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  1. I really liked the larper doing the sound effects during their fight.
  2. I liked it but would have loved it if they did a massive over the top old boy style fight scene there- it would probably have been too much though but would have been funny.
  3. They really missed a trick by not making that section and amazing piece of elaborate choreographed action. I would have liked it if they went the whole hog on it.
  4. Every year in November my friends do an early Christmas and binge these terrible movies. I love it - the main takeaway is high powered professionals should never return to thier small hometown.
  5. The scene with him and Peter in the car is chilling. He really becomes a kid again, with an adult threatening to hurt him. The power imbalance is great and Keaton plays it with real menace.
  6. The next three episodes of this are up, it continues to be visually stunning, some very nice action sequences in this too.
  7. First 3 episodes of this are out. I thought it was really good. Never played LoL so dunno how true it is to the lore. The animation was much more interesting than the What If s.
  8. It was pretty dull, but I didn't hate this. I thought Richard Madden was very good (it may be because I find him very attractive and him being superman-lite, ticked boxes for me). I found the post credit scenes more compelling than the movie though.
  9. I like to believe that was a terry pratchett reference.
  10. Thanks fella. I know it's been around for a while, but there have been loads of classics that I haven't gotten round to reading (possibly because I was rereading Dune for the third time). Obviously, it's a thread about Dune so there is always the risk but if we can try to put the more obvious book plot in spoilers that would be great.
  11. Spoiler tags are a minor inconvenience, it's like an extra button. I think if it's specific plot points about the sequel based on the book- pop them in a spoiler tag.
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