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  1. Ty & Guy is great, their friendship is quote charming.
  2. I've never played this series but heard good things- can you play the latest or are there better places to start? Edit: just saw there is a whole thread on this.
  3. Yeah, great stuff. The VTs are always amazing. I wish Tim Keys had a bit more to do.
  4. These are fantastic, part of me wishes I didn't own my battered up copies to justify re buying them. Of course, I love my books for sentimental reasons, where I carefully have put cellotape round the edges to protect them. I think my copy of men of arms has the beginning of a note my best mate wanted to write in the computer lab before I told him off for writing in a precious novel...now when I re read it I really want to note what the know was* * probably "your a cock"
  5. I spent a while doing that too, as others have said there are other options. Once you you're more familiar with the world you discover all the different ways you can get round a problem some of the ones you think of will be bloody stupid...but will create some of the best moments of the game which will be wholly unique to you! Stick with it! It's *such* a wonderful game.
  6. Exactly, he is a modern day Michael Bay.
  7. They seem to be doing a hand gesture on the sodom and gomorrah line - is that US thing or just general animation?
  8. Yeah, but a guy who is a dick but also a bit of a hero, who becomes a dick through the events of this series is more interesting than a guy who is just a bit of a dick.
  9. I don't necessarily think this needed to be set up in a middle east flash back or anything, they could have has him being heroic in the post thanos world or even having it in the first fight on the trucks - have the sequence involve him putting himself in harms way to protect his mate. Maybe this happened, but if it was more prominent, when they talked about his past heroic deeds they would have felt more real because we'ed have seen that motivation in his fighting style - protect over attack. This also would have made his mate's death have more of an impact as we would have seen t
  10. I think with Walker it's partly because they just told us about all the good things he has done rather than show us in the show. It would have added some nice depth if we saw a glimmer of that heroic protectively/sacrifice from him before the pressure and power pushed him to far.
  11. There wasn't really a need for him to go back to prison, he unless he wanted to make amends for making the WS kill people, but I can't remember him expressing any particular regret for that in this. I guess he wanted to be killed at the end of civil war? His escape seemed to imply something else, it kinda felt like the writers wanted to have certain scenes but didn't know how to make them fit the timeline.
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