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  1. Yeah, Moogle was full for me on Thursday night, but was accepting characters yesterday morning, so keep trying. Really like this so far, looks great and (bar targeting ) the controls on the pad are spot on. Looking forward to exploring further afield from gridaniia woods to see more of the world.
  2. Cracking Stuff, loved the set re creation.
  3. Extended Cut is virtually the same as the Theatrical, some small additions in Hobbiton and Rivendell, certainly nowhere near the difference there was between the Lord Of the Rings versions. The Extras are excellent, hours of the stuff. Just shows how much the technology has changed , not a 'Bigature' to be seen. One good side effect of watching the extras (and probably highlights a failing with both the book and film) is that you really get to know the dwarf personalities and history, which I thought improved the film when re watching afterwards.
  4. Finished this once on normal and now back to the point if no return on hard. On first play through I rattled through it driven on by the plot and rarely paused for any collectibles that I didn't stumble upon. This time around I have been taking a more relaxed approach trying to complete each hub area in turn, finding all back story documents and relics. This along with the harder combat has meant a much longer time spent in each hub and far more exploration and platforming and since the islanders don't re spawn a greater sense of quiet isolation. Shipwreck coast has the balance right - for me they nailed it here. Overall I have loved it, good story, excellent graphics, platforming and combat. Next time around throw in more level spanning or multi room puzzling and it will be perfect.
  5. I'm well into part two now and really enjoying this. The disguise mechanic seems fine to me, if you are a guard in a room of scientists noone will bat an eyelid, if a similarly attired guard comes in he will start to question who you are "do I know you?", use a bit of instinct and he'll change tune to "oh, must be he new guy" while you stroll off. The levels are broken up into various sized chunks, some of which are of a compatible scale to Blood Money, but most are smaller some a single room, some a collection of rooms, but have multiple options nonetheless (with the exception of the escape driven sections at the start). This move away from the single scenario based level to explore (even if some areas where initially restricted) is the biggest change from Blood Money, which is the only previous Hitman game I have played for any length. The incidental conversations etc are good, voice work excellent, and plot is engaging enough to make me want to keep at it to see how things wind up.
  6. Balls, Ah well made it out anyway, finally. I am going nowhere else until i get a couple of anti curse stones bought and saved in case i get into a similar pickle. (i will have to go back for they key later)
  7. Is there a door in the way (in the valley) that needs a key, if so i don't have it yet. Anyway I am now back up to the intermediate bonfire so if i can just make it past the snipers and everything else i should be back in the depths.....
  8. I think it's broken me. 30 odd hours and level 35, and I am stuck. I know its supposed to be hard but why can't there be two save slots, honestly. Of course I may have missed something, or fluke it next time round, but i have not been this annoyed with a game for years.
  9. Ive been pottering about on the Order side (BW called Zelart) performance wise its playable so far but not exactly smooth and changing setting alters the looks a bit but doesn't really change the speed.
  10. Pault203

    Too Human

    I think this is why i really enjoyed it (up to getting stuck at least) because the skill trees/loot are filling the hole left when i packed in World of Warcraft. That and when it works the combat is ace. If they had got four player co-op in it could have been sooo good.
  11. Pault203

    Too Human

    I seem to have reached an impass, level four just after , I saved and quit. Now when I load up im at the round area where the was but the door im pretty sure i need to go through wont open, ive looked all round but can see nothing ive missed and nowher else to go. I tried going back to base, off story so to speak and selected the same level and completed it via the map warp thing, killing but when I go to continue story I still get the same locked door problem. I dont think theres anyway to go back to an earlier save, so i have to start again, abandoning my lvl29 champion wigth the funky cloak/shoulders and epix. I was really enjoying it too, apart from the fact that for a 'god' i die an awful lot.
  12. Pault203

    Rock Band!

    Zavvi, in belfast at least are doing it for £150 with the game. I think
  13. Well, 60 odd hours later i've finished this (apart from the optional temple dungeon). really enjoyed it, apart from one thing, the save points. By eck theres a couple in there that where just too far apart by half, is it that hard to allow a save anywere system? or now i think of it; a warp out of dungeon ability, like Zelda and i think Blue dragon. Going through dungeons, levelling up experience and skills for a couple of hours with no save point in sight, to then get hit with a boss battle before a save is a bit much. Other than that, great game. I demand they knock another one up post haste, im at a bit of a loss now its all over.
  14. A Close Call Too close this time Co-ordinated attack on Highway
  15. Please add me, I'd like to take this online over the weekend once i get through it on Normal. tag; derm NI
  16. On Disk two now, really enjoying it so far. Ive kept the english voices on, arent annoying me as much as I thought they may at the start. Shu has become less whiney as its gone on. If the quality keeps up this is one of those surprise nuggets reading on here throws up from time to time. I'm a bit stuck at the moment, with these , but im sure il figure it out.
  17. After two years of pretty decent connections, certainly no regular DC's, Ive been having really annoying issues since installing BC, tried: De install, and re install after de frag, Got all the latest drivers for everything, network, graphics card and so on, checked my router (ports etc) all of these, and still i am having bouts of really bad lag, and repeated disconnects, when i seem to loose synch with the server. Sometimes its fine, other times unplayable, seeing this thread and being on NTL , maybe its an NTL issue. Any clues as to how to check if it is?
  18. Each Game in Belfast has new stock in today, although forced bundles of £350 and £370 are the order of the day. Gamestop is definately (so they say) getting new stock for sale 9am tomorrow morning.
  19. HMV in Belfast, are now taking new orders (having fulfilled thier previous) for a re supply next week, deposit of £30, and no guarantee's. Might be worth a punt.
  20. Pault203

    Viva Piñata

    My garden is chocca, keep getting the 'you need to clear space' warning. I presume im right that I can get rid of the homes for my less evolved pinatas (the whirlms and the like) and just buy the odd one or two if i need them, or should i start another garden for these?
  21. After playing Co-op all ;ast night, my only worry during the caverns section was that it was going to be the end (silly me for not looking at the chapter No). Thank goodness to be outside again, loving it so far. Havent tried online as yet, im rubbish at these things, but i rekon il give this a go. big on atmosphere, classy to play (few glitches apart) brilliant in Co-op, top stuff.
  22. Game (Forestside, Belfast) are getting in 12 core units to be sold as the 600 quid bundle, on sale tomorrow, or so they said on the phone.
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