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  1. Sorry mate for not getting back to you sooner. I have had a look into it and I cant guarantee that I will be around for enough games to make it worthwhile having me in the team. Im dissapointed about this as i have enjoyed playing with you guys this season. Sorry again mate and best of luck with the next season.
  2. Sorry for the no show last night. I ended up working late again and forgot to leave you guys a message. Looks like last night wasn't a good one. Im not too sure I will be about for next season. I have missed a few games this season working late and I think I will be missing more in the future. I dont want to commit if im going to miss most of the season, it would be a bit unfair on the team and others that want to play bap. I will give you guys a definite answer in a couple of days.
  3. I'm not going to be about this week guys, I'm working late tomorrow night. Sorry about that. Good luck boys.
  4. Sorry for the late notice guys but I'm not gonna make it tonight. Im working late so will probably miss it tonight. Best of luck guys.
  5. I'll be on tonight. Well played last week guys, lets keep it going.
  6. I will be there for the cup on thursday!
  7. Sorry about this guys I have had a last minute change of plan that means I wont be able to make it tonight , best of luck.
  8. Hello everyone, sorry I havnt been around, I have had a crazy busy few days but I will be around later tonight. Looking forward to this season. Should be good with Portugal that team looks pretty class.
  9. I've been away for a few days and havnt had a chance to look at the forum. Im happy to sign for Rovers and im looking forward to next season. Steelys got it spot on. Im happy to play in defense, never said I fancied a different position.
  10. I will be missing tonight. Im working late and I wont be back for the games. Sorry guys
  11. I'm off on my holidays for a few days now so I will be missing the games on thursday, good luck guys
  12. I will be around for tomorrow nights games, seems like ages since I have played Bap, cant wait to get stuck back in.
  13. Im about for a bit of praccy tonight if we are still on.
  14. Sorry I wasn't on last night guys. I ended working a lot latter than I thought I would. Did I miss anything? Anyway, I'm around tonight if there is any praccy.
  15. That was my first thought, but im sure its all part of CharileRedknapps masterplan. I've had a look at the team line up on fifa and they look great going forward, plenty of goals there. I will be about tomorrow after 10 for some praccy.
  16. My 70 yard assist will just have to do Baring Just call me Xabi Alonso Anyways, good games tonight. Thought everyone put in a great shift, and the guys up top were class at times. Congrats on the managment job Charlie im sure you'll be great.
  17. Cheers for the MotM votes from last week, One for Big and one for Bag JamieM Anyway, really enjoyed both games last night, glad we got a good result in the second game. It seemed to work a bit better in the second for whatever reason. I think the match details said we had around 20 shots! Lets carry this form on to the next game. Oh... and Im with Team Pete
  18. I'll be on for a few games tonight.
  19. Well played last night team. Thought we had a good second game. Attacking wise we had good possession in front of their goal and the defence looked solid, thought Witty had a good game at LB and Pete was class as usual. Well played guys
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