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  1. I remember Street Fighter II costing £64.99 on the SNES. Turok on the N64 £69.99 plus a £20 Memory Pak was required to save your game progress. Whatcha all moaning about these prices for? Cough up.
  2. Demon's Souls looks really good and is apparently next-gen only. That is really the only game swaying me towards getting a PS5 at launch at the moment. Everything else I'm interested in I can play on my Pro. No mention of PSVR and the benefits PS5 will bring to that. The disc PS5 is the one to go for though surely. £90 extra now, but the savings over the next several years from buying games cheaper on disc from online retailers and trading in would make up for it. However, 2x £35 codes on shopto is £60. But how long will those offers be around? The PS Plus PS4 Collectio
  3. I reckon it was going to be £399/£499 and they've knocked £40-50 off the price last minute and added £10 extra to the rrp of the games instead. It was never going to be £599.
  4. I didn't tear neg you, fyi. Have a pos from me to balance it out. *Smug mode activated*
  5. And then 3 generations behind the PS4 with the Xbox One. Genius.
  6. NO MUSING IN THREAD ALLOWED. Plus @Wahwah*that's precisely what they were doing with PS3 retail units in the early stages of PS Now. Who knows what they will do with PS4 trade-ins? I don't particularly care.
  7. I wonder if Sony have a mass PS4 upgrade scheme up their sleeves to make people transition to PS5 faster? Send Sony your PS4 + £199/£299 > PS5 Digital/Disc Send Sony your PS4 Pro + £149/£249 > PS5 Digital/Disc Otherwise retail price is £349/£449 Therefore claiming that their console is cheaper than the Xbox Series X and S? They will then refurbish/reuse all the PS4 hardware into their PS Now infrastructure or sell them cheaply to countries that haven't progressed from PS3 yet?
  8. Another thing, they really want you to go digital, so if the disc console is 'affordable' at say £349, people will go for that one over the even cheaper digital version. I think my prices are going to be pretty spot on. *3 extra bollocks raised* (not mine)
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