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  1. The Meater+ is on offer for Amazon Prime day.
  2. The test championship final is streamed free on the ICC website if you’re in a country (VPN) with no broadcast deal (like Iceland).
  3. No, just the episodes from the TV series.
  4. The entire series is reduced on iTunes to £25 at the moment.
  5. With my Uuni 3, what works for me is having the base thin and remembering that less is more for the topping, including the sauce. Then I want the stone as hot as possible before the pizza goes on, then it barely takes any time to cook and just needs rotating 180 degrees half way through the cook.
  6. Are you cooking direct on a chimney starter? I’d never thought of that.
  7. @HarryBizzle I quite like brown/whole grain cooked in the Instant Pot.
  8. And I wouldn’t say to use supermarket pizzas. A good one to start with and practice on is just a garlic bread pizza (so you don’t have to worry about launching the ingredients off as you get the pizza onto the stone). Make some dough, add crushed garlic that’s been mixed in with butter.
  9. Honestly, don’t worry about it. Even if you ‘ruin’ it, next time you come to use the oven you’ll want to be flipping the stone over anyway - the heat will clean it.
  10. Mine has always been fine. I do have the + rather than the original though, so its little charging block acts as a Bluetooth repeater to extend its range. You do have to be mindful when wrapping meat etc. to make sure it pokes through, otherwise it’s great.
  11. After getting one in their Black Friday sale, I can very much recommend a Meater+. It’s a completely wireless thermometer that you leave in the meat while it’s cooking, so great in the kitchen oven or kamado, great app too. My Thermapen has barely been used since I got the Meater+.
  12. If I was buying one now, knowing more than I did when I bought mine last year - I’d definitely get a Masterbuilt. They are owned by Kamado Joe, all the accessories fit and most importantly you get an excellent warranty. Sometimes you see them on offer around £700.
  13. How about a kamado? You can smoke, grill and bake in them.
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