’t make it in time to sell my wife’s turnips.
  10. Thanks @Exidor. I was a bellionaire very briefly... and then I paid off my mortgage and bought a new fancy bridge.
  11. @Larsen B can I be added to you list please? I’ll PM too.
  12. If anybody has drastically miscalculated their turnip gamble, Hoomage is still open and offering 200 Bells per turnip. 0RSSW
  13. Thanks much, made just over 400,000 Bells! That’s my mortgage paid off. I hope you don’t mind but I took a little fruit too, although I did remember to leave a tip for you
  14. I’m going to pop over if that’s okay?
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