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  1. @NexivRed I've just started using procreate, it's my first time digital drawing so can't profess to know what it'll do, but there's tonnes of tutorials online that'll give you an idea. Your drawings are lovely, very talented! @JoeK that's my lockdown goal, what stopped you? Its fun but it is a time thief. Its more realistic for me than getting the paints out though.
  2. @MarkN that’s a good idea with the lentil burgers, thanks. And the bean pate you described is very similar to something my mother in law cooks (she does a lot of Mexican cooking). Am trying to take my food with me to work as again, that’s when il either cave to familiar comfort food and I’m trying to create new habits! Plus I’ve been suckered into buying substitutes which gets expensive quickly. @Sabes I haven’t tried any of the quoin slices are they any good? I love roasted veg straight out of the oven but Im not keen on it as leftovers. Falafel and hummus is my lazy go to evening
  3. That does look very good actually, and most of those items I’d have at home which is handy. Though that’s more of a weekend dish and I do need something i can eat for work lunches!
  4. We've got an Aldi nearby but I've not seen much veganuary stuff and certainly no pain au chocolat which is very disappointing! After going veggie and trying to eat vegan where I can, I'm finding breakfast and main meals very easy but I'm struggling with lunches and sweet things (I think I've mentioned in this thread that milk chocolate is my go to when stressed) Does anyone have recommendations for lunch ideas, particularly sandwiches? Grated carrot and hummus gets boring pretty quickly. Also any preferred recipes for brownies/traybakes that I can cook on the weekend and have durin
  5. Yeah I remember the days of carrying a bag of mixed nuts and some ready salted crisps anywhere I went! The range of vegan recipes has really helped as well, I've now got a few quick recipe books instead of everything involving soaking beans. The availability of simple things like falafel and tofu at standard supermarkets helps too. And it's a tiny benefit of the lockdown that I'm at home for lunch most days as the area where I work is still very limited for food options even for vegetarians (therd is a Morrisons in walking distance but it doesn't stock much) Also I am very happy t
  6. @MarkN I'm not strictly doing veganuary, but I'm usually a meat eater and im trying to eat plant based as much as possible this month. Part of it is weight related as I know I'll lose Christmas excess by cooking vegan recipes, and I find vegan food less snackable (I have a very bad sweet tooth for milk chocolate) Im not doing it 100% mainly because I didn't want to fail and then stop, as id like it to be part of a longer term change. I was vegetarian for years before going back to eating meat but it's a totally different world out there now! What used to put me off was the planning
  7. Ooh that looks amazing @grounded_dreams! I'm hoping my local Aldi will have some good options. Been a bit disappointed that our local Tesco doesn't seem to be stocking many of their veganuary launches, I had a look for vegan butter and they only had the one brand of margarine that I remember buying back in the 90s, in my brief teenage vegan spell! Have you tried the pain au chocolate? My main issue is finding new comfort foods as I go back to trusted non vegan favourites when I'm stressed, am trying to build in new habits.
  8. Trying to eat less meat and dairy, bought myself the Green Roasting Tin recipe book for Christmas. First recipe - roasted cauliflower spring greens and chickpeas with lemon and tahini dip was a success! If anyone isn't familiar with it, the premise is that all recipes are one pot, ie in a roasting tin. So it's a case of throw everything in and leave it. Very handy for weeknight meals.
  9. Ooh this looks very interesting, thank you!
  10. Can I ask those who are dairy free, thoughts on vegan margarine? I'm planning to reduce the meat and dairy I eat in January so I'm doing a bit of research and prep with recipes. In my mind, margarine is a bit of a Frankenstein food fad from the low fat 80s and 90s - are the modern dairy free alternatives any better? Or am I better off using other products entirely (eg hummus or avocado for fresh bread?)
  11. Thanks, sorry thought I had everyone on the spreadsheet added! On my way
  12. @Number 28 il pop over if you don't mind
  13. @Meatball are you harmonica? If so I've just been over, if not then someone else has a good price too
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