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  1. I had loads of help when I posted here a few weeks ago and I think I am a little better but I’m still struggling to complete a run! I can get to the third level relatively often but the third I just can’t seem to do enough damage or block enough and a few fights in I’m dead. I like playing as Silent as I love poisoning stuff but on loads of runs I’m getting bigger all cards that actually help that! I wonder if I should focus on ironclad and staying alive to at least try and get through it? I seem to better playing the mad daily challenges. Feel like that’s good practice!
  2. I’m sending my friend if that’s ok. She’s well behaved!
  3. I’m going to be really mad if it’s Microsoft exclusive.
  4. I grabbed a couple thanks but would love to come back and buy up half of Ables later.
  5. Thanks @Stopharage I always look forward to this when the new monthly deals come along! I feel especially seen for the Jilly Cooper mention. I’ll grab that even though I’m just about to finish the audible version! God I love some Jilly.
  6. Hanging terrarium please!
  7. I looked into this after dropping 5k nook miles on the DIY and realising I’d probably never make it! Oops missed danster already answering this!
  8. It’s one of the Celeste recipes.
  9. Damn missed your massive giveaway @Broker! Anything left? Reckon I can be in this afternoon around 2ish!
  10. You’re playing fraggle?! Even more reason for me to come back!
  11. Found it! Team D has a fragment where I thought I’d seen all the options but there was something else that could happen. That’s just opened a new bit for Team C.
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