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  1. @Number 28 and @StumpyJohn - thanks so much for the bells! Really appreciate it. I've been letting my 6 year old play and it’s backfired massively. He dumps stuff everywhere, picks up all my stuff. Constantly asking me to skip the text or and worst of all my pyramid and leaning tower of Pisa have disappeared - I think he’s sold them in the shop button mashing as he can’t read yet! I thought letting him play and write letters would help with that but he just refuses to try. And now it’s too late. My poor island! At least I’ve never got found to doing anything particularly fancy with it.
  2. I’m back! I mean it this time unlike last time when I asked someone to open up so I could come visiting but then didn’t actually play again until now. If there’s any generous bellionaires who don’t mind sending me a bag of bells I’d be grateful as I seem very poor right now. Looking forward to visiting and maybe after all this time finally remodelling! Oh and I’m after any mushroom DIYs going spare. I don’t ask for much, I know.
  3. I just assumed it was a double save as they’d be one down as Victoria had to leave. I really don’t like Charity though. Feels like what Sharon Needles was doing years ago. And that gingham outfit was terrible!
  4. We got this deal as there’s no way we could have afforded one up front. I thought it was a great option and we snapped one up when we got a stock alert.
  5. I really want to love these games but I don’t get on with the battle system at all. The demo really didn’t help - I get they wanted to show off with it but I couldn’t follow what what was going on at all. Whinge whinge.
  6. I’ve been taking photos with my phone! But then deleted it after about 30 minutes as I just knew I wouldn’t have the patience for it. Felt the same when I tried years ago!
  7. @WiperThanks - Sorry, replying ridiculously late! I’ve got The Fifth Season but I’ll keep an eye out for those other on maybe actual book format! @TimmoI bought The Stand with my second to last audible credit. Anyway I’m sure you’re all keen to know what I got and it was Mordew by Alex Pheby, first in a planned trilogy.
  8. Thanks - I do have that in real book format actually, thanks for reminding me. I listened to the audible versions of the first two three body problem books but got the kindle version of the third and I just couldn’t get into it. So I don’t think mixing and matching is a good idea for me!
  9. I have one audible credit I need to spend. Any recommendations for a good standalone fantasy? Bonus if it’s long! Last fantasy I read was the farseer trilogy and I loved it.
  10. Ooh I’d like it if it hasn’t gone please!
  11. I still love it. Read it again a few years ago. Definitely worth 99p anyway!
  12. Love this game so much. Just started chapter 7 and I seem quite short of money considering how expensive everything is. I guess I need to spend some time with the management game but I did one cycle, then I had to do a board meeting and I had no clue what was going on and the board were not very pleased!
  13. I’m being very unrealistic I suppose but I was hoping it literally meant right that minute and I could have a very quick look this evening!
  14. Ah thanks - turns out my partner got it from the app a little while ago but no sign of it downloading yet!
  15. I can’t find it on the Xbox. It’s not showing up on the app or the Xbox for me.
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