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  1. Watching Newsnight - Sending artists to space, well i never...
  2. Yeah, sorry got rather excited for a minute there, in other news though, the login message says password and username incorrect, instead of version missmatch. So thats progress anyways... ho hum
  3. Actually spoke too soon, nothings changed, nutts.
  4. holy crap its updating!!! Beta client peep try and log in
  5. 23.05 come and gone, next up 00.05 then im giving up and going to me scratcher./
  6. I was expecting an unable to log on message, rather than a version problem.
  7. Anyone actually installed a retail version yet? If so can you confirm the version (bottom left hand corner of the login screen), the beta one is 1.2.2 (4196) when you try and log in it says unable to validate version, so should i delete the beta and reinstall? oh and "Final Beta" has been removed from the site tile, fingers crossed for 11pm start!
  8. Yeah, although I really liked Hunter during beta, im trying something new too, probably Warrior (never been in the thick of things before, FFXI mage, WoW Hunter). I wonder how a gnome warrior would work out.
  9. Grand Theft Auto Anything with Super in front of it: Super Sprint Super tennis
  10. 00.01 CET is 23.01 in the Uk so the servers could be up then. Apparently in Sweeden shops are opening at midnight, because they have been told the servers will be up. heres hoping
  11. nipped home at lunch, and its arrived from gameplay (very nice too, i must say) had a quick look at the manual, no mention of RP server. I am off tomorrow (and will check after midnight tonight and see if the servers are up) will check here first tho' .
  12. So are we going for the first English language RP server on the list then?
  13. Shipped from Gameplay too, come on postal service.....
  14. Theres a free 14 day trial on Eve (see thread below) im gonna download that and have a crack tonight and tomorrow. That should pass the time till friday (or i might go to the pub)
  15. The naming rules are supposed to apply to all servers aren't they? Im still hopefull, that the game will turn up on Thurdsay and the servers will go live at 00.01 Friday morning! No installation needed; the client from the beta works apparently so all that is required is probably a patch and the CD key.
  16. Gameplay have mine (now defined as Horde pack) being picked and will be shipped today. Now if the postal service play ball (and if it goes through the letter box) i should have it thursday or friday at the latest.
  17. Its not that far to Ironforge from Elf starting zone, you clould run it after lvl 10 or so, by taking the boat to Menthil harbour, then running through the wetlands, Loch Modan and then to ironforge. Sticking to the roads minimses aggro. From Ironforge there is the free underground to Stormwind, pick up all the flight paths on the way and you should be able to travel back and forward quite easily.
  18. When the servers are announced allocate a Rllmuk server of choice for RP, PvE and PvP. Me i will be going PvE as the beta people on our server seemed fine, but may also go PvP
  19. A tad harsh this thread, Everyone who pre orderd in the UK got thier packs well in time for the Final beta Launch, on the day if you bought out of game, by post if from gameplay. The three pounds was a deposit and comes off the cost of the retail version. The limited edition pack is er, limited edition and could only be purchased from the official online partner - gameplay, sold out very quickly i admit but what limited editions of a very anticipated game wasn't going to? Gameplay are posting thier copies out 2 days in advance so (fingers crossed) they should be delivered to anywhere in the UK in advance of friday if the servers do go up at midnight. If so i'm sure Game will give out thier copies on thursday, and if not does it really matter that much getting a few hours "head start" on a game most people will need months to get through? Forums have been up and down I admit (so has the beta severs to a lesser degree) but it is only the beta and the whole website is currently undergoing a re design for launch (i think). Official news has been promptly announced, start of beta, end of beta release etc, irrespective of the online speculation. All, only my beta experience of course.
  20. Il miss that dog...ah well time to read up on other classes and start all over on friday!
  21. i might pop on amd get me one of those, but im tempted to lay off it 'till release.
  22. I'l be back as Dermorat, Dwarf (Warrior, Paladin or Hunter) trade skill TBC. taking a break now till release.
  23. RP is (i think) no differnet to PvE except that you are supposed to remain in character in the public chanels. PvE is fine (although PvP still intrigues me).
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