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  1. What does "characters matter" mean? They didn't change his character or misrepresent him or anything. He was still a noble heroic warrior? Did you just not like it because it focused on some of the other characters?
  2. I'm gay and bum and bumming is part of my lexicon and isn't a slur. That didn't even cross my mind until you said. It was the juxtaposition of a legendary band of heroes having a silly name for me - them being "chums" is funnier than the bum. Though two of them are bumming so the title of the band is accurate.
  3. One guy wasn't impressed in my childish name choice for the band...
  4. This game is lovely, filled with lots of sweet and funny takes. I had one where How do people build teams - I try to get two teams of four so I can clear up the map quickly but I don't know if it's better to have a smaller core who can sweep up the xp and loot?
  5. Over the Garden Wall is a wonderfully surreal and dark kids show that is well worth a watch
  6. Things I didn't understand...Sylvie
  7. In the Lokis fight scene this really stood out to me, it was really chunky when he was walking through it. Almost as if he was doing a comedy walk.
  8. Is anyone actually outraged by this movie, though?
  9. Watchmen is an excellent single series show.
  10. The silent (but deadly)
  11. Yeah, it really holds up. The beginning with Drew Barrymore is particularly excellent. It's a top notch slasher.
  12. Delargey


    It felt was though there would have been a better movie about two warring fashionistas in the 70s if they just cut out all the cruella references.
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