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  1. Just finished ‘A little life’ by Hanya Yanagihara. Probably should have read some reviews before reading it on holiday, as it starts out rather pleasant then gets progressively darker. I don’t want to give too much away but it covers some aspects of life and relationships exceptionally well - trauma, disability, poverty, as well as some lighter moments of NYC college years and navigating adulthood and careers. It’s a tough read in parts but it it sensitive rather than salacious. Would highly recommend.
  2. True, but shallow frying it means rapeseed oil which isn't great and frying in that manner means soaking up a lot of oil. Eating a lot of fried food isn't great, whatever type of oil is used.
  3. Does anyone have a good recipe that uses tofu, that doesn't involve coating it in cornflour and frying it first? I pretty much only use it for stir fries in that manner and while I love it, I suspect it is slightly undermining the health credentials.
  4. Finally got round to getting an instant pot, just used it for the first time to make a simple dahl https://spicecravings.com/chana-dal#recipe I've made a similar recipe before which requires soaking for 30 mins then boiling for 40mins while making the tadka. I was a bit put off at first as most of the instant pot recipes I was looking at still recommended pre-soaking, which is a level of planning that to me defeats the purpose of a pressure cooker. This one was very simple though. I wasn't sure how not having a separate tadka would affect the flavour but was pleasantly surprised. Next on the list is aubergine masala. One of the aims of buying this is to eat more vegetation/vegan meals so I'm trying to avoid the temptation of all the pork dishes I've seen looking back in this thread!
  5. Some great ideas in here, but for me it’s the simplest ones that I go for over and over. So a really basic salsa to go with it - cherry toms, cucumber, olive oil, a red chilli, garlic and coriander. Served with some fresh salad leaves. Or adding pine nuts or toasted walnuts. Or making a dip with peanut butter, lemon juice and sesame oil. All fairly stock items but means I’ll have them regularly. Less likely to have in as stock items but pomegranate seeds are a really nice addition too. if you want some good recipes, check out veggie or vegan food blogs. Obv you can add meat if you want to, but that’s where you’ll find the variety instead of relying on meat for texture and taste. I haven’t been able to recreate it properly but one of the best I had was a vegan pea and mint salad, was lovely and refreshing.
  6. @Waggo as a mod I come across some posters more than others who are quick to jump in with controversial opinions and then back peddle with the 'well I didn't know that/you can't say anything round here' defense. So that does influence how much credence I give to such posts. However I genuinely wouldn't want anyone to feel they aren't able to post. I do think there's some common sense needed though, that if a subject being debated involves particularly sensitive subjects, eg race, religion, disability, etc that people should be prepared to either research their point or read some of the discussion first before taking a contrary stance. Its one thing to come in with an open mind, another to essentially start with 'i disagree' or 'i don't see what the fuss is about'. The recent BLM debates were a really good example of that, with lots of explanations as to why certain things were offensive, and what the first hand experience is like, with short shrift given to people who came into the debates with nothing more than 'I'm used to having an platform for my opinion so I'm going to share it here' when they had no relevant experience or knowledge to contribute.
  7. Listening to a number of other posters having an informed discussion is a lecture? How so? I read a lot of stuff in the covid threads from people on here with medical/scientific backgrounds. I don't decide that they're lecturing me because I haven't got the same level of contribution. I don't get a curt response if I ask a question, but I would expect one if I just tried to shoot down their posts without having anything worthwhile to counter.
  8. In order for you to have a discussion, you need to have some basic knowledge to discuss. If you don't have anything to discuss then consider listening to others who have taken the time to inform themselves of the subject first.
  9. FWIW there have been other examples where public figures have compared treatment of X group, or strategies used by X group, with the treatment of Jews, or with the Nazis. If that comparison is felt to be obviously wrong, IE that the thing they are comparing is anything other than genocide, then it is widely accepted under the definition of anti semitism. The reasoning behing that the act of comparison is minimising the seriousness of the Holocaust and what actually happened. That might seem like a stretch until you remember that attempts to undermine and minimise public perception of the Holocaust has been a priority for far right groups over the years.
  10. I think I said I'd move more art talk to another thread but I'm really enjoying the attention this subject is getting
  11. @Alex W. I think the art chat has been exhausted but if there's anything further I'll move it to Arts & Lit @Thor I did my first degree in the subject and was coincidentally looking at some of my old books on the subject. You have to remember this was a generation who experienced genuine terror at things seen from a first person view on a cinema screen. You can only imagine what they would have made of HDR! (Also fwiw I lurk in discussion but rarely have anything worthwhile to post, and I guess even in this thread that's still questionable )
  12. Tbf that was pretty much the position of the Dadaists, so I don't think it's an area to argue for an elitist viewpoint Anyway I'm going off topic. As you were!
  13. No more of this please either. If you post this shit and then have the temerity to report people's responses to it, you're liable to be banned for wasting mods time.
  14. This isn't necessary, people can like what they like - but you're showing your lack of awareness of the subject. People don't look at Rothko and see meaning. That's not what his art is about. He created it at a time when people were buying art for restaurants and private houses and he didn't want to create art for that market. So he created huge canvases of intense colour that when you experience them up close (ie not with the viewing distance of a gallery size space) are unpleasant and unsettling. He wanted to see if pretentious people would buy it and he liked the idea of people putting up with something they didn't want to be around in order to be fashionable. Rothko and his peers were pioneers of trolling.
  15. I'll have a look at generic ones as I think they do tend to be less 'grainy' (and they're cheaper so no harm trying them) It's not so much that colour that bothers me, more the effect on the resolution. I've seen some in videos where the protector makes the screen look almost pixelated, which isn't great for using other apps/browsing, but also affects drawing apps if using fine detail. I don't rely on my iPad for anything so I'm not worried about a bit of an effect on the display but maybe not as much as some of the ones I've seen reviewed. I'll have a look, but good to know that it adds to the drawing experience.
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