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  1. Nice one, a trip to Mos Espa bekons, pitty I spent all my shekles on that stupid R5 unit. Ah well time to earn some cash.
  2. Went on last night for the fisrt time since before Christmas. Everyone is suddenly bombing around Tattoine in landspeeders and swoop bikes. Soong, how much do this fellas cost, can they be bought at the terminal things or do I need to get a artisan to craft one for me?
  3. True this can happen, usually accompanied with a 'you cannot see target' message on screen. Simply cycle through to the effected character (either while paused on in game) and move them manually to engage, while the others battle on. Mostly this hasn't been a problem for me as I tend to get my party lined up pre battle.
  4. Because the system (as I see it ) is designed to create combat akin to 'duel of the fates' three way battle in Episode one, try achieving that with purely turn based combat.
  5. Game Pauses: Combat mode engaged. Whist paused line up a few attackes, heals etc. with each character (telling them which opponent to attack). Unpause watch combat play out, adjust tactics to suit what is happening either by cycling through party adding moves while combat is ongoing or through the pause screen. You party will run toward their selected opponent to engage unless they are using a ranged weapon, if there are any mines select one character to disable it as his/her first attack. Also if you dont select anything they will fight automatically dependent on their attributes, although this will limit your options it is useful when being attacked by a lesser enemy. Don't really see why there this is deemed over complicated and badly designed, for my mind it makes the whole thing much more smooth than other turn based mechanism.
  6. SW:KOTOR = Game of the Year. Great plot, that you actually had an influence over including some real emotional moments. Excellent main characters (HK:47 (?) the psycho robot being a personal fav). I don't agree with the critisms of the combat system, worked well for me, enabing effective control of all party members while removing most of the stop start annoyance of turn based combat. Graphically never less than good sometimes excellent with really satisfying ligtsaber/weapon/force power pyrotechincs. Altogether 40+ hours of Starwarsy, epic, good vs evil, super hard, lightsaber wielding, plot twist tastic game of the year.
  7. My two penneth... Best PS2 Game 1.Pro Evo 3 2. 3. Best Xbox Game 1.Star Wars KOTOR 2.Poject Gotham 2 3.SC2 Best GC Game 1. 2. 3. Best PC Game 1.SWGalaxies 2.Call Of Duty 3. Best GBA Game 1. 2. 3. Best Technical achievment (software) 1.Project Gotham 2 2. 3. Best Technical Achievement (Hardware) 1.Xbox Live 2. 3. Best Developer 1.Bioware 2.Microsoft 3.Konami Best Publisher 1.Microsoft 2. 3. Most Wanted game in 2004 1.Halo 2 2.Half Life 2 3.Fable Best Overall Game of the Year. 1.StarWars Kotor 2.SWGalaxies 3.PES3
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