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  1. I had no idea this was coming so it was a nice surprise! Second season a little bit annoying but I’ve got a thing for Rasmus so I’m happy it’s back.
  2. @meatball I’d like coconut wall planter please!
  3. LiS2 is incredible. I can’t think of many games that have affected me as much as it did. Some scenes are just horrendous and this is how people are treated in real life! I tried so hard to do the right thing but as I saw my results come in I see how I messed up trying to juggle keeping us both safe and relatively happy. I must play again and go for a better ending. I did find it was quite easy to miss stuff which was a shame.
  4. I have a bit of experience of this. This was years and years ago - I was 16/17 or younger maybe. I would go to my local indie club every week. For months I would get off with a guy every week. I was really into him and after a while asked if he wanted to for a drink sometime and he said “sorry Laine I’m gay” Of course I didn’t know because for weeks we’ve been snogging and I thought you were into me! The next week he turned up with a guy and that was that. I was actually pretty upset as I liked him a lot. I was quite hurt and bewildered why he would bother with me to just lead me on. I thought there was a connection that could have gone somewhere and there was no chance he was actually interested. I could have spent those nights after someone more available! anyway! This is just a long ramble now but I certainly understand someone being very shocked and upset by it even though my experience is obviously a lot more innocent. The mid 90s! What a time.
  5. Laine

    Disco Elysium

    Is there anymore news on this coming to Switch / PS4?
  6. Ah yes that makes sense. I’d like the DIY and the dress please! Thanks.
  7. I’ve hardly had anytime to play properly lately and I’m really missing visiting people! I’m also worried I’m going to miss all the cool pirate stuff, I’ve only seen gullivar once. I’ve only missed a few days as I at least manage to do a quick run for a visitors and check my shop for a few mins. Will Gullivar stop visiting at end of August? If anyone has spare mermaid DIYs I’d really appreciate them!
  8. Fucking hell I was just about to start watching this!
  9. Oh man Suikoden is one of my absolute most favourite series! I’m going to donate as much as I can spare. Which right now is about a tenner but still! I’ve got really high hopes for this!
  10. I’ve placed some on the beach for extra decoration! You get a nice seaweed like. @StumpyJohn Ahhh I’m so jealous you’re getting Bones! Let me know when he arrives so I can visit!
  11. Don’t suppose anyone has shooting stars or just Celeste around? I can never spot her on my mess of an island. I haven’t seen her for months!
  12. I was until I decided I actually don’t like it! Thanks for thinking of me though.
  13. @Peb Kacharach I think my teacup ride is pastel - will check later. Swap for your pink and blue seating? If it’s not pastel Is there anything else you’re after you could swap for it? I’ve been after it for ages!
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