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  1. While we wait for Ben to dig out his VHS maybe you can help me remember a movie from my childhood, sadly it doesn't involve incest or a waterbed. It was about a threesome (or maybe a love triangle) where was a woman who would paint on a fella as part of her art, another guy enters their house who might have been a writer. The guy that gets painted on is jealous of the newcomer, the woman is torn between them both and I think they all get together in the end. There may be a scene where they all go skinny dipping, I can't remember but they hung out by a river - maybe set in the 1930s?
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if part of the reason she is doing these more mainstream titles is to facilitate her own projects, either with cold hard cash or by raising her profile to the general public. You already know that the studios will be pushing for "Harley Quinn on a boat" though.
  3. There is a scene where Jeremy does blackface, I think it's when he is trying to break taboos with his girlfriend.
  4. Shows drop from Netflix all the time so it doesn't seem like that big a deal. These shows are still out there if you ever fancy watching them.
  5. If it helps I keep calling it "May I Destroy You?" Though, I quite like it because it has the implication of consent as if the very title is gas lighting.
  6. It's brilliant, I'm on episode 5 and I kinda wished that I waited for the series to end so I could properly binge it. For such dark subject matter it's very funny at times and the characters are fantastic. Though I think sometimes my takeaway from it is wrong because I just keep thinking how cool Arabella dresses and how glad I am that I don't have to go clubbing anymore.
  7. Why wouldn't the on demand model work? Is it because they would miss out on a second wave of home rentals and purchases?
  8. It's like the forum version of Gogglebox.
  9. I'm listening to the Russell Tovey narration of The Portrait of Dorian Gray, I love Russell Tovey as an actor but he's not great at this, all the characters have too much affectation.
  10. Nothing wrong with fleshing it out, but it should have been fleshed out with something more weighty than "Kill Rats."
  11. Fast and Furious really managed to turn the thr franchise round. All it needed was the rock.
  12. I'll fuck him then give him an unnecessaryly scathing review for his performance.
  13. Peter Bradshaw's review genuinely made me mad.
  14. I'm rewatching Fleabag. It's such a fantastic show.
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