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  1. I think that's more evidence that Sony are not going out of their way to make buying physical discs an attractive option.
  2. You have to choose one of the following outcomes from Sony: For, for, against: Gamecube sized PS5, silent, £599 Against, for, for: PS5 sized PS5, silent, £399 For, against, for: Gamecube sized PS5, loud, £399 Happy to help @SeanR you fucking donut
  3. Price, fan noise, size. You have to pick 2 of 3 to be in your favour, 1 against. Price against =£599+, fan noise against =PS4 Pro levels and louder, size against =PS5+ Price for =£399, fan noise for =inaudible, size for =Gamecube Whaddyado?
  4. And then in Part IV you play as Joel Jr in his 40s and guess what? He's the spitting image of his father and has a voice like Troy Baker as well. He also has this daughter right..and you never believes what happens...she gets killed horribly and Joel Jr goes out on a mission of revenge, right? Then on his journey he teams up with this woman who has a girl that needs to be taken to a group called the Fireflies...and you'll never believes what happens! Yes, they form a father daughter bond, and guess what happens next...you won't believe it...
  5. Maybe it turns out Joel had a son with a woman (neither revealed in Part II for...reasons) whilst living at Jackson and in Part III several years later turns out he's now 13 years old and is immune to a new mutated strain of the zombie virus meaning Ellie has to escort Joel Jr to a different Firefly hospital (miles and miles away) and then Ellie becomes the Joel character of the third game and then you'll never believe what happens...they form a mother son bond and...
  6. What, where the PS3 caught up and outsold it worldwide by 2013 despite the 360 launching over a year earlier with a cheaper price and having several million 360's sold headstart? That lead? Wut. If they had invested that Kinect money in 2009 into decent exclusives and studios (à la Sony) they would have won the generation quite comfortably and be in far better shape right now. It also wouldn't surprise me if Microsoft didn't buy and then bury most of the Kinects sold in a desert somewhere to inflate its popularity.
  7. Think how many first party studios and exclusive gaming IPs they could have had by now if they didn't waste $$$ on the Kinect Project.
  8. Xbox 360: 2006 - 2010 *Chef's kiss* (ignoring red ring of death fiasco). Xbox 360 + Kinect "You're the controller" bollocks: Yes. Yes it was.
  9. You have to accept those moments are done for cinematic and dramatic purposes and are not there for involved gameplay. I mean what do you want, a pipe-mania minigame or something to do in the corner of the screen while the cutscene plays out, so you're always playing a 'game'? 99% of players will get to those sections and will be hammering the square button out of wide-eyed panic, going "oh fuck!" etc. So congratulations, you are in the 1% who has seen behind the curtain and understood its all a magic trick. Well done.
  10. Historical Euro to GBP exchange rate: PS4: Nov 2013 0.8371 = €399 - 65 = £334 (£349) PS4 Pro: Nov 2016 0.8674 = €399 - 53 = £346 (£349) Current Euro to GBP exchange rate: July 2020 0.9009 = €399 - 40 = £359 Looks like Sony were shafting us back in 2013 with a £16 difference, had almost parity with the PS4 Pro in 2016, and if PS5 launched today, they would lose around £10 per console sold in the UK compared to Europe (If sold at €399/£349). So I assume then the price would look like this (if launched today): $399, €399, £359 With Brexit on the horizon, I agree it could end up being $399, €399, £399. Which was the lower end price I guessed the PS5 Digital Edition would launch at. So...what was the point again?
  11. I bet 3 bollocks (not mine) my predictions won't be that far off. These companies have a history of losing money (if absolutely necessary) on hardware to sell software, subs, etc. No one, (apart from a tiny minority) is willing to pay £65+ for games to go with a £600+ games console. The bonkers PS3 in 2006 with its cutting edge Cell processor and ultra-expensive Blu-Ray drive and memory card reader and built in PS2 hardware and 60gb HDD and nvidia GPU card bolted on at the last minute, etc, etc, cost Sony $840 to manufacture and they sold it to retailers for $600 with a loss of $240 per unit sold. Do we really think that the PS5 will cost $840 to manufacture in 2020 with its many PC components bulk bought by the millions with massive customer discount? If Sony can get a sizable % of people on board with the digital edition (which looks a lot nicer, funny that) and with a £100 price discount over the disc edition at around £399 forcing owners to pay through the nose at PSN store prices (£69+ for the latest release, yay), they'll be laughing their heads off even if the hardware costs £599 to build (which it won't).
  12. Going by the fact the PS4 Pro is still selling at $399/£349 and the conversion of $399 (at the moment) is £320, that implies you take the US price, convert it and add 9% to it for the UK price for Sony's pricing methods. $399 = £320 + 9% = £349 $449 = £360 +9% = £392 $499 = £399 + 9% = £436 $549 = £440 +9% = £480 $599 = £480 + 9% = £523 My predictions: $449 - $499 , £399 - £429 (Digital Edition) $549 - $599, £479 - £499 (Disc Edition)
  13. That's nothing, Tommy made it back to Jackson with an arrow to the knee and half his face blown off.
  14. How would people here have felt if they were in control of Abby when she's practicing her golfing technique on Joel's bonce? Would you press square at that point or take the game back for a refund? Square > Thwack! Arggh! Square > Crunch! Urggh! Square > Splat! *Gurgle* Square > Splodge! ...*Silence* ...*Silence*... Square > Smoosh! Arggh! Etc. Surprised Naughty Dog didn't go all out considering. I wonder if they contemplated it?
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