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  1. 1. Super Mario 64 2. Out Run 3. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 4. Sensible World of Soccer 5. Daytona USA 6. World of Warcraft 7. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 8. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 9. Sega Rally Championship 10. Rez (video game) 11. Ico 12. Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi 13. F-Zero X 14. Super Hexagon 15. Animal Crossing: New Leaf 16. OutRun 2 17. Tempest 2000 18. Shenmue (video game) 19. Stunt Car Racer 20. Madden NFL '95
  2. Wait, so you dock it, and then the crank sharpens your pencils? That’s genius! Panic? Are you reading this? At least do some sort of pencil sharpening game.
  3. I'm no expert, so please correct me if anyone spots a glaring error. If I remember correctly, a resistor can be added to reduce the over-bright picture (info on avforums). I purchased a cable from a UK company and was happy with the picture, but for the life of me I can't find it on the usual retro gamer sites. Maybe there's no demand? A quick google search found a site in Hong Kong: link Honestly, I've never heard of them and hesitate to post a link, but it's the best I can suggest. What do people think? Is it safe to order from?
  4. Haven't heard of three of those bands. Thanks for the links! If anyone spots a Deluxe LP for sale please post in the thread.
  5. Deluxe LP now saying sold out. Also, the deluxe says ‘full analog cut’ and the normal LP doesn’t. They can’t be different, can they?
  6. Is there really a character called Darknuts?
  7. My Christmas game was going to be Celeste (got to the 4th stage which is snowy so would have been perfect), but my PC decided to start randomly resetting. Did a few of the usual fixes but no luck, so decided to leave that to another day (or year). Normally I’d be stressed by this, but instead I just rolled my eyes and added it to the list. So, dusted off the PS4 and found myself playing Resogun and a tiny bit of The Last Guardian before succumbing to a nap, then dusted off the 360 and played some Guwange and some, er, Zuma. All that dust has irritated my eyes, and the PC is doing my head in, but otherwise can’t complain.
  8. The cover feels nice, too, it’s quite tactile. /feels cover mmm.
  9. Yup, checked and it’s a DualShock. Worth checking though. Looking online, one comment suggested the rumble is so light that you can’t feel it. Anyway, never mind, I’m still glad I have it.
  10. I have OutRun Online Arcade downloaded for the PS3, and whilst it is absolutely beautiful, it doesn't seem to have any rumble, something which really adds to the game and feels missing. Wish I'd bought it on 360. My Xbox original games seem to struggle on my 360. The first game plays, but has framerate problems, and the second game (Coast to Coast) has horrific loading times, so much so there's obviously a problem there. I end up plugging in my Xbox Original when I want to play them. If anything, the rumble is actually too powerful. Anyway, my 360 has had a new lease of life during lockdown. I've finally beaten Zuma after twelve years of trying (terrible game, i know) and I've just beaten my mates Pacifism score in Geometry Wars 2. Again, only took me twelve years. It was around 250 million, if you're curious. For me, that mode is the perfect game. Gave Child of Eden another go and was left with the same feelings as first time around - the game's music just isn't as catchy as Rez, and suffers for it. Been playing Forza 4 and its just a lovely game, really like dipping in and out of that. The handling feels lovely, and when the assists are off (including the rewind) it really pushes me to concentrate. Just got hold of Forza Horizon 2, so looking forward to giving that a go. I know its different from the Xbone game but I won't know any better so its all good.
  11. I was 12 in 1987, and the only game I had eyes for was released the year before: However, being a city boy, the only time I got to play this was during the summer holidays, when we'd spend a week in a static caravan by the sea. And as Jake Gyllenhaal says in Brokeback Mountain, a couple of high altitude fucks once or twice a year just isn't enough. It's interesting that the age we're looking at is 12. We've recently changed schools, so our world perspective should be wider, more contact with other kids who play games, and yet at 12 you may have very little control over what you get to play at home. My friends had Amstrads, mostly (one bright lad had a Spectrum, another a C64, but back then you just want what the other kids have). So I asked my parents for a home computer, mentioned the Amstrad (CPC 464), they passed this information on to my Grandfather, who turned up from Hong Kong with the most basic PC you can possibly imagine. At the time, 12 year old me was like /sigh 'thanks Grandpa'. It did, however, come with a typing tutor, which had a game in it where you had to type the words as the fell down the screen, so I played that a lot. I can touch type really fast, so I'm grateful. So that's my favourite game when I was 12 - a typing tutor.
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