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  1. I wear specs too. No way I'm trying contacts again. Maybe special perscription 3D lenses? Actually that's going too far. Clip-ons it is
  2. Surely most poeple who end up buying their own glasses anyway, if it took off properly. I know I would.
  3. Does anybody find it all a bit too... business like, though? I dunno why, but it being so slick and po-faced really gets on my nerves. I can't watch this in longer bouts than 10 minutes.
  4. Not Dance music, but is essential summer listening.
  5. Everyone stop arguing and realise what is going on... ...people are arguing if a screenshot from a videogame is real or not. Imagine that a few years ago. Blows my mind.
  6. Nah, the organisers are a bunch of cunts, I don't feel sorry for THEM. Loads of my friends went and were well excited about it though. I feel sorry for them.
  7. Hoop

    Illustration Club

    I really want to see that animation. I love that moon. And the highlighting on the land on the earth...
  8. I was all like I'd love to hear him in the pub...
  9. What resolution did Monet paint at?
  10. All the GTA 3D games have managed to do that to me.
  11. I always look forward to hearing what Venice Cull has to say about Mario 64. In other news, using food ingrediants as an analogy to video games is alw.ays a winner, but soon to be cliched. I like comparing them to cars these days.
  12. It's all about 3 for a tenner, plus some sweeties. Made my evening, anyway.
  13. henofdoom is just... so wrong it makes me want to cry. Sob.
  14. Hoop

    Couk 21

    I like number 17. But I'm broke
  15. It's the only series of games I can think of that let me enjoy just existing in their worlds. I get a real satisfaction from just walking around and seeing what happens. And I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who does shit like honking horns in time to music. Wish I hadn't lost my memory card But then I can always start it again...
  16. Fucking amazing game isn't it. I really do it beyond words.
  17. Oh my God. You sound like a 14 year old anime fan.
  18. Hey, good lookin'... Wacha got cookin...? How 'bout cookin' a lille sumthing up for me...!
  19. Nope. Never seen the appeal of plasma and LCD either. Flatscreen CRT = the best.
  20. The one thing that annoys me more than people who diss hip hop = people who diss country.
  21. A good song will stand up on its on. You shouldn't need 'context' to enjoy a song. Unless it's a concept album.
  22. Wow, that brings back some memories. I actually found that game quite unsettling. Remember the 'hacking' section?
  23. It's your site, isn't it bpempire!
  24. The whole thing reminds me of when I was dragged into some utterly ridiculous argument over what constitutes grime/hip-hop or trancehopcore or whatever the fuck it is.
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