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  1. How DID such an amazing film get left out for nearly 50 posts!?
  2. Blatantly the best one is where they leave her in Mexico!
  3. Yeah, want want to sex up Belle hehe.
  4. I enjoyed tonight's Creek but it was not as good as the old eps, that's for sure. Johnno, you can watch and/or download all of those shows from the wonderful liberal media @ BBC iPlayer.
  5. Hello toonfool and Chase. No puzzle here. I'm from Kent but study in Nottingham. Mufasa is my younger brother that's why I joined up EDIT: SeanR, you cut bits out. I was a tad miffed at the Daily Mail stuff
  6. Gah spamming the replies, apologies, but Sexy Beast is on E4! Great gangster movie
  7. What is that supposed to mean!? I thought this was an off topic forum man. I know you're known on here but why are you bashing me. I despise the Daily Mail, I'm studying international relations at degree level. The QUOTE is from Tony Benn, who was (obv) a socialist-thinking Labour politican. Where's the Beef?
  8. If you've been watching High School Musical lately and are watching Tokyo Drift now you might be prone to dying of stupid! Be careful Onion!!
  9. Hi, this is my first post on the forum and I'm deep in a raging argument about the top 3 Disney titles of all time with my housemates. My votes go to: 1. The Lion King (has anyone seen the stage production of this?) 2. Aladdin 3. [Maybe] Wall-e (!) Can ppl help clear this up once and for all please?
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