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  1. If I was buying one now, knowing more than I did when I bought mine last year - I’d definitely get a Masterbuilt. They are owned by Kamado Joe, all the accessories fit and most importantly you get an excellent warranty. Sometimes you see them on offer around £700.
  2. How about a kamado? You can smoke, grill and bake in them.
  3. @Popo forgot to mention I have VR already, and it is amazing!
  4. I quite fancy a new racing game now the sale is on. I want something fun and arcadey, not a simulation - more Ridge Racer than Gran Tourismo. I already have MK8 and Hotshot Racing (both of which I love), and Burnout Paradise (the open world and having to memorise streets/routes really spoils it for me). What would you recommend? GRID, Horizon Chase, Need for Speed or something else?
  5. I thought it was excellent for a relatively cheap little thing. Unfortunately after no more than an hour of it’s first use one of the buttons stopped responding so it was sent back. On reading afterwards quality issues aren’t uncommon.
  6. Tried a Patty & Bun kit, which was great. They were doing 20% off with Patty20 too. Not sure if they’re the exact same blend, but the butcher who supplies P&B deliver patties if you’re in that there London: https://www.hgwalter.com/
  7. Get the gas then, it’ll be ideal. As for pizzas, it’s really easy. The only thing to remember is less is more in terms of toppings. You do them thin and traditional Italian and they cook in a couple of minutes.
  8. I bought an Uuni 3 which is fuelled by wooden pellets, and subsequently bought an adaptor so it can run on gas. It’s easy enough to swap between the two. I’d say the wood fire is objectively better; it gets hotter and gives a slight smokey taste. However, on gas it’s much less faff and you’re waiting less time for the oven to get back up to temperature between pizzas. Although I prefer the wood, 99% of the time I leave the gas adapter on - because I’m lazy and it’s just easier! If you’re only cooking for one or two you might be better off with the wood. If I were buying o
  9. OnionNon

    NFL 2020!

    @glb Exactly what I thought; was expecting him to run it in when it opened up like that.
  10. I always used one for smoking, but that was because I used to have a Weber Smokey Mountain and that achieved indirect cooking by having a water bowl hanging between the coals and grill. If you did use one, you could put something like cider or apple juice in. The purist’s approach would be not to use any liquid, and you’ll likely get more of a bark that way. Personally I wouldn’t bother, if your indirect method doesn’t require it. By all means put a drip tray or foil underneath though.
  11. What’re you using for smoking wood? If it’s chunks, you can soak them in water beforehand so they don’t catch too quickly.
  12. @Blue I think the waiting for the blue smoke related to the fuel/charcoal, as opposed to the smoking wood. You add your smoking wood just before or at the same time as your meat, and I wouldn’t worry too much about topping up as the meat stops taking on the smoke as it cooks (hence the smoke ring).
  13. I had a Smokestak kit delivered and it was really good. Brisket buns.
  14. @StumpyJohn yes, I replied to the original confirmation email and got a reply. Only took a day for them to come back to me.
  15. They’ve replied to apologise and say they’ve sold out now. Not great as you wonder what would happened if not chased, but to their credit they’ve offered a build your own box selection as well as an alternative box.
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